Morning ad agencies . . . WAKE THE #*$@ UP or die!

Now this is nothing new, well to most of us, BUT based on the previous post on STM, you can see where the world is going, what’s changing in the world and how targeting consumers is moving.

My generation, and I say this very proudly, don’t want advertisers and brand owners to push shit on us anymore! We don’t want to be force-fed a load of crap just because you have a lot of money to plaster it on TV, radio and billboards, because guess what – we just won’t watch it!

We want to interact with brands, we want to shout at them, love them and most importantly, we want them to interact with us! We want brand owners to understand WE, the consumer, in case you didn’t know, are THE MOST IMPORTANT thing in your lives and we want you to treat us as such.

Now you may be feeling a little narcissism, but why the hell not?

Are you not tired of brands trying to force you to buy crap that has no use or purpose in your life?

The truth is unless you engage us, interest us and challenge us – YOU WILL DIE and thank goodness someone like Saatchi & Saatchi has the brains and foresight to see this!

Whether the advertising world will wake up and change is still up for debate but this is certainly a start . . . enjoy!


As if Jay Z could be any cooler!

Jay Z is possibly the coolest dude alive. I mean who else could turn that pudgy bulldog looking gangsta kid into a Hip Hop global icon, billionaire and trend setting genius who gets to see Beyonce in any compromising position he wants – you have to give credit where credit is due!

So he recently released his autobiography and unlike any other mere mortal he teamed up with BING the search engine (for most of us it’s like the poor mans Google) to create something truly exceptional!

What they did, very briefly, is they used excerpts from his autobiography and posted them in thousands of different ways all over the world where the events he was writing about took place.

Have a little look  . . .

The results are absolutely amazing and probably one of the best activations / promotions I have ever seen in terms of ROI and market penetration – just watch the video!


Via @deanoelsch


A tribute to a fighter . . .

I waited a few days to let the death of this man settle with me to try and work out how it has affected me, us maybe, before writing this.

It may sound selfish to you but perhaps read it first before passing judgment as you may agree.

Kader Asmal was an incredible man, of that there is no question. He fought for human rights his entire life and when he finally achieved the goal of disbanding the apartheid system (of course not alone but certainly involved) he joined both the ANC exec and the government.

From this point he continued to fight for justice in every sphere he could influence whether it is educational, environmental or other. Finally, he left parliament under protest when The Scorpions were disbanded (which by the way wreaked of corruption like four week old sardines under a car seat!)

Now if you want a tribute to the man there are far greater people in far more impressive positions to do that than I and they have, rightly so, so I won’t.

What I have been thinking however, is that with the death of each one of these inspirational beacons of light I fear that we slip further and further into the darkness (if you want to know what the darkness is see below – only Zaprio’s genius can express this well enough!)

I fear that the old guard who fought for right and wrong is now either dying off at a rapid rate or is unable to assert dominance over the circus performers that we find in charge today.

Kadar Asmal was a great man (read his wiki page if you don’t fully understand this) but more than that he was one part of a generation fighting for honesty, justice and truth and as this generation disappears I am petrified we will be left with only greed, corruption and decay as we have seen happen to so many African countries.

How many TRULY GREAT men are left to fight?

I hope and I wish this is not the case but from what I can see we are destined for Animal Farm!

Rest in Peace Sir, you and the values you stood for mean far more than you will know and the world is truly worse off without your strength!



Is it out with the ‘old’ in with the new?

This past weekend a young boy with scraggly hair from Northern Ireland call Rory Mcllroy won the US Open, his first major and his announcement to the proper world stage (yes we know he has won before but now it’s the big leagues).

This prompted me to wonder if this was the proverbial changing of the guards, so to speak, of golfing heavyweights?

Up until recently, Tiger Woods has been the king of all things golf. You know when the king dies (Jack Nicklaus, figuratively speaking of course) and then everyone shouts ‘the king is dead, long live the king’ that’s where Tiger fits in. As you all well know he has been, again until recently, the poster boy for everything golf and otherwise and he has become one of the most recognizable faces in the world, but is this time for the cataclysmic change?

Both players started very young (Tiger before two, Rory before two)! Both appeared on local talk shows

Tiger . . .


Rory . . .


Tiger could shoot 48 at three for 9-holes, Rory could drive 40m at age two. Tiger won the Junior world championships numerous times, Rory won the Junior Ryder cup and the European amateur championships while woods won the other side of the world’s Amateur contests.

They both cruised through college winning team and individual honours but Rory was the youngest to turn pro and break into the Top 50 golfers in the world however Tiger was the fastest to reach number one. Both won their first major at 22 (granted Mcllroy should have won at Augusta but then really did choke) and both blew the field away with a multitude of new records set!

The list of consistencies goes on and on . . .

As far as I can tell the only difference between these two is they are 15 odd years apart. Tigers story has somewhat been written for all intents and purposes (don’t get me wrong I WANT HIM BACK to finish the story) but this kid has the chance to eclipse one of the most magnificent sportsmen I have been privileged enough to watch in my life.

Watch out world Rory has the pedigree and the past and he may just turn the golf world upside-down! As they say in the classics the train is on the same track just a few stops behind!


Testament to a work ethic

Seems like not so long ago that Japan was hit by the tsunami that devastated the country, killed a whole lot of people, and made even more homeless. That’s because it wasn’t – just over three months ago. This was the same event that put nuclear power back in the spotlight and while it may have taken longer than everyone would’ve liked to contain the radio-active leak, the rest of the clean up efforts are nothing short of extraordinary.

Here’s one such example, although you really should check out the others in the full glory that is Boston Big Picture photography.

What a shot!

So there’s been a lot of hype around Rory McIlroy being the youngest guy to win the US open since 1923. Having recently taken up golf lessons I have new found respect for the amount of skill required to be even remotely as good as that. But then, we came across this video clip and if it’s real, it’s even more unbelievable. What are the odds?…


Quite the bunker shot huh?

Thanks Rich

FIFA really are Evil Masterminds!

Now if you are confused as to what FIFA do, they really run the global football world and in recent times they have been viewed as ‘the organized crime’ of football.

They host about six events a year and by far the most important is the soccer world cup – they make roughly three billion dollars from it – not bad.

But it wasn’t until I saw their lair that I realized what masterminds they are!

The office has one story above ground and SIX below ground with the center of the building being this black marble encase boardroom where all the big decisions are made (don’t forget the massive crystal chandelier above)

Then there’s the newsroom that you have to have some serious balls to ask Sepp Blatter a rough question a few stories underground in his own house!

Finally there is the state of the art work out center outside for the 300 odd employees with a few of these FIFA spec pitches thrown in for good measure!

Now tell me you still don’t think this dude is Dr Evil – I mean all that’s missing are the sharks with frikken laser beams on their heads!



Just cause I landed in Barcelona this morning I thought it would only be right to post an activation from their doorstep!

Now we all have seen the numerous activations that T-mobile have basically pioneered. They have without doubt taken activation to a new level through social media and live interaction and this is certainly no different – the question really is why?

Simply because we are bored – my generation is bored as hell with the ‘modus operandi’. It pisses us off that things have to happen the same way because they have been for years!

My joy in T-mobile activation is not what they do, and certainly not the company they represent – in fact when you say T-mobile all I think is that massive German Jan Ullrich puffing his way up a hill like he was cycling in hummus wearing that pink T-mobile uniform (and I never watch cycling). What I love is the way they challenge the way we do things, the way we play games virtual VS real, the way we greet people at the airport, etc.

T-mobile have found a way to let their consumer live in the virtual world while interacting in the real world – it’s a combination that companies have been trying to perfect for a long time and it is without question the gateway to marketing to generations to come.

Very simply, the time for TV, billboard and radio is quickly evaporating and while only a small percentage of the world understands it now, unless they start realizing it they will evaporate along with these archaic forms of media.

Just watch the video!


Just to show you where STM is hanging out this week . . .

SO STM is out of office for the rest if the week (yes i know it’s nothing new except for the lineup)

We are hitting THE CONSUMER GOODS GLOBAL FORUM for a few days in Barcelona.

Now I was relatively unexcited until I saw, firstly the hotel (which after the last time I was there, in the W, will be hard to beat) and second and more importantly the lineup of speakers!
First the sensational HOTEL ARTS . . .

Then, far more impressive is the list of speaks – heres just a snapshot . . .

– Guida BARILLA – Chairman of the Barilla Group (fun, no?)

– Amir KAssaei – Chief Creative Officer DDB WORLDWIDE (getting interested yet?)

Nobu Matsuhisa – You may know him better as the founder of legendary restaurants NOBU

Indra Nooyi – Chairman & CEO Pepsico (told you it was star studded)

Muhtar Kent – Chairman & CEO of Coca Cola Global (cause Pepsi and Coke cant be without each other)

Franck Riboud – Chairman & CEO of Danone global

Thats just a snippet of the lineup – HERE’S THE FULL SHOW!

Finally just to add insult to injury end off the week with a little lunch on Lake Zurich (without doubt one of my best places in the world) . . .

. . . and then a little coffee at SPRUNGLI and a shop on the BAHNHOFSTRASSE – anyone want anything?


Dear DSTV, please STOP behaving like a Government Institution!

I was breezing through BBC as I normally do to check who’s being bought and sold in the soccer world this time of year and which country’s dictator is being bombed when this hit me!

Now I’m seriously no tennis junkie but I did watch the Fed Vs Nadal final at Roland Garros on Sunday in HD on a rather massive TV which was truly epic and it got me thinking as much as I enjoyed that red clay in perfect colour can you imagine what the green grass of Wimbledon would look like in the epic 3D?

Now I consider myself an early adopter. I like toys of every nature and I want them first that’s just how I am so I have to physically force myself not to buy a 3D TV, and why, because MNET and DSTV can’t get their acts together to bring us 3D yet. Yeah sure theres movies (which no video store has yet)

I mean come on dudes you laid more cable than Ron Jeremy before the world cup surely, surely you can bring us 3D TV. The problem I fear is not that you cant, its that you actually don’t have to.

Think about it, what really is the difference between DSTV and TELKOM? They both were pioneers in South Africa, both have almost no competition (Yes yes TOP TV we hear you but get the bloody sport channels then we’ll talk) and they both are really crap at innovation.

Do you really think that if DSTV had a serious competitor that was pushing the future like they should be that DSTV would be as slow to bring us what we want as they really are – I seriously doubt it!

Someone (and by someone I mean a multinational) really needs to arrive on our shores and kick some serious ass because I want to be able to watch a massive 3D TV on a Sunday and see Fed kick the living hell out of that Spanish child!


Finally SOMEONE who will bring the future closer!

I must admit I didn’t do my homework on this guy (I’ve been in the air a lot and they get grumpy when I log on to 3g up there) and in fact if I’m completely honest I saw this video posted from someone who I think is pretty smart so decided to watch it (in a rather inebriated state quite late at night). What I found was staggering!

Mostly when I see stuff on the net that’s about ‘the future of technology’ I’m generally rather skeptical because typically its some business that’s superb at video editing and it sells a picture of this perfect world that we can run around behaving like Iron Man on speed (that’s what I strive for normally hence my coffee intake).

Now here’s a guy who decided that he wanted to bring the virtual world and the physical world closer together and by opening up two computer mouses he could take the runner from the balls (yes kidlings in the ‘old’ days mice had a roller ball and not the little red laser!) and create a moveable claw to control his PC.

I don’t really do it justice in my explanation but from those humble beginnings one can see that this guy was going to create a universe that really did merge the real and virtual.

I suggest you watch this video because he quite literally will show you the future and not in some fancy done up advert or show reel but in his own home video and picture of things that he has actually built and accomplished.

His name is Pranav Mistry and he has shown me the future . . .


Just on a side note – this video comes from the sensation . If you don’t know what this is, beat yourself in the face with a plank and go look.

It’s a collection of the greatest minds the world has to offer speaking on subject matter that is diverse as any possible. From technology to the arts to tying your shoelaces better (ok this may not be the greatest mind in the world) but you get the picture.


The MOST EPIC beer commercial ever!

These guys make great commercials!

I’d seen a bunch of them already and they just epitomize the perfection of being a beer drinking man – just have a look . . .




But these are the usual comedic enjoyable ads . . . and then I saw this one!

Never before have I seen so much nonsensical fun crammed into a short advert – it’s like Zoolander met the Anchorman and then got Zack Galifianakis’s stamp of approval before it went out!

Just watch and you’ll get my rambling!


It’s a Friday Foursome

It’s not Friday just yet but seeing as Thursday’s nearly over, I thought this week we could have a little foursome. This picture is quite apt considering we’re approaching World Cup (the only real World Cup that we’ll have this year as that other one wasn’t really sport) and the excitement is starting to build. As much as I’d love us to win it and think we have a decent chance of doing so, I reckon it’s the year that the All Blacks will take it.

I don’t think the Wallabies are up for it – just doesn’t look like they’re doing it quite right at the moment…

Promise that the picture after the click doesn’t contain any images of animal intimacy.