Dolphin Unfriendly

There’s a town in Japan called Taiji where every year thousands of dolphins are herded into a closed bay. Some are abducted to spend the rest of their lives performing tricks in aquariums across the globe for the entertainment of stupid people. Those that don’t make the cut, get cut. They’re taken into a cove and brutally stabbed to death. The water turns from blue to red while injured animals try in vain to escape. Instead of a path to the open ocean they’re met with nets, boats, harpoons and ultimately a slow and painful death. This was the horror that the documentary, The Cove, was based on.

The dolphins end up being a source of meat for many people and in the process a source a huge amounts of mercury. Poison. I have no sympathy for these people. What’s also odd, and perhaps linked to the fact that mercury causes brain damage is the view that dolphins are a pest because they eat large amounts of fish, depleting fish stocks for human consumption. They’re dolphins for fuck’s sake! – they eat fish in what should be a balanced ecosystem. We are the ones depleting fish stocks.

The reason for this post is that tomorrow, the beginning of September, is when this barbaric event begins. It makes me angry and I’m not sure what I can do about it. You may feel the same way, so get angry, make a noise, donate, volunteer if you can, but do something. I hope that one day we can look back at this as one of those absurd things people used to do. Not because there aren’t anymore dolphins but because there’s a greater empathy for all life.


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From the rise of a potential dictator to the fall of another . . .

If you are a bit confused on the heading – read the previous post!

Libya is both a tremendously happy and a desperately sad discussion for me. It’s happy for obvious reasons and I don’t think I’ll go into those but the sadness is perhaps not a topic that is paid much attention.

I was watching the news channels, as we all were, over the last few weeks,and hoping that the rebels would take the capitol and allow the very long and very bumpy road of democracy to begin. While I was watching the overriding question was “where is Gadhafi hiding?” and I started to wonder why the hell these government fighters were still at their posts after they had been abandoned, not surprisingly by their leader? I mean the war is clearly over dudes, you lost, and it’s time to jump ship.

This is where the sadness started for me.

Sure there are those big burly narcissists, (you know them as white South African Police reservists mostly) who joined Gadhafi’s crew to be able to beat up innocents, run the streets and pretty much show off their small penis syndrome as often as possible. But as far as I’m concerned that’s the minority. The rest were merely civil servants who really were not given a choice. Their families were probably threatened or worse killed and if not they were pretty damn sure they would be. To put it into ‘normal’ perspective, they lived in a place where human life only meant something if one man thought so and sadly they were forced to oppress their own people!

I have to believe we live in a world where people in their hearts know the difference between good and evil and even though the latter may be drummed into them through every kind of unspeakable act, they would still, if free, choose the former. So as Gadhafi was no doubt being snuck off in a jet to a place where his type of leadership would be celebrated (Think Venezuela or Zim or probably North Korea or Limpopo) these poor men and woman who had been indoctrinated had to stand on the streets and fight against their own people. They had to kill those fighting for freedom.

I’m desperately happy that Libya has been liberated but I fear that no one will spare a thought for those who did not want to fight over these dark decades, those who put their lives on the line fighting to keep Gadhafi in power only because their alternative was certain death at his hands.

In all your most justified celebrations Libya, I implore you to think of these people because they probably suffered the most in life and in death will go down in history as the worst of the worst villains, yet in reality they had little choice than the one they were forced to take.

The saddest thing perhaps is the jackals who are waiting at the gates (in this specific case Donald ‘the hair’ Trump and his army of Yanks) to pick at the bones of a country left on the verge of death in every possible – but hey if Trump can make a quick buck why not?  #FAIL

For the amazing and trying pics of Libya go HERE and HERE

JuJu won’t go quietly into the night . . .

Now before you go all postal, this is a joke, the site was hacked (the ANCYL haven’t confirmed this but we assume) but the truth is just imagine for a moment this actually is what goes through JuJu’s brain – it certainly isn’t that far-fetched is it?

It’s time to get a little serious I fear (yeah sure after the last post was the legalization of Marijuana). Julius has been a concern of mine for a while, he has been for most of us. We’ve seen his tainted star rising like we’ve seen too many African dictators over the last 50 years and until now it’s been relatively in check.

The next week however may shape the rest of Julius’s political career and initially while I was excited the ‘Parent finally was going to beat the child’ it seems once again I have underestimated just how powerful JuJu is. Its seems a little Shakespearian almost with the prodigal son marching on the capital, ‘his army’ (true they must all be unemployed cause I’m not sure who gives people a few days off work to go protest?) at his back coming to dethrone the King. All the while the Kings Trusted advisor (Kgalema Mothlante who seems to be on team JuJu) is actually a traitor to the court.

The frightening thing is this battle may not end well (I mean for those who sort of like the way democracy, truth, honesty and justice work). Julius may actually prove once and for all he is untouchable (the hawks have already thrown in the towel on his investigation) which will mean nothing can stand in the way of his political aspirations of running and ‘changing’ (I mean destroying) this country.

The next week, on the streets of Joburg city, may shape the next 50 years of South African politics and while the rest of the nation squabbles around playing real life and worrying about whether the Boks have a nice send off and enough pillows in first class, I suggest we ALL keep a very close eye on the outcome of this hearing as it may be the justice we have been looking for for this spoiled brat or he may burn the house down with his parents inside it leaving him to tear a path of terror we have been fearing.

The problem I fear is that he will make a similar speech to the President in Independence day (not quite with the same noble intentions!) and while he is frighteningly annoying he has a connection with the masses (he is the African dream – similar to the American dream but instead of working hard and making a success you cheat, lie and steal to get rich).


The question that I still have not scenario planned in my own head is if JuJu does get the harshest punishment – what will the ‘expected 10 000 supporters’ plus the one idiot in chains do to the streets of JHB?

Why do we avoid the benefits of legal Marijuana?

Before I start convincing you this is a good idea (and not you drooling idiots with an empty bag on Lays on your chest, you’re already nodding like Goofy) can we just remember this . . .

Now that you have your mind right – here goes.

I’m not going to try convince you that MJ is good (afore mentioned idiots now have a very confused look on their face). It’s a drug. Is it the least addictive, most tested and least damaging drug – no question. Not opinion, its scientific fact.

Now in a world where we freely smoke and binge drink (well I do along with most of my friends) – let alone stuff our kids so full of crap that their little legs can barely carry their fat asses, surely we look at the economic benefits of things before we look at the health benefits?

Now if you ever have to spend a few days in a place like Welkom (as I currently am) you will understand the sad realization I came to today, (no not that you need marijuana to survive here) the government cannot take care of us. I mean they just literally do not have enough money to maintain places like this and with mining giants pulling in, raping the environment and the people and then leaving them derelict, almost, there really isn’t much hope.

So given these problems surely the economic benefit of legalizing MJ is unavoidable? One can barely begin to comprehend the amount of taxable income that is wasted by having people peddle the stuff on street corners, the amount of employment opportunity there is if we merely make this another staple farmed like maize and let’s not forget the benefit of being able to limit the abuse of the substance.

The list of pros really is irrefutable so let’s get onto the negatives. Would legalizing it lead to abuse? Well I can’t imagine more so than the current abuse and if we can limit the purchasing of it legally then I see the potential of decrease rather than the opposite. Will more kids be inclined to try it if it’s legal? Well that why there are PARENTS who seem to neglect most of their responsibility but I guess if you can stop your kids from smoking or drinking until they are old enough to make an informed decision then why should this be any different.

The fact is as much as I go through this argument in my head the pros so far out way the cons that it seems like we are sitting on a vat filled with billions of Rands, waiting to be put to good use, and all we have to do is open the tap . . just imagine!


Joburg’s Golden Circle

Joburg has an area that’s sometimes referred to as the Golden Circle. I’m not sure if this is a commonly used term but it’s basically the heart of the city that’s surrounded by the M2, N1 and N3 (or is it the M1? In which case I’m out of the circle). As one ventures out of this area, the number trees declines in direct proportion to average IQ of the area’s inhabitants. Ok, that’s not true, and a bit harsh, but I have a serious dislike of the typical Tuscan/Balinese inspired SummerCON developments that tend to blanket the landscape.

It’s clear that there are many others who share this view about the Golden Circle. They may call it the Shooter Curtain, but the sentiment is the same. This from here:

There’s a divide in Joburg. Quite a big one, in fact. I’d become aware of it some months ago, but it was only the other day when a friend of mine, formerly resident in Sunninghill, now in Craighall Park, celebrated the fact that he’d managed to escape the deadening ennui that characterises much of the north in Joburg.

The Shooter Curtain, he called it. Just like the Boerewors Curtain, but with tequila. Beyond it is a land of sales managers in chinos and theme pubs and those thatched Summercon developments, the ones with lofts and parking spots and names like “Serengeti”. It’s where people with names like Craig and Wayne who work in IT – Ah tee – get trashed and boast about it the next day, hence the name. Where variations on Long Island Iced Tea are listed in the cocktail menus in Newscafe. Where chicks from the East Rand – there be dragons; people from Sandton never venture there unless it’s to catch a plane – hang out with the hopes of catching a consultant or an investment banker.

The Shooter Curtain is an allegorical divide but it can generally be traced alongside the highway that loops around Joburg, dividing the older city from newer developments. Its heart lies in suburbs like Fourways and Sunninghill, though it can be extended further north to Centurion and west to the vast, awful swathes of soulless development that stretch from Featherbrooke to Northgate.

In my experience the actual physical divide between those who dwell behind the Shooter Curtain and those who would never venture beyond it is the Hyde Park Shopping Centre, specifically the bar at the Southern Sun hotel. People from the older Joburg suburbs will go there to have a drink and view the BEE types on their phones, as will those who live in thatched lofts with 1.5 bathrooms and 2 parking spaces. So far and no further though. I know people who think that Rosebank is terrifyingly far south and wouldn’t dream of going there lest they, I don’t know, encounter an emperor penguin or something. On the other hand, there are the people who are just as adamant they will never set foot in what another friend of mine calls the Northern Wastelands.

Some people (like me) routinely step over the line, so I’ll pretend I fit in with the impossibly cool people at The Office in Greenside as easily as I’ll pretend to fit in with the aggressively mainstream Bryanston types at the Baron on Main.

Still, I can see that the difference is stark. It’s not just geographical, of course: it’s a mindset too. People who live before the Shooter Curtain furnish their homes with Nguni cowhides and Eames chairs (mind you, Sevens sold a perfectly good Chinese knockoff of the Eames lounger at a fraction of the cost of the replica a while back; I bought one for the ex and it’s one of the few pieces of furniture he sent to Australia). Beyond it is a land of 42 inch LED TVs and jetskis, bring and braais and uncritical thinking, if any thinking takes place at all.

Beyond the Shooter Curtain it’s Hooters and Billy the Bums and Montecasino. Before it’s 44 Stanley Avenue and Tokyo Star. It’s drinking coffee while squashed on a pavement inhaling petrol fumes. It’s gentrification and art galleries. Beyond the Shooter Curtain it’s Tuscan. Before the Shooter Curtain it’s African eclectic. Beyond the Shooter Curtain it’s shopping malls and value marts; before the Shooter Curtain the smell of pee in the streets of Melville. Beyond the Shooter Curtain, it’s GTis and double cabs; before it, Vespas and walking the dogs in the street in a community that isn’t gated. Beyond the Shooter Curtain there’s acres of parking; before it, no effing parking to be found anywhere on a Wednesday night, even if the suburb is called Parkhurst. Beyond, it’s Nickelback; before, Youssou N’dour. KFC, organic; Edgars, Big Blue, and so on.

Of course, there are people on either side of the Shooter Curtain who don’t conform to the stereotypes of either Pleasantville or Poser Town. One can live in one and be a resident, in spirit, of the other. But for the most part the divide holds firm, and the people on either side are perfectly happy where they are.

Round of Patrón for everyone.

Thanks Dyl

Photos. Old and new.

When I was a kid, in fact all the way until adulthood, cameras were things that only really came out for special occasions. This all changed when things went digital. I remember getting a digital camera for my 21st birthday and at the time it was one of the first in my circle of friends and family. In a short space of time however they were commonplace and and with this change in photography came a shift in the number of photographic memories we were able to generate. If I consider the number of pictures my parents have from their twenties versus what the average twenty something has today, the difference is immense. Probably tens vs. thousands.

The reason I was thinking about this, in a somewhat round-about way I suppose, was because of these pictures taken by Irina Werning. The project is called back to the future and it’s effectively the recreation of photos of childhood pictures. Same setting, same clothes, different age.

Check out the rest.

Is JuJu getting cooked or do we merely see smoke and assume there’s a roast?

So if we forget about the Hawks going through JuJu’s filing cabinet for a moment (I get a mental image of these embarrassed children looking through their parents wallet and apologizing every two minutes for being in there) because I’m pretty sure with his connections, as well as his knowledge of other law breakers he will slip out of this one like a lubricated snake out of a pile of jelly.

So let’s look at the ANC for hope of ‘ending’ JuJu shall we?

My only problem is, what Zapiro has summed up so superbly, once again . . .

There is a very interesting article written on the Daily Maverick about JuJu, his hearing, the outcomes and every and anything you could want to know, which is really superb! The problem I have is that while the ANC look like they are taking a tough stance here on JuJu and his genius side kick Floyd ‘I’m just as untouchable’ Shivambu, the charges are vague (and if you have EVER been to CCMA you will know vague charges are a KILLER), not only that but the ANCYL has requested and urgent meeting with the ANC to ‘discuss’ some things which is more code for ill roll over and you scratch my belly, and finally the ANCYL have put out a very appeasing statement on their website to temper the wrath of the powers that be!

What do we see coming out of these two disciplinary sessions – well for me there are two scenarios here.

One is what we hope will happen? Here I feel myself slipping towards the dark side a little and images of ‘sharks with frikken laser beams attached to their heads’ appear, but realistically I guess we hope he and Floyd are put into a position where they cannot affect anything related to South African politics, economy, perception and so on for a long enough time that they become irrelevant and powerless!

The second is what probably will happen and that’s the JuJu will remain unscathed and get a nice slap on the wrist to appease the public while proving not only that he has more power than any of us feared, but also that he can get away with pretty much anything he likes because (again in the immortal genius of Zapiro) . . .

Like I said a good few days ago ITS TIME FOR THE PARENT TO SMACK THE CHILD!

The Boks are back, I’m just not convinced yet!

I love watching the Springboks, I don’t care who they are playing, I don’t care how long the losing streak, I just love watching the Boks run onto the field and play (and most especially against the All Blacks)!

How can this not make you all tingly!

Sure there have been serious peaks and troughs since we ran out against the Aussies and Kiwis in the early 90s (SA vs the All Blacks at Ellis was my first live test match – been at as many all over the world as possible since then) but then again how could there not be.

We’ve had some shocker coaches (Rudolf & Andre), we’ve had some who were maybe a little before their time (Carel & Mac) and we’ve had some superstars (Jake & Kitch) and probably everything in between. We’ve had changes in Jerseys, logos and names and each one has brought a new smile to my face!

On Saturday though I felt I had to write about the game (which I very seldom do). You see after such a long losing streak I had a JHB restaurant / bar filled with people screaming the ‘Boks are back’, ‘they can win the world cup’ and ‘P divvy finally has a plan’. Now as much as I love the Boks (and believe me, I love to win) I didn’t feel as good as it seems the rest of the social universe felt on Saturday eve.

If we park the fact that Dan Carter and Ritchie Mcaw were left at home, which probably makes that All Black side 20% better, I don’t think the Boks really won that game. I mean, yes, the scoreboard said we did but did we really show that we are a team that can win. I saw maybe one line break in the entire game (it seems to be our average lately), I saw box kicking from Fourie Du Preez that showed every minute of his two years out of the game, I saw defensively our wingers sprinting into the AB line for intercepts and I saw a strategy that only worked in a world cup and only worked four years ago for us (that would be the kick, chase, penalty game)!

My worry is this Bok side has forgotten how to play rugby and as soon as you get a side with a little flair on the pitch against them (especially one with nothing to lose) like Fiji or Samoa (if you remember Fiji would have knocked us out four years ago if it weren’t for JPs try saving tackle) they may run us ragged.

The good news is Heinrich Brussouw is undoubtedly back to his best after only about  120min of rugby, Morne Steyns goal kicking looks sharp and with Bis the bus at hooker our scrum looks VERY solid again. Also, contrary to my fellow watchers on Saturday, to be able to bring on a leader of the caliber of John Smit when you are up against the All Blacks with 20min to go is a luxury few teams have in a  world cup setting.

Overall though, I think the Boks performance was one dimensional, uncreative, unimaginative and downright boring, BUT a win is a win!

Now in a world cup environment that’s not necessarily a bad thing however this seems to be the ONLY game we can play at the moment and I am a little shaky going into this tournament with a very experienced (and very old) side that can only play ONE style of rugby.

Time will tell and I hope they can keep the momentum going because after a world cup the only thing anyone remembers is who won, not the way they played. Once we have a third trophy in the bag we can look at rebuilding  a side of fresh faces and new ideas but until then LETS GO WIN US A TROPHY BOYS!

Remembering the wall . . .

Most of our generation won’t really give a crap about this post, and if I told you the subject split families, ended careers, created poverty and suffering and ended lives for THIRTY YEARS you would be amazed that we don’t give a crap, but it still won’t change your mind!

The reason is The Berlin Wall is glossed over in schools (we have more important shit to teach nowadays I guess), it didn’t happen really in our lifetime (anything not in our life doesn’t exist to us) nor did it happen in our country – so why should we give a crap?

Well, sometimes in life it’s important to hear the pain of the past, it’s important to remember wrongs we as a ‘civilization’ (and I used that word loosely) have committed no matter how far away they may seem. It’s important so we learn from the past and we never make the same mistakes again!

Ill paint you a scenario in a context closer to home.

You wake up one morning in JHB, get into your car and switch on the news. You live in Sandton, as I do, and work in Pretoria (as thank the fictitious spiritual world I DON’T but play along) and you hear on the news that there has been a blockade put up just after Woodmead and you can’t cross it.

You panic as you try work out how you are going to scramble to move your meeting to ‘this side’ of the blockade. You manage to make a few calls until you realize there is NO CROSSING from either side. As the day ends and a fence is now being erected around what used to be Joburg you start to panic about your family in Pretoria, your sister living in Polokwane and your sick Grandfather who lives in Nelspruit and just as you convince yourself that it’s not real and what they are doing isn’t possible you start to see this . . .

Your worst fears come to life when the wall just grows and grows!

Before you know it landmarks that you used to drive past every day, barely paying attention as you zipped past on your way about the city freely are now behind thick concrete blocks of prison . . .

The only gap between you and your friends, family, job and freedom lies a barren waste land affectionately termed the ‘death strip’ (no prizes for anyone guessing why)

For almost 30 years this continued. At first no one believed it could happen (much like Julius Malema becoming pres-o-dent) then they felt how difficult it was to live with it and finally they fought their pain everyday as life moved on, on either side of the wall, they were now just separate lives!

The reason I’m writing this post is not to make you so sad on a Friday that you go out and drink yourself into a stupor (I’m going to do that regardless) but it’s because in this month in 1961 the wall went up and like I said before sometimes it’s important to remember mankind’s worst mistakes so we know never to make them again

For the pics go HERE!

The sexiest aquarium on the planet!

This is truly the coolest office or home accessory I’ve seen in a long time!

I’m a big fan of the ultra-modern sexy fish tank, the only problem is fish are relatively boring unless you import half the tropical world into your tank, and second they die quick (well in my house they do).

So when I saw this little collection of goods I thought, cool look, but I’m bored of fish thanks . . .

Until I saw what goes inside it!

Water is pulled through a layer of rock on the bottom, and is channeled up one side of the acrylic cylindrical aquarium (along with diffused air supplied by a pump) to the surface. From there, it goes back down the other side, and is once again sucked down through the rocks. This creates a circular flow, which is said to keep the jellyfish centered in the middle.

The rock is actually what’s known as living rock, meaning that it has been “seeded” with live nitrifying bacteria. These serve to break down and neutralize the jellyfish waste. Weekly partial water changes are still necessary, however.

The creatures themselves are non-harmful-to-humans moon jellyfish, which can be purchased for US$39 each from the company. They will be overnight shipped from the company’s breeding facility, but are only available to residents of the continental U.S. The 7-gallon (26.5 L) tank is reportedly able to support up to five of the critters, which eat frozen plankton that is also available from Jellyfish Art.

Light is provided by a built-in LED lamp, the color of which can be changed using a remote control.

Brief via HERE but for the WEBSITE and all the sexy Jelly-accessories GO HERE TO JELLYFISHART.COM and for all the FAQs go HERE

 If you are skeptical just watch the video and then go check out the thousands on YOUTUBE! 



We’ve become super consumers . . . and I’m sad to say I LOVE IT!

So when I saw this I was truly caught between scylla and charybdas! Reason being I’m a consumer, I love to spend, have, buy, throw out, get new etc. etc. and the fact that I don’t need to whip out my wallet and give the nice person behind the counter 100 bucks, wait for them to work out my change, give it to me, then put the change away, makes me smile oddly enough!


I started to think how sick the people at VISA have made us. They have made me into exactly what I am, a super-consumer. Just swiping and signing and pin coding and spending, and why? Cause they’ve made it so easy to do so!

We have become just like this advert, consuming machines. The sick thing is, I really enjoy being a super-consumer. I like the fact that VISA have made me more productive by letting me flash my little card so I can get my latte without having to fumble around for cash! I am slightly ashamed of this admission but the fact is at some point you have to be honest don’t you!

Check it out, bottom line, sick but COOL!


Sip Bacardi like it’s your birthday!

BACARDI are planning a roll out of nationwide events as part of their new ‘Together’ campaign, encouraging us to ‘get out and get together’.

To kick-start their live campaign, BACARDI will be bringing together a collective of local artists from Johannesburg and Cape Town to create a unique once-off BACARDI concept party in their city.

This first show will take place at a secret venue in Cape Town early next month. BACARDI have enlisted the diverse talents of Cape Town visual artist Daniel Ting Chong, chef Kobus van der Merwe and synth-scratch DJ Sibot for the event, to create the first bespoke BACARDI experience in SA.

BACARDI have been hosting ‘Better Together’ parties for over 100 years, and whilst this may be a one-off exclusive gig, it’s just the start of BACARDI’s ‘Together’ campaign. More events are planned nationwide to bring the party to everyone.

Check out their Facebook page for more…

And while you’re here, check out the ad for the campaign.


Time for the parent to smack the child!

I’m not into beating children. I was never smacked by my parents as a child when I misbehaved (probably because my two brothers beat me senseless when I stepped out of line) but in this case I feel it far far overdue.

Let’s just remind everyone here, the ANCYL is not a government body, they are not elected by democratic vote of the people and they have no political standing what-so-f*$#king-ever! They are and should be treated as the child body of the ANC and are merely politicians in training (or in this case deteriorating).

So, when they step out of line they should be smacked in the hope they stop behaving like political BRATS!

If you want to know my previous views on the youth league and their leader – here they are.

The truth is at first there was concern around Dear JuJu and what corrupt things he was doing behind closed doors (well hopefully we are seeing the tip of the iceberg on this) but my concern now is more for the ruling party. They have managed to get themselves into a position where they are seen not to be able to control their own child, more so they cannot even stand up to their child!!

The ANC has lost so much face over JuJu and his little gang of crony’s but this final issue on Botswana has just shown how scared the ANC are of its own child!

If you don’t know what happened, the ANCYL stated there needs to be regime change in Botswana and they were going to send a team of youth league trolls to investigate (we may as well send the under 8 netball team from Polokwane primary school as they have roughly the same political standing!).

Following this the ANC said Hai! they have crossed the line with this!

To which the ANCYL responded, you think we crossed the line, no no no no you can’t tell us what to do in public

Which brought about the ANC saying, the youth league were not allowed to rebuke their reprimand in public (you get how childish this squabble between our country’s leaders is?)

All in all it’s a mess, its embarrassing and if the ANC doesn’t get its screaming, crying little brat of a child under control we may soon make the Londoners problem look like a paper cut on an elephant!


London’s burning . . . and I don’t mean the riots!

The London riots have sparked some seriously interesting reaction in my local circles (I include Facebook, Twitter, oh and the old school physical circles of friends)

Normally when violence and rage overtakes a city there is an outcry and a public damning on all fronts by people, if the cause is not just. If it’s to remove a dictator that’s one thing but for shooting a suspected gangster that’s more like a Wednesday in Africa! In this case though it was bizarre to see South Africans with their mouths slightly crinkled up a the sides, taking some pleasure in the slight downfall of our previous occupiers. I must confess I took only the slightest of pleasure, but pleasure never the less, seeing someone else’s city in turmoil especially after being looked down upon for so many years!

Do we get that its wrong? Absolutely! Do we wish it on anyone? Certainly not, but when you have been the ass end of the ‘unstable African country’ joke for as long as you have been alive, you start to think it’s a bit of an attitude adjustment for one or two smug Englishmen!

The riots are one thing but something entirely different to the underlying bigger issue here. In the 80s when people rioted it was for a cause, for freedom of oppression and persecution. Today it’s from boredom, anger, dissatisfaction and disillusionment – none of which are really reasons to tear a city apart but sadly are massive aggravating factors!

London’s burning people and I’m not referring to the streets, I’m referring to a 12 year old girl saying ‘I’m getting my taxes back by looting’ live on news channels piped around the world. The youth is angry! They don’t see a future and all they need is a militant leader to bring them together, organize them and we may see something we never thought possible in the epicenter of decorum.

London’s burning and I hope dear David sees this as it is – a warning shot rather than an isolated incident. If he doesn’t we may be in for the creation of more and more of the below members of society which will mean chaos and carnage like it’s sodom and gamorrah all over again!