We can start watching golf again . . .

So Tiger is back on the throne he built! Thank everything that’s good in the world.

Yes sure Rory gave us some moments of magic and showed the promise of the golfer he may one day become and he even gave us some great new Nike ads that made us believe we could have two messiahs, but lets be honest, golf without Tiger is boring as hell.


Now all the buzz is about Nikes new ad after Tigers weekend return to the top. There seems to be a backlash of people online today complaining about what bad taste the ad was. I’m not sure if we are still silently punishing Tiger for being a philanderer or if we just don’t think he should be winning again but have a look.

tiger woods lindsay vaughn (2)

For me its simple, I love Tiger, or at least I did until he stopped winning. I don’t care how many hookers he had dancing around his hotel room, that’s not what I watch him for. His personal life has absolutely no bearing on the way I feel about him what so ever! I watch him because he is a magical sportsman that draws me in to see him sink that long put and fist pump down the green as he reels in another major. That’s why I love Tiger.

So as you can imagine I am so happy Nike have the balls to come out right behind him and rightly so! He didn’t cheat like Lance (on his sport that is) and he didn’t shoot his girlfriend like Oscar. He had a personal issue which took him all of three years to get through and thankfully he is back.

A talent like his comes along once in a generation if we are lucky and when it does its there for all to marvel at! I hope he eclipses Sneads tour record and Jacks major record and I hope we can all go back to judging sportsman on the stuff that matters – THEIR SPORT!

Ps Its nice to see Tiger has a new Elin – hopefully this one sticks around, I’m not sure I can take another three years of Tiger-less golf!

tiger woods lindsay vaughn (1)

I don’t want to live in a world where Apple isn’t king!

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now (apparently, on review, a lot longer than I thought while writing this), and in fact I have urged everyone I know for the last 6 – 8 months to move their money out of Apple and into Samsung, due to the impending switch of gadget gods.

I don’t put it down to the death of Steve Jobs, although I considered him a modern day Leonardo da Vinci of sorts. Even he could not have continued on the curve of innovation he had started with, perhaps he would have had the vision to do what he did to music in the Television sphere, but I still think that Apple was due for a gut check and its coming right about now.


When you are an innovator you are basically giving the world something before your competitors have time to copy it, and, in the case of Samsung that’s not a lot of time, but I believe the switch at the top of the electronics world is happening for greater reasons than this.

Samsung has managed to establish a range of products for all pockets, for all needs and for the entire household. They can offer you everything from a fridge, to a microwave to a TV and everything around it, but now, finally, they have the key to unlock them all, mobile.


Its almost as if Samsung have just been developing their arsenal in every shape and size for any possible situation and now they have the remote control, literally, to make them all work in unison. This is slightly different to Apples strategy of developing the greatest possible weapon ever, like the iPod, and hoping it’ll destroy anything. Apple, it would seem, are for the first time out gunned in the war.

I truly believe Samsung will be the next 20 years’ Sony of the 80s and will continue to make products in every conceivable shape or size for everyday use. My biggest fear though, well technology wise that is, is that with no one for them to chase they will inevitably become slack on innovation. Currently they are chasing the iPhone / iPad in the mobile market and this has yielded fantastic results for the consumer so far. Two great companies pushing each other in every new innovation only to the benefit of you and me. We finally have multiple, equally interesting and innovative devices to choose from, but what happens when Samsung overtake Apple, which may just have happened with the new Galaxy S IV?

The answer I’m afraid to say is the sexiness of new innovation will slowly wither and wilt and we will be forced to swallow whatever crap the manufacturers spit out at us. How do you think a giant like Sony managed to die? If you don’t believe me look at the substandard Apple products you’ve had to buy recently. iPhone 4s & 5 are basically just face lifted products with no benefit really if you compare the change from your Blackberry to the first iPhone – you didn’t quite get the same tech hard-on did you. Then there are retina display iPads, mini iPads and the like that again have insulted our expectation of Apples usual ability to blow our mind. They have become sad, slow, corporate and unless they bring me a TV that is paper thin and can fly around my house, they will have not continued on the path they set out on – I hope Steve is turning in his grave!


For now enjoy the competition between two parts of the world, South Korea & The US of A, two tech giants, Samsung & Apple and two innovation kings but mark my words enjoy it while it lasts because with the world not chasing Apple down the path of imagination the same thing will happen to tech as happened to golf when everyone didn’t have Tiger Woods to chase around Augusta National – IT WILL GET BORING!

A Hollywood tale for once in real life!

Lately humanity has left a bad taste in my mouth.


I mean there is a lot of evil stuff going on in the world but as a South African you sort of have enough of your own problems to worry about that you kind of focus on SA rather than worrying about the rest of the worlds ‘1st world problems’. But lately it seems South Africa has taken a particular turn for the disgusting.

I can imagine this was what it was like during the dark days of apartheid, police opening fire on miners and the minister of police laughing when she sees the footage. Cops dragging ‘potential threats’ behind their van just to ‘teach them a lesson’ let alone the daily billions that are being pissed away by the government for fun and fancy with no regret or guilt for the millions living in dirt and squalor.


I’m getting a little off topic. Like I said I’m rather disappointed by the way the world is at the moment. Thankfully I came across this the other day. The story in brief is nothing short of Disney written and Hollywood produced (it may very well get to that point). Hollywood has for so long painted us pictures of unlikely heroes, movies like RUDI which is one of my favorites or RADIO has Cuba Gooding Jr at his pinnacle of brilliance, giving us heartwarming tales of the underdog, either physically or mentally, and their unlikely heroism. I know they are roughly based on truth but really now, who believes Hollywood’s version of the truth.

The sad fact in the world today is more like this video, I posted a few weeks ago, on bullying in schools.


I had all but given up in the future of the world until watching this. It’s not Hollywood, it’s not embellished, it’s not showy and it’s not fancy. What it is, is a moment when kids somewhere have reversed what seems to be the trend lately of picking on the kid that’s a little different. This really just is great story about what you see so often in the movies but sadly real life just seems to be moving towards the opposite at a rapid pace.

Enjoy this, for your soul . . .


It seems, for now at least, every new days brings something more tragic, more horrific and more disgusting in South Africa. I fear the the silver lining is fast dissapearing but i suppose its the world not just SA which looks like its going this way. We can only hope that the good that comes out of places like the above can permeate the bad not just in SA but all over the world cause the world really does need a hero right now!

Blackberry just love to lose . . . AT EVERYTHING!

There is a simple reason that literally not one of the 1.3 billion Chinese people in China has a Blackberry, because they are really shit. Plain and simple.

Blackberry are another example of a company that took its prominent market position for granted, assuming its market and consumers would never change and so before it new where it was it was the least favorite device of younger users just like Nokia and Sony Eriksson.

Only in Africa do these above brands still hold some piece of market share unworthy of a snigger, I am far too tempted to say because Africa is a little slow.

Blackberry have committed every corporate sin of a sinking ship, I use the cliché on purpouse, that is possible! They did not innovate fast or well enough. Their service slipped as did their devise and OS quality and finally when they realized they needed a game changing device to bring them back, it was leaked, late and nothing to change the game.

I didn’t think however they would stoop to petty pathetic cry baby politics against companies that don’t even get sold in the same stores.

Cell C engagement ad

You see blackberry took massive offense to Liqui Fruits adverts about their new flavor. Blackberry claimed they were infringing on their brand, because if you have R1000 you are certainly going to choose between juice and a phone.

Blackberry have decided to take Liqui Fruit to the ASA because that seems to be  their biggest problem right now, not that people are getting rid of their Bberry handsets faster than Nike are losing endorsement deals. It would seem once again they have taken their eye so far off the ball you’d swear they were trying to sabotage themselves!

MTN engagement ad

Once again instead of understanding their market – appreciating its ever changing landscape and using its historical presence to engage on a new generations level it as decided to go cry to the advertising police. Personally I think this just shows how pathetically embarrassing Blackberry has become not only in SA but globally that it is wasting its time by whining about something fairly irrelevant to its existence!

Cell C

You would think SOMEONE in the marketing dept of BBerry would see this as an opportunity to partner with a very successful and youthful brand in South Africa like Liqui Fruit and create something young, sexy and ultimately convince a few more people to pledge allegiance to Bberry for a few more years rather than pushing them further out the door!

Vodacom engagement ad

Alas they still believe they are superior when in fact they are not even relevant! Everyone look quickly now, keep your Bberry phones and enjoy the last few years of a dying global giant that was something special once.

Why Oscar’s story is sad for every South African . . .

I wrote previously about this story and my views on it but since returning to China this tragedy has disturbed and irritated me beyond expectation.

From stepping back into China the first question people ask me about my trip home is, firstly, if I survived and secondly ‘what is the story with this pitos, pistorus, pistris (and any other mispronunciation)’. I read various takes on the story and on my country in every major news publication from Time to fortune to the economist and had to endure the abuse from various angles such as crime against woman, crimes against people and the legacy of both apartheid and Nelson Mandela. Everyone is putting their two cents in and i cannot say unfairly so!!

south africa

Its been more like the death of Achilles when, after his death, every soldier of the Greek army stabbed his corpse repeatedly with spears. This is what it feels like the media is doing to South Africas dying reputation.

Oscar Pistorius’s catastrophic action of shooting his girlfriend through a door and claiming it was due to his paranoia about South African daily life has finally convinced even the most ardent of defenders that SA is a war zone. This incident has made every news channel possible around the world highlighting the fictitious way South Africans live every day – in gated communities with gun collections under their beds and opening fire on anything moving in the darkness of night.

The truth is quite the opposite in fact, not that there is no crime but rather that he is a pathetic example of the real crime struggle most SAns, in disadvantaged situations, face every night of their lives. Most SAns cannot afford the luxury of guarded gated communities and fancy alarms with high walls like our dear Oscar. Please don’t kid yourselves most South Africans live a frightened life of potential rape, murder, crime and theft but most don’t have the status to make even a page in the newspaper or the lawyers to protect them when they blatantly murder someone out of personal pathetic reasons.


I dare not comment on Oscars mental state nor the formation of his character through a life time of adversity, i cannot begin to understand what he has over come but what is certain is he had the world at his feet (blades at least). He had reached a level of inspiration for all SAns that transcended the issues people face every day, the racial legacy from our history and the frightening corrupt and inadequate state of our government and our country.

He gave hope to people, all people. This is something reserved for those SAns who achieve superstardom and perhaps there are only a handful who give the real SAns fighting their own personal wars every day, in one way or another, hope of a better existance.

His actions have not only shattered this dream for so many around the country but around the world while simultaneously completely destroying South Africas image, well what was left of it at least.  Seldom before since the end of apartheid has someone managed to destroy so much goodwill so quickly.

The story of Oscar Pistorius is sad for every South African at home and abroad, every South African who tries desperately to hang on to hope of a better future, a brighter crime and corruption free future for our beleaguered nation. Oscar has, in the eyes of the world, set us back a decade in perception and will continue to do so, no doubt, through a trial that will blame South Africa and its condition for the end crime of Reeva’s tragic death.


The more I think about his reckless actions the angrier I get and the more I think they should hang the guy to send a message that our response to crime is as brutal as the crime itself. Then I think of the police officers who handcuffed a man to the back of a police car and drove him around until at some point he died or Oscars brother who has also been charged for killing someone while driving drunk or the head investigator who also drunk and opened fire on a mini bus full of people.

I start to wonder if Oscar is maybe just a product of the sick society we seem to be becoming. Either way what has happened and the events that have been told and those still to be spun are a tragedy for every South African and they will no doubt affect our view of ourselves as well as the perception of those around the world.