Go Guerilla!

I talk a lot about marketing and advertising, I suppose it’s a massive passion of mine but also due to the fact that it is (in general) done so poorly by big brands.

They use massive amounts of money to plaster poor billboards on our highways, make shocking TV ads (thankfully we can fast forward through them) and boring radio ads that make me want to drive off a highway overpass!

The truth is GREAT MARKETING doesn’t need to be expensive – in fact the best marketing I’ve ever seen (and I’m talking personally and from an impact perspective) is some of the cheapest marketing – it just takes a little bit of SAVVY people!

I’m not saying these are the best examples of advertising I’ve ever seen, but at least they show some sort of creative out of the box thinking . . .

In fact more than that they have taken simple everyday things and created a story . . .

They have taken what most people see and have turned it into something that makes you smile, something that makes you think and most importantly something that gets you to remember the brand!

This is advertising!

Can someone please get the rest of the marketing world into a room and beat into them that we (I use the profound ‘we’ meaning our generation) don’t want to see crap TV ads or listen to annoying radio ads. We don’t want to see famous people washing their hands with your soap or their hair with your body wash or even using your fast food outlet!

We want you to be smart, we want you to engage us and we want to see creativity!

Here’s a few more great ones!

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