The swear jar.

There are very few words better than “Fuck”! It’s one of those words that without really having much meaning anymore can be so descriptive. And it feels really good to say. It’s a pity its use isn’t always an acceptable societal norm. Fuck. Anyway, here’s a very cool ad out of the Budweiser stable (pity their beer isn’t as good as their advertising) that embraces the word.


Seen first here – thanks Jo

Water. In a bottle.

I don’t think many people consider the implications of drinking bottled water. I’m guilty of it too but usually only when there isn’t another source available. While it’s a scourge to the planet, it’s a great example of the power of marketing when big brands like Coke get behind something. If you think about it, it’s not too dissimilar to the idea of buying bottled air (and I’m not talking the scuba type). So next time you reach for a bottle of Valpre think about the bigger picture. And let’s not kid, if you live in Joburg the water out the tap is pretty damn good.

Thursday’s Threesome

Don’t know about you but I’m having one of those weeks where you really wish you could be somewhere other than where you are. It isn’t made any easier by the occasional tweets coming from Mike about lazy Brazilian paradise. So this weeks threesome is of trees. Yip, it’s odd I know but nothing wrong with a bit of a tropical fantasy to end off the week. Behind the trees are a different kind of scenery.

The Proteas Zapirofied

@mspr1nt over at Paddlesweep wrote an article partly in response to one we’d written about the Proteas a little while ago and more so because they’re under attack by a large portion of the SA public.

His arguments are good and for cricket fans I think he makes some great points. I personally don’t really give much of a fcuk about the sport after Hansie betrayed me as a kid. I still can’t shake the idea that it’s more of a betting tool than a real sport. Regardless of how little I care, I still won’t call the team “chokers”. Zapiro can do it so much better than me…

We’re back. Well, one of us is…

What a wedding! Beautiful venue, beautiful ceremony, beautiful people and a huge party afterwards. The reason only one of us is back is that the other was the groom – so congrats to Mike and his new bride. There was a lot of curiosity around where they were going, so without going into too much detail, mainly because the detail makes me fcuking jealous considering I’m back in the office in a pretty miserable Joburg, here’s a sneak peak:

Ponta dos Ganchos in Florionapolis, Southern Brazil. Looks ok.

Insolito Boutique Hotel in Buzios.

A little more urban with the Fasano in Rio.

And the Faena, Beunos Aires.

That’ll do.

Inspired by…

I’d never considered Iceland as a destination I really wanted to see. To be fair, I’m not that clued up on the country and if for some obscure reason, the thought of it popped up, it was usually of a desolate place covered in snow, with people who don’t really talk much (very peculiar, I know). I guess “sterile” would sum up my perception.

This was just changed by a two and a half minute clip of the place. As they said on the Cool Hunter, tourism offices around the world pay attention – this is how you promote a country.


I’m inspired.

Fei who?

Feiyue. That’s who. The guys and girls over at Feiyue sent us a pair of sneakers and I must say they’re very cool. Thanks dudes!

You may not be familiar with the brand but I’m pretty sure you’ll start seeing a lot of them around.

Here’s their story.

Feiyue’s journey began in 1920s Shanghai, where the lightweight plimsoll was popular among millions of everyday countrymen and politicians alike. Slowed production then saw the sneaker get forgotten for decades, kept only in the consciousnesses of martial artists and sneaker aficionados.

One such sneakerhead was Frenchman and seven-year Asian expat Patrice. In 2005 he, along with fellow globetrotting friends Nicolas and Clement, saw an opportunity to revive the brand and breathe into it a unique urban style.

The team started by re-working the entire production process, to raise the quality standard and comfort level whilst retaining the sneaker’s vintage and authentic charm. A new logo and identity led to the birth of a brand new Feiyue in 2006, marking the launch of the first collection.

A series of smart collaborations with renowned artists and luxury fashion house Celine, led to Feiyue exploding in France and becoming the shoe of choice amongst hipsters in Europe, North America, New Zealand and Australia. Becoming the first brand with such deep Chinese origins to break through in the Western fashion industry, the sneaker that transcends generations has been discovered by celebrities including Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom.

The trio attribute much of this success not to in-depth analysis, but to instinct and authentic experiences. Their travels as young adults – as well as their very different occupational backgrounds in food and beverage, event production and executive work in the petrol and automotive industries – saw them amass a wide range of cultural influences and an appreciation for Feiyue’s heritage.

Feiyue’s collaborations with artists and creative communities is a core component of the brand becoming ‘an inspired citizen of the world’. Each season sees the launch of new designs and styles, such as the 10N 28E, which is named after the geographic coordinates of Shanghai and looks back at the ‘90s classic sneakers.

It is with this same spirit that Feiyue is re-entering Asia, so watch this space for forthcoming collaborations. Those who are into big come-backs will fall in love with Feiyue’s retro yet very contemporary style, and like others around the world with Feiyue at their feet, you’ll be “Flying Forward” (translation of the brand name).


Check out more on their site and Facebook page.

The award for most likely to become annoying as hell goes to . . .


I must say when i first heard this song i really enjoyed the tune, very catchy, very cool sound and good for a little summer drive home in the summer heat!

I then made the error of downloading it! You see this is just one of those songs that once you’ve heard it a few times it starts to stick in your head like a bad hangover and before long you are willing to tear your ear drums out to stop the pain!

So if you havent heard it . . . enjoy for the first few times!


Finally giving the customer what they want . . .

At last some genius person in marketing worked out how to sell more lingerie to men!

Not that this was rocket science people I mean really – stripping to get you to buy stuff? IS that really the most complicated thing to come up with?

It’s not that most men want to see other chicks stripping in Lingerie that they want to buy for someone – its being able to see the product ‘in action’ before you buy it which is the appeal here! You get to see what it would look like being taken off, in the sexiest of ways, which is the point once it arrives at your door really.

If you think that men bought this stuff (or if you were one of the men who bought this stuff) only to see the strip show then people you are seriously confused about what the internet has to offer in porn and the real world in strip shows!

So no, the genius in the campaign is that men got to sit in their living rooms and see what it would be like for them if they purchased these items!

Sensational if you ask me, now there are a few more things to be added to this kind of ‘experiential selling’

I must say the teaser ad campaigns were pretty sensational too!


Why I hate South African cricket . . .

. . . It’s funny, I used to be a massive cricket supporter!

I used to be one of those kids who would watch every ball of a 5 day test when I was on holiday and whenever they would break for tea or drinks or lunch I’d go outside and PLAY cricket in the breaks pretending I was one of my heroes on the field.

But since Graeme Smith became captain I hung up my supporters bat and stopped watching cricket altogether. I always thought the reason was because I could not sit back and watch the great game thrown into a pit of arrogance, sloppiness and pitiful under achievement!

I have been cruel on South African cricket over the past few years both written (here are some samples 123) as well as verbally, and I stuck to my guns of not watching pretty much a single game since the podgy one took over.

But this world cup had me interested again, I started to watch again and realised that I missed SA cricket just a little. It may have to do with the fact that fat Kallis is slightly thinner, fat Boucher is gone and even Cheeseburger Smith has trimmed down and these combined with the influx of young hungry youngsters has made everyone ambitious for victory again . . .

. . . That was until Sunday afternoon!

I finally realised just why I despise South African cricket so much – it’s because they are losers!

When I was a kid I watched every single ball of the 1992 World Cup until I saw the below picture on my TV screen and spent the next week in my room crying at the cruel cricketing fates . . .

Then in 1999 again when we were cruising ahead and this happened . . .


As if the fact that we couldn’t win a trophy even if the games were FIXED wasn’t enough, it turned out – THE GAMES WERE FIXED (remember Hansies glory) !!

This was the beginning of the end for me! We stuffed up the following world cup hosted in our back yard and limped out of the West Indies! One of those two we even managed to mess up the calculations that THE COMPUTER TELLS YOU so we blocked when we should have run and exited!

Enough was enough and is enough! After Sunday when South Africa had crippled the English innings we took to the field in smug style of old and proceeded to throw away a game we had so far in the bag it was on the conveyer belt into the plane already!

I HATE SOUTH AFRICAN CRICKET for one reason and that because they made it too hard to support them (and I know how to support a bad team for a long time – I’m a LIONS supporter (ps on a side note the lions are so bad THEIR WEBSITE won’t even work)). South African cricket has been smug for the last time on my watch and broken my sporting heart once too often that it’s now finally over!

Who knows if this team will pull it together to win this world cup but as far as I’m concerned they don’t deserve to. Maybe one day ill find my way back to South African cricket when the arrogance is but a distant memory (if it ever is) but in the meantime . . .

All that’s left to say is COME ON INDIA!

Do you wanna be a VIP?

The boys and girls at SMIRNOFF have given us two tickets to give to you!

As you are very well aware Armin Van Buuren’s : A state of trance is coming to JHB and we have two VIP tickets for you to chill out in the VIP section of the venue drinking Smirnoff the night away!


The only reason you are going and we are not is that we have a prior engagement that if we miss we just may get decapitated because believe me after the last time (just go check the CARNAGE and the BRILLIANCE) we hit the Smirnoff party there is very little chance we would miss one again!

Fortunately for your sake we have to  . . . .

The rules are simple – go to FACEBOOK and tell us why you wanna go. If we think it is better than why we would want to be there we will give you the tickets – easy enough?

Oh yes and of course the usual NOT OPEN TO UNDER 18s and PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

The competition closes FRIDAY AT NOON so get on it!