Keith Rose (via Allan Gray) does it again with patience . . .

When I first saw this advert I thought it was sensational but when I found out there was a South African behind it I had to dig a little further . . .

KEITH ROSE is an absolute creative genius!

He is responsible for adverts like the BMW mouse advert which won all kinds of advertising gold and glory as well as more recently the Allan Gray campaign with the James Dean advert but the man has been flooding the world with creative genius for decades – things like the Mercedes Chapmans Peak advert, the Sony Bravia adverts, one of my personal favorites the Investec Ice Swimmer advert, and the list goes on and on (and when i say on and on here is the youtube list)!

He has had MANY awards (for a quick snapshot go here and here) including being inducted into the Clio awards TV Hall of Fame 2004 . . .

. . . and most importantly hes one of us A LOCAL SOUTH AFRICAN!

So back to the advert – like so many of his ‘works of art’ this advert has a simple yet powerful message that expresses so perfectly what the brand behind it is trying to offer (its fairly old but never gets any less brilliant) . . .


And after the latest antics of the Prince getting engaged – Allan Gray has kept it going with tis superb print advert!

Now after all that i must add this in as it probably is one of the most important things here!

There are two very different kinds of brilliance at work here when it comes to the Allan Gray strategy and they both must be equally appreciated!

The one is the ability to bring creation to life and for this I have thanked Mr Rose enough above but the second is the ability to create and conceptualize and in fact if im really honest its these people i admire the most!

The ability to take a product and create a story that makes us as consumers fall in love with, crave, idealize etc etc whatever it is they are selling is truly a gift of genius and for the above we must thank the boys and girls at KING JAMES and a lady called LM!

As i realized i had credited only half the genius of this work I started to see what else i had missed from these guys . . . turns out A SERIOUS AMOUNT OF CREATIVE GENIUS!

Just sensational stuff for Levis, Mini, Windhoek, Steers and the list continues through print, billboard, radio, TV and so do the awards and from what i can tell rightly so!

So to LM thank you for pointing out our mistake it was VERY WELL WORTH the creative journey through KING JAMES and i must say the below seems to me like its ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!

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