The Spear of the nation works harder than the head of the nation . . .

Can we just pause a moment and think about the fact that our entire news reporting, judicial system and social media network is clogged by the fact that our Pres JZs penis has been painted on canvas.

Now that it has sunk in and you realize that something about this is just fundamentally wrong let me give you my view for a second. We live (well I don’t for now) in a place where violent crime is a real and living problem, unemployment is close to double what the government tells us it is, poverty, disease, education and healthcare are all at the absolute minimum of standards in most parts of the country and for the last week our governments BIGGEST SINGLE CONCERN is that the president has been painted naked (thankfully not with his titties hanging out – he has a suit on so surely that provides some dignity) – does this not just seem horrifically wrong to anyone?

I mean let’s be fair here for a moment – if JZ were the President of the USA he would be getting torn to shreds 24 hours a day by talk show host after talk show host let alone have to worry about something hanging in the Goodman gallery in Pretoria. In fact if he actually was president of a first world country chances are he would be in jail for fraud, corruption or rape – you take your pick. So the fact that he has caused a media frenzy because his ‘spear’ is hanging proudly in the neighborhood art gallery I think is a little beyond me!



They say that it questions his morals and dignity but with the greatest respect Mr Prez you aren’t exactly viewed by the world as the most upstanding and moral citizen we have. I think the fact that you have more wives than I have cufflinks does tend to paint you in, lets just say, a rather precarious light does it not?

So far you have embraced this view with a ‘I’m proud of myself so you can get F$#@ED attitude and all of a sudden a painting like this bothers you so much what happened to this proud untouchable warrior?

As the president you have a responsibility to the people to deliver basic services to them, not worry about the tabloids, newspapers or songs that are being sung behind your back. You are supposed to be bigger than that, stronger than that and more presidential THAN THAT! You owe your people that much and by the way you have handled this whole event just shows how infantile your abilities to lead this nation actually are.

I think the best part of this entire story is the German guy who actually bought the painting. He was grilled on why he bought it and what his agenda was and he merely said ‘I just like big black penis’s’.

Finally someone in this whole story has actually taken this complete event for what it is – A JOKE and just another global headline that embarrasses even further! Sometimes I wonder if Tata Madiba wants his face on our new money anymore!

After all is said and done two morons ran into the gallery with paint on their hands and spent a few minutes, essentially, jerking off the painted Jacob Zuma on the wall until the painting was virtually unrecognisable (good solution JZ – pay some thugs to run in and throw paint on it – that’ll make the headlines go away) . . .

Thankfully due to the internet the image of JZs in all his glory will never be lost to humanity no matter what hired thugs decide to do with themselves. I think though I choose to remember not the original artwork but the brilliance that is, as always, encapsulated by ZAPIRO in both drawing and just a few captioning words!

“If you’re green you grow . . .

. . . if you’re ripe you rot” is one of the sayings my dad picked up somewhere in his life’s journey and it stuck with him. More so it became a mantra for him and one that he continues to tell and teach as many people as he can. He does this not out of any self righteous belief but because he truly believes that if you continue to learn you continue to grow as a person and as soon as you think you have learnt enough in this world you start to stagnate and slowly you start to die.

One thing I can honestly say is few parents learn from their children, they somehow believe a parents role is to impart information and once that has been done to a certain level their job as parents is complete and the relationship can continue to exist merely as a familial one.The truth is that your parental tasks may become less but your ability to learn as a person never stop. My father continues to learn as much and as often as he can and when his kids tell him something is important to learn or understand, he does because he has faith in our intellect that if we believe something is important for him to know then it is imperative for him.

Such was the example with TED. I remember the first discussion around and what I had learnt from it (if you don’t know what I’m talking about you are probably letting the greatest source of learning’s you could ever experience go to waste) from that introduction to TED before I knew it he had enrolled him and my mother to attend TED talks in Scotland and so the learning process continued.

Why am I blabbing on about this, well a few days ago he sent me one of the most remarkable things I have seen since itself called TEDed – lessons worth sharing. This site allows teachers from around the world to create, share and build on each other’s ability and teaching skills. It is a site that allows teachers of all different levels to enhance their students learning experience by using the world of information at our finger tips.

I cannot intro this well enough so just watch their short video . . .


What I find so incredible about this is that there are people around the world who have dedicated their lives to enhance the learning ability of others and I started to wonder if perhaps there can be anything more selfless. This group of people has used the web to create and online learning center that can be practically used by students and teachers alike to absorb more knowledge – I have rarely seen anything more powerful and impactful than this.

So often I wonder what I personally can do to grow myself, to enhance my own existence and every now and again I wonder if I can do the same for perhaps a few other people in the world but sadly these thoughts are crushed by an overwhelming realization that the problem is too big, the world and its forthcoming generations may just be doomed after all and then I refocus selfishly on myself.

People like those behind TEDed give me hope, they inspire me and they should be hailed as pioneers in reversing the disaster that is the global education system. Thank you to these people for showing us that the world can continue and must continue to learn and teach at every opportunity and thank you to my dad for listening and learning from me and in turn teaching me again!