Just cause I landed in Barcelona this morning I thought it would only be right to post an activation from their doorstep!

Now we all have seen the numerous activations that T-mobile have basically pioneered. They have without doubt taken activation to a new level through social media and live interaction and this is certainly no different – the question really is why?

Simply because we are bored – my generation is bored as hell with the ‘modus operandi’. It pisses us off that things have to happen the same way because they have been for years!

My joy in T-mobile activation is not what they do, and certainly not the company they represent – in fact when you say T-mobile all I think is that massive German Jan Ullrich puffing his way up a hill like he was cycling in hummus wearing that pink T-mobile uniform (and I never watch cycling). What I love is the way they challenge the way we do things, the way we play games virtual VS real, the way we greet people at the airport, etc.

T-mobile have found a way to let their consumer live in the virtual world while interacting in the real world – it’s a combination that companies have been trying to perfect for a long time and it is without question the gateway to marketing to generations to come.

Very simply, the time for TV, billboard and radio is quickly evaporating and while only a small percentage of the world understands it now, unless they start realizing it they will evaporate along with these archaic forms of media.

Just watch the video!


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