Its time to accept the truth South Africa . . .

I haven’t written here for so long that I shudder to think what traction this will get, never the less I guess I write this more to get it out of me than anything else.

I’ve been reading so many articles and ‘open letters’ and comments on social media to presidents to countrymen and to each other lately that I feel my metaphorical dam has burst. The amount of times I hear, it’s not about skin colour or the president is destroying our country or fucking Nkandla is terrible makes me want to puke South African flag colours all over the place. Human beings have such a funny way of avoiding what’s realistically in front of them. They use emotions. They use hope and they use fictional parallel realities.

I’m not saying it’s wrong but it’s just not realistic.

The issues Jacob Zuma has caused and are part of are real, they are destroying the fabric of the country and they have spawned, I’m inclined to say thankfully, extremist parties like JuJus EFF and great orators (we have no proof of anything else but we hope still – see I’m doing it too??!!) like Mmusi Maimane. Yes he is destroying South Africa and no there is not a single fucking thing you can do about it. You can write open letters, you can whine on Facebook, you can tell your friends how terrible it is but the truth is he’s untouchable and it’s time to accept that. It’s time to accept that you, ladies and gentlemen, are insignificant in the process and no matter how important your mommy told you you were she lied! Get used to it!

So there are a few things you can do.

You can sell your shares. If you do not agree with how a company that you are invested in is being run, you sell. You take your money and you put it somewhere else. You don’t write open letters claiming you are here to fight and to stay and to make this a better place because no one gives a fuck and nor can they do anything. The same applies to a country. I’m so sick of people saying I want to be part of the change and the solution and rah rah South Africa. You are eluding yourself and delaying the inevitable, I wish I could tell you differently but with radical intervention we are all screwed. Now, I know I’m going to get a lovely flood of things like’ “that’s the attitude of people who don’t want to make it work!” and “why don’t you leave then” and “we don’t need people like you!”. Well the truth is you do actually, you need people who are going to get angry, who are going to be dramatic and drastic in their response because that’s the only way you bring about change. Just ask a 45 year old Nelson Mandela.


So you can leave, but that’s also not always realistic, its expensive, it may not be possible and for some of us (notice I say us not you) we just won’t accept some fat uneducated bastard destroying something we believe could be a sensational business (I use business because country is so emotionally useless as a term – we need to be practical, pragmatic if we want things to get back on track). So what can we do? You can march together hand in hand, black and white together to parliament and smile in your hearts about how we are united against corruption and your President will wipe his ass with the declaration you hand over after he has relieved himself on the, what I’m sure is, a gold plated Nkandla toilet seat. Or you can burn it down! I don’t mean literally, it’s possible it may come to that, of course, but you can shut this place down. You can take 5000 are your most pissed off friends and like in Hong Kong you can go sit across every major network of highway and say we are shutting this place down. No niceties, no violence (although I believe Marikana shows what our government is capable of) and no negotiation. We are going to shut this place down until Jacob gets put in jail, parliament is dissolved and we clean all the dirt that stains our society. Until that happens we will sit here, we will camp here and we will live here until you give in because we have no alternative. There is no other possible solution practically to what is going on. It will take time, it will take resolve and it will take guts. People will fight and I’m sure people will be hurt and people will die but with the greatest respect South African people, no big change happened without some sacrifice. No big change happened by marching in the morning with a snack basket and a lunch at Tashas afterwards. Change happens through disruption, through Arab spring, through Sharpeville riots, through the civil rights movement.


It’s time to get used to reality. I’m not saying I’m brave enough to be on the front line, I have thankfully options, options to leave options to wait and see but I’m not sure I want to give up just yet either. One thing I do believe is the faster we as South Africans whether at home or abroad stop whining, stop blaming and stop avoiding reality the faster we will realize we need to fight or give up to get to a solution.