A trip back to my past to refocus my future . . .

I haven’t written anything really since New Year, I guess not much has inspired me or perhaps I’m trying to work out what I want to be this year.

Normally come a New Years eve I reflect on what I have achieved, learned etc the year before and then try and shape what I want to accomplish or experience in the year to come. Normally this is quite easy, the plan I’ve laid down for the year gets reviewed with one or two disappointment’s and so I set about planning for the new year – this year however I’m at a bit of a loss.

I’m not sure exactly what I want to accomplish in my career, personal life, travel and the list goes on. I find myself in some kind of experiential purgatory, which for me, is quite dangerous because if I’m not moving or have a grasp of some sort on what I want to do I generally tend to wither, and exponentially so.

Often I need a trigger, a meeting, an ‘AHA’ Moment, a song or even as it apparently can be, an advert, something that can fire something in my brain that will give me the vision to see the next step in this matrix plagued world and last week, I got it.

A good friend of mine @jamesdey posted the new Microsoft tablet (with new Internet Explorer) advert, the browser which I fucking hate with all my soul by the way, but that advert connected with something in me. It made me proud of the era I grew up in and not resentful for the ones I didn’t. It made me embrace where I came from and allowed me to remember so many memories that I could barely relive them fast enough.

Here it is . . .

I cant explain it and most of you wont understand it, but sometimes in life you get tired, drained and unfocused – this normally happens at the end of a year (which in China is right about now) and this video just hinted at the spark for next year.

At the end of this week I get to go home for a bit which will no doubt be difficult because i know I will have to leave again but hopefully now I have found some new inspiration to achieve in 2013!