Morning ad agencies . . . WAKE THE #*$@ UP or die!

Now this is nothing new, well to most of us, BUT based on the previous post on STM, you can see where the world is going, what’s changing in the world and how targeting consumers is moving.

My generation, and I say this very proudly, don’t want advertisers and brand owners to push shit on us anymore! We don’t want to be force-fed a load of crap just because you have a lot of money to plaster it on TV, radio and billboards, because guess what – we just won’t watch it!

We want to interact with brands, we want to shout at them, love them and most importantly, we want them to interact with us! We want brand owners to understand WE, the consumer, in case you didn’t know, are THE MOST IMPORTANT thing in your lives and we want you to treat us as such.

Now you may be feeling a little narcissism, but why the hell not?

Are you not tired of brands trying to force you to buy crap that has no use or purpose in your life?

The truth is unless you engage us, interest us and challenge us – YOU WILL DIE and thank goodness someone like Saatchi & Saatchi has the brains and foresight to see this!

Whether the advertising world will wake up and change is still up for debate but this is certainly a start . . . enjoy!


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