Coca-Cola. Activated.

You may have noticed that we’re quite big on activations here at STM. As much as you may think, “Bleh, it’s just advertising”, the fact of the matter is we can’t really escape ads. They’re everywhere and as such end up playing a rather large part of our lives, whether we like it or not, or whether consciously or not. So wouldn’t you rather be exposed to some real creativity that’s essentially fun? And in so doing reinforce that we don’t want the crap that’s been forced on us from all sides for decades.

This is a great Peruvian activation that highlights a couple of things for me. Firstly it shows that you don’t always need to speak the language to get the message. The other is that people are generally good (ironically I had to find out that part of the message by using Google Translate – I’ll post the translation after the video).


All the people who saw the wallet returned it 70%

– that’s right, 70% of the time it happens every time!

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