What scares me?

You think about what we are actually doing to this planet – you think about how every second word is a buzz word for GREEN! But what we actually seem to neglect is the most basic of human needs – WATER!

In the world more people die from water than from AIDS – more than AIDS! How the hell can we be standing idly by watching millions of people dying around us from something as simple as running water and yet we do just that – watch them! I suppose we do the same with malaria and the solution those people need is just a net!

Problem is no one actually gives a shit about Africa really?

We just seem to be the ass end of the world that people say “ag shame did you see whats happening to those poor people” but they dont do anything – they dont help us fix it! They just pretend that they feel bad for us and then ignore it till their next cocktail party!

Well finally someone decided to make a bit of an impact – THESE GUYS are showing the rest of the world that the water they use for pretty much every facite of their lives and take for granted daily is KILLING more people on our continent than ANYTHING ELSE!

Solidarités International: Water talks from La Boite Concept on Vimeo.

LIVESTRONG & NIKE get on the best activations list (deservedly so) . . .

As you know we absolutely love activations of any shape, form, size and complexity! We love them even more when they are impactful in any sort of way, creative in out of the box thinking and effective to those they touch!

So how does this do?

Its kicks serious ass that’s how! I mean these guys managed to get a MACHINE to chalk messages on the road that were sent via SMS or TEXT! Sorry not just any road – the TOUR DE FRANCE PATH! This is absolutely sensational!

If you didn’t watch (which we did annoyingly!) let me break it down for you – you would text a message into a number that would raise fund for the LIVESTRONG FOUNDATION (could there be a better reason to text) and the machine below would print your message on the ground in chalk!

ITS ABSOLUTELY GENIUS! This is what it looked like . . .

BUT WAIT (like the verimark ads!) it gets even better! As this chalk machine (you can see it in action at the bottom of this post) put down a message it would take a pic and log the GPS co-ordinates and the time!

This is truly too brilliant AND THE BEST PART everyone wins (yeah clichéd we know but its true) Think about it – Nike gets great exposure, Livestrong raises more money and awreness, The texter gets the joys of their message planted on the road to inspire the riders and their loved ones and finally the riders of the tour get at best heart warming inspiration and at worst stuff to read on a ridiculously long cycle!

So you tell me how good this activation is (and if you don’t think so still check the chalk bot in action! That should seal the deal) ?


What have we become?

How has this happened?

How did this guy go on trial for 5 years – have every person in the world admit it was a murder and then at the end of it all he walks out free?

If this what we accept we have failed justice and we have failed society! We have managed to prove that with enough clout and money you can literally get away with murder!

An early Christmas for the ladies

We may have been neglecting you a bit when it comes to some eye candy so here’s a little something for you, that like Christmas, you shouldn’t expect more than once a year.

Hope you appreciate what it took to find this (you need to click the pic, but you knew that already) – some of the things I saw were horrific.

I’m not sure if I’ve done well or not, so ladies, some feedback for next year will be good.

Normally Apple lead and the others follow poorly thanks to Samsung no more . . .

The normal pattern of most cool electronics these days is that Apple comes up with something that blows everyones minds and then the rest of the digital world scramble to come out with something that seems similar but is actually crap!

Think about it iPOD, iPHONE and iPAD all have revolutionized the market and NO ONE has come close to making something cooler (i say cooler because on stats some of the other stuff is better but youd never choose it) UNTIL NOW!

Now we have spoken about these before – HERE and HERE but know we know a little more . . .

If you are an iPad fan which I am, massively, you will know that there are a couple of things that really dont work too well – no camera? no ability to be used as a phone? no USB? And the most annoying of all just a little too big to type easily with?

SAMSUNG seems to have the answer (although i reserve my final decision until i can play with the Blackberry tab)! Its the perfect size and hits all the notes the iPAD misses . . .

Do yourself a favor and go check out the demos on THE SAMSUNG SITE

And the road to @SmirnoffSA #SmirnoffNightlifeExchangeProject begins!

I am a perfect combination of nervous and excited for this weekend – it is going to be something sensational and just so you know what im on about heres the lineup!





And the one i cannot wait for because when this track drops i will instantly be transported back to my days of varsity and then the night will begin!



My only concern for this night is that I wake up with a tiger in my bathroom and a baby in the closet – other than that – CANNOT WAIT!

Why am i so excited . . . .

ATB, well-known for his single “9PM (Till I Come)” as well as his eight studio albums, five “in the mix” compilations and four DVDs, is one of the most famous international artists of electronic music. Monika Kruse, whose great talent and sensible musical feeling to choose the best record at the right time and to create an amazing and fantastic party vibe brought her fast recognition and national bookings outside of Munich. And Markus Schulz, with his popularity is at an all time high, but not one to rest on past successes; a determination, an appreciation of his fans support and drive to push boundaries within the Miami-based star is what puts him at the front of the leading pack.

From food, to fashion, music and cocktails, Berlin will be arriving for a once-in-a-lifetime Smirnoff experience.”


Steri Stumpi go for the working market!

Lets be honest here – flavored milk is not exactly the easiest thing to market (I’m talking out side of the sugar guzzling kids) but some how the boys and girls at Parmalat have done superbly well with their campaigns!

Somehow they have managed to tap into the adult fun side of flavored milk and got us all to buy in!

Heres some of their previous stuff on the launch . . . .

But more importantly FINALLY COFFEE IS HERE!

But more importantly there is a new deal from the crew at STERI!

“We believe Coffee Steri Stumpie will change the flavoured milk category forever. This is a product with a whole new purpose and a whole new function. This is a flavoured milk for a new generation who want to combine their love of milk with their love of coffee. This really delivers on that promise. I thank you,” said Steve, Steri Stumpie Coffee’s (semi-) official brand spokesperson. He also reminded those present that, with Steri Stumpie Coffee, things only get better, and better, and even better!

Steri Stumpie has introduced a National Coffee Exchange at http://www.steristumpie.com to introduce the flavour to fans that couldn’t make it to the official launch. In return for giving up your office coffee mug, the brand will send one of its elite squad of helpers to swap it for six of the new Coffee flavour Steri Stumpies. The new flavour is now available in leading retail stores.”

This is no joke – the crew has been doing their work already!

VERY EASY! Give up your MUG . . .
And get your COFFEE FIX!

The world is filled with amazing creatures!!

If you havent seen this thing take a look – I mean as far as animals go this creature is the closest thing we have to a ‘shapeshifter’! This amazing thing can change into atleast 15 different kind of under water creatures – just far too cool and ive decided when i grow up – i wanna be one!


I then started doing a bit more looking around at the animal world and stumbled back onto an old favorite of our called BOSTON BIG PICTURE – now if you havent seen this site it really is worth it. They have masses of independent photographers working freelance for them so they get to pick out the best of the best and each week they have a different theme from around the world.


Here are just a few from the newest batch . . . .

Salvation. Appreciate life to save the world

Praying Mantis - Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii. This beautiful whalbergii evolved through two of its nymph-stages on the Barberton Daisy at left, surviving because of its bright color which blended so well with the flower. Towards the end of its growth into an adult, it became a little more adventurous (but not much more) as pictured here. Once it had shed the layer in this picture, it became a fully-fledged adult, and departed after about two weeks. Total stay in this tiny ecosystem was approximately six weeks
The archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, Brazil is considered a wildlife sanctuary, but today, even in this isolated archipelago dolphins are victims of the bad habits of consumption.


If that was gold, this is… ah, better.

Just the other day we posted about our favourite Mr South Africa contender Adrian Bergh. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out before you watch this.

On one hand it’s ridiculously funny, on the other I’m starting to feel a bit sorry for the guy. It’s not like we all haven’t done some really stupid stuff in our lives and looked back thinking, “f@#k!, I can’t believe I thought that was cool.” Moral of the story – if you aren’t completely sure of your home video, don’t upload it to YouTube. And always choose the colour of your shirt wisely.


Keith Rose (via Allan Gray) does it again with patience . . .

When I first saw this advert I thought it was sensational but when I found out there was a South African behind it I had to dig a little further . . .

KEITH ROSE is an absolute creative genius!

He is responsible for adverts like the BMW mouse advert which won all kinds of advertising gold and glory as well as more recently the Allan Gray campaign with the James Dean advert but the man has been flooding the world with creative genius for decades – things like the Mercedes Chapmans Peak advert, the Sony Bravia adverts, one of my personal favorites the Investec Ice Swimmer advert, and the list goes on and on (and when i say on and on here is the youtube list)!

He has had MANY awards (for a quick snapshot go here and here) including being inducted into the Clio awards TV Hall of Fame 2004 . . .

. . . and most importantly hes one of us A LOCAL SOUTH AFRICAN!

So back to the advert – like so many of his ‘works of art’ this advert has a simple yet powerful message that expresses so perfectly what the brand behind it is trying to offer (its fairly old but never gets any less brilliant) . . .


And after the latest antics of the Prince getting engaged – Allan Gray has kept it going with tis superb print advert!

Now after all that i must add this in as it probably is one of the most important things here!

There are two very different kinds of brilliance at work here when it comes to the Allan Gray strategy and they both must be equally appreciated!

The one is the ability to bring creation to life and for this I have thanked Mr Rose enough above but the second is the ability to create and conceptualize and in fact if im really honest its these people i admire the most!

The ability to take a product and create a story that makes us as consumers fall in love with, crave, idealize etc etc whatever it is they are selling is truly a gift of genius and for the above we must thank the boys and girls at KING JAMES and a lady called LM!

As i realized i had credited only half the genius of this work I started to see what else i had missed from these guys . . . turns out A SERIOUS AMOUNT OF CREATIVE GENIUS!

Just sensational stuff for Levis, Mini, Windhoek, Steers and the list continues through print, billboard, radio, TV and so do the awards and from what i can tell rightly so!

So to LM thank you for pointing out our mistake it was VERY WELL WORTH the creative journey through KING JAMES and i must say the below seems to me like its ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!

@SmirnoffSA container should be arriving right about now for


Continuing on a mission to inspire and enable unique experiences, the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project has uncovered the best of global nightlife, and will now celebrate the outcome when two very different cultures collide to create something extraordinary. Smirnoff fans in South Africa have submitted their suggestions of what best characterises their nightlife– from fashion trends and musical styles to locally inspired cocktails – via facebook.com/SmirnoffSA. Once all of the suggestions were in, DJ Fresh and Euphonik selected the ones that best represented South Africa’s vibrant and diverse nightlife. These ingredients will now be packed into a crate for Berlin to experience when the world swaps nights in an epic finale on 27th November.

DJ Fresh, South African curator for the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project, says, “Being a part of this campaign has been exciting seeing the suggestions submitted by South Africa. As 27 November approaches, we wait in anticipation for the crate to come alive in Berlin.”

Euphonik, South African curator for the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project, says, “After weeks of voting and ideas submitted, we are ecstatic about what we will be sending to Berlin. Having journeyed with the crate across South Africa and hearing what each city had to contribute, it is incredible to see the diversity of South Africa’s nightlife.”

Berlin can look forward to experiencing South Africa’s hottest talent, Gazelle. Voted by South Africa and based on their music awards and their incredible success abroad, there was no second guessing that Gazelle needed to be included in the South African crate.

Go to GAZELLEs SITE and see what Berlin is expecting!!

Very funky stuff – check it out . . .


I hope they are sending a few of these too!

Smirnoff Mule South Africa

Ingredients: 40ml of Smirnoff Vodka, 3 cape gooseberries, 2 fresh wedges of lime and topped with ginger beer. Place the cape gooseberries and fresh lime in the bottom of the glass and muddle well. Fill with cubed ice before pouring in the Smirnoff and ginger beer. Stir well to mix all the ingredients together and enjoy.