We’ve become super consumers . . . and I’m sad to say I LOVE IT!

So when I saw this I was truly caught between scylla and charybdas! Reason being I’m a consumer, I love to spend, have, buy, throw out, get new etc. etc. and the fact that I don’t need to whip out my wallet and give the nice person behind the counter 100 bucks, wait for them to work out my change, give it to me, then put the change away, makes me smile oddly enough!


I started to think how sick the people at VISA have made us. They have made me into exactly what I am, a super-consumer. Just swiping and signing and pin coding and spending, and why? Cause they’ve made it so easy to do so!

We have become just like this advert, consuming machines. The sick thing is, I really enjoy being a super-consumer. I like the fact that VISA have made me more productive by letting me flash my little card so I can get my latte without having to fumble around for cash! I am slightly ashamed of this admission but the fact is at some point you have to be honest don’t you!

Check it out, bottom line, sick but COOL!


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