Now you know why we follow the RED STAR . . .

. . . (on monday we will hurt them though – this isnt part of the post i just thought it an appropriate time to slip in a little inside joke – COME ON THE KNIGHTS! ok back to posting)

If you are an avid reader you will know that we LOVE great advertising – unfortunately most of the stuff that goes viral (and ever reaches the emerging market shores) are great TV adverts – so when we had the pleasure of hearing a man from a business called WPP speak (if you want to know power click on the name – i have linked it to the companies they own – seriously you may get scared that they actually own you as well (they likely own the business you work for) – well they may as well – they may well be responsible for pretty much getting you to buy everything you have ever bought – spooky i know!) and he was showing us a pin prick of the work some of the companies they own do globally!

This particular activation stuck in my head for a number of reasons – firstly it was for Heineken – nuff said. Second i know the pain of being dragged to something that is on the complete other end of your enjoyment spectrum while there is a big Champions League game on!! And finally because this was so simple, so brilliant and so clever that it managed to touch almost 30 million people within two weeks of it happening!  Now if you are in the advertising world you will appreciate just how powerful that is! If you are not sit back and enjoy one of the best practical jokes ever!

Now you tell me this isnt advertising genius . . .


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