A strange place in the desert

There’s an incredible story of an ocean that was created in the desert. It’s a story that shows how much impact humans can have, how opportunistic we can be, how badly we can fail and ultimately how fragile our existence is. It’s interesting and crazy and rather depressing. Some may find it beautiful. Watch it and see.


Anyone find the crazy religious dude’s work rather ironic?

Thanks Ingy

Some festivals to warm the winter chills

We’ve just been sent some info about two festivals that are rather cool ways of spending a winter weekend. Because we like you we’ll share the love.

The first is the Solstice Craft Beer Festival which promises to be an amazing event, if for no other reason than our friends over at Mitchell’s will be there with their delicious fare. It’s on the 4th of June at the Ale House in Broederstroom and offers to have some great beer, good food and live music.

The other is the Dullstroom Winter Festival. If you’ve never been to Dullstroom, do yourself a favour and try to go – there’s something very special about the place. Stone houses, log fires, trout dams in the beautiful hills of Mpumalanga, quaint shops and restaurants… You get the picture.

From their site:

The 2011 Dullstroom Winter Festival is jam packed with music, outdoor activities, winter goodies and the creative arts. The Festival is running for a total of 9 days with a public holiday in-between on the 16th June and will cater to all visitors.

During the festival this quaint village comes alive with shops, businesses and restaurants putting up sparkling decorations and Christmas lights to ensure families will continue to enjoy the midwinter Christmas theme that has been a firm favourite for many years.

Most pubs and restaurants will offer various Winter Festival specials or Christmas goodies on their menus and will ensure you will have a warm welcome with a roaring fire and drink in hand.

Artists performing over the Festival include Laurie Levine, Andre Swiegers, Albert Meintjies, Albert Frost and the Blues Broers. They will perform at various venues and times throughout the town including Harries Pancakes (who are celebrating their 25 year anniversary), Mrs Simpsons Restaurant, The Mayfly Restaurant and the Cherry Grove Shopping Centre.

The battle for the soul of the ANCYL (not sure if ‘good’ is involved but evil is!)

I don’t pretend to know Lebogang Maile, I don’t know if he is good bad or indifferent, but I think like most South Africans I feel that the ANC youth league needs a new head because at the moment we feel the same way about Julius Malema – we would rather take the box over the money (in other words any surprise is better than what we have now)

Lebogang Maile

JuJu, as we have affectionately termed baby Julius, has been spewing crap all over every possible system South Africa has to offer from judicial to tender for far too long and it’s time for someone to fight him. I applaud Maile for being that person. I’m not sure where he came from or how he managed to get good support to back him but let’s get real, JuJu is not going to let this one go without a serious fight (not to mention the kicking, screaming and crying). It’s the easiest Job Julius has had since suckling his mothers tit and he sure as hell doesn’t want to lose his soap box!

In the earliest stages of this fight the ANCYL met for the regional general council to decide on a nominee for the national council and low and behold people started fighting, swearing, punching and spitting at each other across the fence and as always Floyd ‘I’m quick on the draw slow in the brain’ Shivambu said yes there was an incident (he’s the ANCYL spokesperson if you didn’t know – the only dude who is possibly dumber than JuJu)

So it seems that battle lines have been drawn and sides chosen and one thing is for absolute sure, this will have more whining, squealing and crying than a herd of pigs going through a wood chipper – I CANNOT WAIT!

It’s about time someone in his own house stood up to JuJu, whether or not he stands a chance I don’t know but i like the way his supporters have starting – they fought, walked out and had their own meeting outside and disrupted the start of the meeting from 7am to 2pm because they didn’t know how to get registered for the council! Lebogang Maile is my new hero and I just learnt his name (I even sent him a facebook friend request).

But after all was said and done at least the ‘comrades’ managed to put aside their differences and do what they do best and that’s spend tax payers hard earned cash at a nightclub! They all hit the Shikana club in JHB CBD and drank Johnny Blue while seeing whose watches could be submerged in the liquor for the longest without breaking – a thoroughly entertaining evening all in all!

Stick around people this is going to get seriously ugly if you are a part of it – if you are not then it will be similar to watching animals fling their feces at each other at the Zoo – either way its going to be fun!


Small things, small minds . . .

My mother used to say small things amuse small minds (and you wonder why i ended up marrying a shrink) but I’ve realised that its actually Small things amuse bored minds!

One of my fetishes (not sexual you sick bastards more like stationary & blazers) is wrapping and i just couldnt pass this thing up – far too cool and just like bubble wrap gives hours of fun!




Via the brilliant TOXOL

Are social media experts the best con-men and women so far?

I was sent this article this week and I must say I really enjoyed it!

I loved the way violent abuse and anger that spewed out of this article like the lava from Mordor! It also may have been the fact that the abuse was thrown at a new generation of ‘social media experts’ that walk around as if they can do magnum!

Now before you wipe us as a favorite of your chrome browser understand that I’m one of you – no expert but I also want followers, virtual mignons and all the narcissism that it brings hence my ambiguity in emotion when reading this.

The point of the article is that a great product is the most important thing – which I absolutely agree with and that’s why I still buy moleskin books but I also buy more Nike crap than some sporting programs and that’s cause I love thinking JUST DO IT and I’m pretty sure that’s due to it being slammed into my brain through years of marketing brainwashing!

In the world we live in there are so many options that marketing in any sense has almost become more important than the product itself and why is the social avenue any less important? The fact is its far more important than any other kind of marketing!

Social media may not have developed itself far enough to know the pitfalls of what it might not become but its certainly the cheapest, fastest and most effective way to communicate with your potential consumers hence the reason ‘experts’ and the only reason I put this in inverted commas is because I think this industry is still just an infant and I don’t believe you can have experts in a field that hasnt been around longer than some of the shoes in my cupboard. Genius’s yes, experts no but I’m pretty sure if they called themselves social media genius’s they may not get as many clients!

Social media is without question an avenue that should be treated in the same way as any other kind of media but like anything in humanity when we spot a way to earn a buck by getting there first we do – I mean shit I’m writing this from a city that’s only existence is because some guy pulled gold out of the ground. Gold, a simple pointless shiny metal that has been built in to a global standard of wealth mostly thanks to marketing – imagine what these geniuses could do with social media if given the time!

Do I agree with the article, yes. I think to have an expert in one small part of your marketing arsenal is a little extravagant but do I believe social media is as unimportant as this article portrays, absolutely not. It has and continues to quite literally change the world we live in, if you don’t believe that climb back into your world war two bunkers and read a book made out of paper!

Social media is an avenue that will dwarf all others in record but always remember it’s just another avenue not a golden highway to the skeleton key to making money!

p.s I love the way the dude has his follow me button at the bottom!


Thursday’s Threesome

This week’s Thursday’s Threesome is quite straight forward. There’s no clever connection between the pictures. But after all, you’re not reading this post for mental stimulation. The other side of this picture is simply showing some beauty when this side is foregone.

I think I just confused myself writing that – it’s been a long week. Click the pic to see what I was trying to say.

United gets new gear!

The week before the Reds take the field against Barcelona on Saturday night they have released their new home kit for the 2011/2012 season.

My view personally – nice, simple, classy and modern but then again they could play in clown suits and i would still support them firstly and second would buy the replica to watch in!

I must say though I do love the way Nike manage to evoke such extreme emotions with their whole marketing shpeel that goes with the new stuff!

Check out the video after the pics . . .


Is Lance a cheat?

. . . the short answer probably is most people don’t care.

Firstly cycling isn’t exactly a major global sport (by viewers, not interest) and second nowadays I think most people have started to assume everyone in sport is cheating in some way or other.

So why do I care?

I’m certainly no cycling guru, nor in fact am I the biggest fan really outside of the Tour De France, but I am a massive believer in greatness and more specifically sporting greatness.

Sporting greatness is immeasurable mostly. It can only be measured by the feeling it gives fans, by the records it breaks and by the legacy it will leave behind but mostly by the number of moments BURNED into the back of our minds.

I’ll give you some examples . . .

Michael Schumacher’s victory at the French Grand Prix title in 2002, Schumacher’s fourth career win at the Magny-Cours wrapped up another world title for the him with SIX RACES remaining in the season, marking the earliest point in the campaign a driver had ever won the season.

Schumacher racked up an amazing 11 victories in 2002 and finished on the podium in all 17 races.

When Michael Jordan used to step onto the court no matter the game, opponents used to shiver. The reason was, the bigger the game the better he would play and the more he would dominate, destroy and humiliate opponents. He was the first sportsman I had ever watched who seemed like he was possessed by a greater power – it got me hooked.

He won unprecedented titles and he did it by grabbing his team mates and dragging them to greatness with him, by doing things like this . . .


The amazing thing is most people see a highlights reel here – the truth is most of the shots where at the final buzzer to win trophy’s. How many people do you know who can do that?

Finally there’s the more recent TIGER WOODS. He turned pressure moments into a profession (pre-fornication of course). He quite literally demolished the game of golf in his early years, so much so that course designers had to lengthen pretty much every professional hole out there.

He would either come out of the gates firing or blow past every competitor in the field, or he would lie in wait in the shadows and start to make his move up the leaderboard on the final round. It caused a reaction similarly to when you hold a blowtorch to a candle – everything around him would melt into ordinary insignificance – it was beautiful!


And he does it time . . .


after time!


After time!!!

Why do I go through these heroes?

The answer is simple – Lance is one of them. He sits at the divine sporting table with few more than twenty sportsmen and women from history and he probably more than most deserves to be there. I mean sure, Jordan didn’t make his high school basketball team, Tiger wasn’t allowed to play in some ‘all white clubs’ but LANCE HAD CANCER FOR F*#KS SAKE!

The man overcame death and then won the Tour De France more times than any other human being while uttering the words “When I feel the worst pain, that’s when I get up and push my feet into the pedals as hard as I can because I want to see the face of my nearest rival when he sees me at my most hurt fighting as hard as I can – that must destroy him”

I don’t know whether or not Lance did anything illegal BUT the fact that 500 tests later and not one positive one, or the fact that all the idiots who have condemned him have all tested positive has got to mean at least we give a man like this the benefit of the doubt!

The fact is the world needs legends – the world needs Lance and needs to believe that some people are capable of the superhuman – we need to believe that we can hang our hopes on icons without the fear that they will be destroyed – WE NEED TO BELIEVE LANCE!

What did we learn from election day?

ike I’ve said a number of times before, life in Africa is tough!

It is an incredible place to live but it doesn’t come easy. Shit just goes wrong, we’re a developing nation and we get it, it’ll take time to get right and in the meantime just enjoy the best quality life in the world (cause relative to any other major city in the world LIFE IS CHEAP HERE!)  and try not to get shot!

The point is there are few days in our lives when you wake up in the morning and the weight of a difficult country doesn’t weigh heavy on your shoulders. In fact in my lifetime I can think of only a few. Rugby World Cup Final days (there have been two of them so far), Soccer world Cup (almost every day for a month) and finally VOTING DAY (of which I’ve been part of 3)

These are days when all the shit that normally gets us down somehow manages to disappear and everyone stands together to be a part of a challenged changing nation and for some reason we don’t care that we have to stand in a queue for hours, or that it takes 20 minutes to find my name on the voters role, or that people can actually walk past and see who I’m voting for – we all are in it together for once and it is the greatest patriotic sensation!

But this Election Day did raise a number of questions for me as the ANC very expectedly come out miles ahead . . .

My question is, if you knew someone who went to a specific supermarket for 20 years, time after time, to buy cereal because they were promised a toy in the cereal box. But every time they got home and opened the box there was no toy! They had heard other people got toys, they had heard promises of new and better toys each time they went to the shop but alas each box they opened with hope and expectation they found no toy! Yet for 20 years they went back to the same place to buy the same box of cereal and EVERYTIME EXPECT A DIFFERENT OUTCOME!

If you knew a person like this you would quite blatantly say they were AN IDIOT, no?

Now I know politics is not quite that simple but the principle remains the same and the scary thing is for whatever reason the bulk of our country continually votes and gets non delivery! They complain about it sure, theyre unhappy about it always BUT THEY STILL BUY THE SAME BOX OF CEREAL AND EXPECT THE TOY THEY’VE BEEN PROMISED!

Now I know in this instance there are a number of mitigating factors but what REALLY concerns me as a young South African is that I think our country may be too dumb to succeed?

If every time we get the chance to make a change and demand more, we don’t. Every time we question our leaders and are dissatisfied with what they have given us we put them right back in the fat seats, and this seriously concerns me because it means we as a nation are too stupid to realize that the people we are voting for are not serving the country well enough!

I leave this to you to discuss because this is a rather sensitive subject but please, when we are next given the privilege to vote, use it to buy something that actually shows you the toy they are going to give rather than describing it in vivid detail only to break your heart AGAIN!

Well done to those of you who made your mark – enjoy the dirty smudge on your thumb for the next week!

Are you ready for the rapture?

This is big news. Bigger than the local elections, in which it seems like good old Auntie Helen is doing rather well. If you weren’t aware, the 21st of May 2011 is the end of the world as we know it. Yip, that’s right, Saturday’s the rapture. That’s according to Harold Camping, the evangelical media boss whose radio broadcasts, Family Radio, are transmitted globally in 48 languages. And I’d imagine that broadcasting in 48 languages means there are a lot of stupid idiots gullible people out there who believe in Camping’s version of numerology that’s based on the bible (which may or may not be fiction) and apparently works out the length of time it takes Christ to pay for our sins until we’re all saved.

Out of all this craziness comes a story of opportunity. A story of a bunch of people providing comfort to the feeble minded at the end of days. I mean what happens to your pets that don’t have the ability to believe in the saviour? It must be rather heart-breaking to think that Fluffy won’t be cared for after the 2nd coming. Well it doesn’t need to be, as there are a number of caring atheists who will happily look after your pets when you’re chilling somewhere in heaven and they’re left behind on a less populated planet (success!) with your lonely pets. How can you put a price on this? After all, your dollah isn’t important where you’re going.

A quick search found a couple of these services – Eternal Earth Bound Pets, Post Rapture Pets, After the Rapture Pet Care… I’m sure there are more. I’m at a loss for words…

Have a great weekend – not sure about you, but we’ll still be around next week.

From here.

Just how free and fair are the elections?

I’ve been harping on the ‘Is South going downhill’ story for a while now. I think it is the combination of a number of events like the elections that are getting me to question whether we are actually moving forward or backward here.

I was driving back from Sun City over the weekend (yes I saw Roxette, no I was not sober enough to remember) and I came across a group of about 30 people doing a mini VOTE ANC rally. Now vote for whoever you want, that is a right everyone this country has earned through blood, sweat and tears. The point I want to make is that this make shift rally was taking place outside a squatter camp where I assume these people live.
Now if I’ve voted for a party, any party for nearly 20 years and I still live in a shack with no power or running water SURELY it’s time to re-evaluate who I support?
The reason I bring this up is I’ve had a number of debates with various people on why the masses still vote ANC after nearly 20 years of poor delivery. Now I know that 95% of the population never read George Orwell’s Animal Farm but STILL people, does no one get what’s going on here??

To play devil’s advocate my view is that the ANC just get far more game time than anyone else.

Julius certainly dominates most radio news broadcasts that I hear and every time I watch any sort of news related channel I get JZ shifting around singing ‘Umshini wam . . ‘

and finally this week the SABC broadcast an ANC rally from FNB stadium while it chose not to broadcast any other parties rallies – talk about elections being ‘free and fair’
Now if I were in the conspiracy theory mood I would start saying that like all dictatorships they started by gaining control of the media, I don’t think we are quite there yet after watching that short Indian chick on Carte Blanche whine about something again last night. I also don’t think the ANC in general are smart enough but I am a little worried that the smaller parties cannot seriously challenge the ANC because they just don’t get enough exposure (well that and the fact that Helen Zilles Charlie’s Angels vibe doesn’t appeal to me)

I guess what I’m trying to say is that election days scare me because they are the one day that all corruption and deceit can possibly escape and destroy democracy as we have seen so many times through the ages all over the world and I’m nervous that it may happen in time to come here.
If you are registered GET OUT AND VOTE – I’m not going to tell you who to vote for but VOTE so many people in so many countries have lost lives for the right and so we should respect it!
If you are not registered you are a degenerate moron and you can never say anything positive or negative about this country because you didn’t have a part in influencing it, so shut and go back to your cave!

Thursday’s Threesome

So I’m sure you heard this week that Naked News is coming to South Africa. There was quite an outcry around it and I can’t figure out why. The news readers only strip down to underwear or a bikini, it’s played late at night and it’s educational. But that’s actually besides the point – what’s wrong with nudity? We go to war, commit millions of acts of violence, rape, torture, abuse, neglect, pollute and destroy our planet (I could go on but you get the point) – all of which get shown in some form or another in the media all the time, some even celebrated, but as soon as we see nudity the narrow minded conservatives of the world are up in arms.

I. don’t. geddit.

So in response to those people, this weeks Thursday’s Threesome shows some classy nipple. In fact, all Thursday’s Threesomes in future may do. Ironically, in other words, this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

If you’re new to this, you need to click the pic.

Now this is a supercar!

It has 700hp, looks absolutely crazy, makes an evil noise, does 0-100 in 2.9 seconds, goes on to about 350km/h and in this case, is orange. Sounds like a true super car. I’m talking about the new Lamborghini Aventador, named in traditional Lambo fashion after a legendary bull. I’d imagine it must have been some bad-ass bull to give it’s name to this metal beast.


This video’s also quite impressive – watch it.

Men everywhere SMILE!

There is a fundamental difference between men and women when it comes to shopping, as a generalisation of course!

Men go to a store and will scan the entire store in a matter of minutes.

We will then decide whether or not we want to buy something and if we do, we will try it on for size and purchase, with generally, a ratio of try on to purchase of 6:5 – and we’re done!

Women are completely different! They will search through the entire store as if the one item they are looking for is somehow hidden between every item of clothing that store has like some kind of sick retail hide and seek. Then they will try on as many things as either they can carry or can take in at one time into the dressing room with a ratio of try on to purchase of 1000:1

This creates a serious problem when you and your partner go shopping and unless you are shopping for bikinis with your partner, patience runs thin after the first store . . . until NOW!

This is the answer – females can virtually try on anything to their hearts content in a matter of minutes!

Well done to TOPSHOP for making shopping tolerable for the male sex!


From here

Want Iron Man’s house?

I am a massive fan of Iron Man for a million different reasons and certainly one of the top ones is for his house!

I always thought this was a computer generated icon to toy with my imagination but the truth is ITS ALIVE and not only that ITS FOR SALE! Itll run you about $25 mill but lets be fair for Iron Mans house i think thats a steal!

Check it out!