As if Jay Z could be any cooler!

Jay Z is possibly the coolest dude alive. I mean who else could turn that pudgy bulldog looking gangsta kid into a Hip Hop global icon, billionaire and trend setting genius who gets to see Beyonce in any compromising position he wants – you have to give credit where credit is due!

So he recently released his autobiography and unlike any other mere mortal he teamed up with BING the search engine (for most of us it’s like the poor mans Google) to create something truly exceptional!

What they did, very briefly, is they used excerpts from his autobiography and posted them in thousands of different ways all over the world where the events he was writing about took place.

Have a little look  . . .

The results are absolutely amazing and probably one of the best activations / promotions I have ever seen in terms of ROI and market penetration – just watch the video!


Via @deanoelsch


3 thoughts on “As if Jay Z could be any cooler!”

  1. Great Post! That is one of the best activations I have seen in a long time!
    Now to create one of our own

  2. Thanks NT CUTTER, now if we could just get brands in South Africa to start thinking the same way we may be in for some fun times ahead – if not check the video in the next post, it should be able to scare some people into the new world of thinking!!

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