Not to be like Gareth Cliff but . . .

. . . so im not going down this road again and im not going to start a war of comments like these posts did (one, two and three) – well not until we start giving away prizes for most abuse!

But i think there are certain times when we should point out that our country is a little slack and i think in this specific department we are WAY behind the world leaders like the USA!

To give you an example of what im talking about lets compare FIRST LADYS . . .


And now . . . OURS!


Its time to get involved in the WP VS SHARKS fight!

As a firm LIONS supporter (hey! dont laugh – do you know how hard the last 10 years have been for us!!!) it is quite easy and fun for me to get involved in this little discussion here because i dont generally have to pick sides!

But for a very specific reason im going to!

So here goes – i think that the Sharks probably are the favorites, despite what they say, for the following reasons. They have a seriously experienced tight 5 running onto the pitch which, as any one who has been in a big game knows, is crucial as they are the epicenter of any team.

Second they have some strong experience in the backline lead by Stephan Terblanche (even though i think he should be dragged out back and SHOT!)

They have a good solid coaching platform and MOST importantly have looked absolutely rock solid at home pretty much the whole season and saturday with a PACKED SHARK TANK (which by the way will not be the ABSA stadium after saturday – again i care more about hugh jackmans haircut than i do about this but there are others out there i keep reminding myself!)

The bottom line is the Sharks have all the ingredients to murder WP lets be fair – however my one concern is the untested under severe pressure flyhalf LAMBIE – he has massive talent and potential but in a game like this he will either be a shining star like Derrick Hougaard was once for the bulls in a final (and even still look where he ended up) or he will fail and be branded a choker for life – and i hope its the latter not for the kids sake but for this reason!


No question they go in as the underdogs but when you have in your arsenal players like Habana (who needs to prove so many critics wrong)  the phenomenal and ever green Jean De Villiers, the spark provider Geo Aplon and the player i think should be chosen first in the Springbok midfield – Juan De Jong and lets not forget Captain Schalk and the superb talents of Duane Vermeulen & Francois Louw – my only concern would be the strength upfront needed to match the Sharks!

Let us also not leave out probably the most influential person in this team – Alistair Coetzee who probably should be the one taking the Springboks overseas (i say probably not because P Divvy should but because there are a few potential options)

Bottom line is to all the Sharks supporters . . . as a proud vaalie i say . . .

It should be an absolute cracker of a game and i just hope the weather plays its part to give us a spectacle. NOW just to get you ALL in the mood for an epic clash – here are some of my favorites – ENJOY!

The robots are coming.

While the progression of robotics terrifies some people and conjures up thoughts of the robots taking over, Terminator style, I’ve always looked at it more of a Stepford Wife kind of way. Perhaps equally scary, but a little more pleasant. I’ve just seen this video of a humanoid designed to work in hospitals and it’s pretty damn creepy!

What you’re looking at above is Actroid-F, Kokoro Co. Ltd. and ATR’s latest iteration of the creepy humanoid robot that can mime the operator’s facial expressions and head movements with unbelievable (but not quite human) accuracy. Her current job is to act as “as an observer in hospitals to gauge patient reactions.”


Couldn’t help notice that the foundations for some rather fellatial (is that a word?) movements are there. What else have you programmed Actroid-F to do, naughty robotics guys?

From here.

Hunters hijacking!

If you havent seen the Liqui Fruit summer meltdown story yet scroll down and go read it first otherwise this aint gonna make sense!

We at STM just love a little ambush marketing because it gets everyone nice and riled up! Sometimes though it does just draw more attention to the actual event in which case everyone wins!

In this case you decide but hats off to the boys and girls from HUNTERS for a nice little steal!



We were abused thoroughly for our lack of coverage on the ‘iceberg’ that has been spotted in Cape Town! The truth is while we may venture their a large amount of the time there are only a few very select reasons we go back! Dealing with whatever washes up on their shores is not!

However in this instance we were intrigued and decided to dig a little deeper . . . heres what we found . . .


These dudes are kicking of their summer campaign with some very cool viral stuff so make sure you go check out their page

We’ll keep you posted!

The @garethcliff response anyone?

After the whole Gareth Cliff drama / saga (GO HERE TO CATCH UP!) of the letter – so much so that Zizi Kodwa had a meeting with Gareth in the week (why i have no idea – like the presidency needs to answer to him) and the outcome was a smiley happy Cliff with the response “The government doesnt want my head on a stick” – yes i know what youre thinking – PITY ISNT IT!

Never the less we have at STM tried to show just how poorly Gareth handled this situation by shouting his mouth off in an arrogant and unproductive manner and so much so that the fact that he gets one meeting with someone in government and is now willing to just to drop the topic completely, means he was just doing it (as we said all along) to boost his own name!

We were then sent this letter in response to Gareths and i think that it perfectly manages to sum up exactly what we were thinking on this side of the table – I’m not sure who wrote it or where exactly it came from but it really does express just how irresponsible Gareths letter was;

Dear GC,

Thank you for taking the time to write your letter to the government. I am certain it will be forwarded on many thousands of times and the GC brand will be all the stronger for it.

Your transition from voice of 5FM to voice of the people has been fascinating to watch. You always manage to capture the mood of your audience just right, saying what most others are thinking but aren’t able to say for fear of being branded a racist, bigot, politically naïve or simply unhelpful.

But you GC– no, you are different. You are a firebrand; constantly reminding us all of what others need to fix. Thank you for your selfless willingness to do that.

The problem is that this kind of rhetoric doesn’t really help to build the nation does it GC? Yes, it helps to build the smart guy GC brand – but not the nation.

Yes, you are a talented disk spinner with a quick wit and a fiery tongue but you’re not really in the business of helping to nurture this nation to full health are you GC? If you were you would spend some of your time writing open letters to your many fans encouraging them to stop whining, assume their responsibilities and join together as one to work for the creation of a better society for all. Instead you choose simply to replay the tune they want to hear by echoing most other opinion pieces around the country.  Regrettably you are guilty of using your voice as nothing more than a tool to further ingratiate your fans to you.

GC, why don’t you rather say some stuff that we don’t already know? That would be really dangerous and edgy. Yes, many of our leaders are hypocrites, philanderers and congenitally corrupt. But we all know this – at least the demographic of people who listen to you know this.

Why don’t you remind us that WE create the society we live in and that we will begin to heal as a nation only when we stop talking about “they” and “them” and start referring to “we” and “us”?

Why don’t you advocate for a new type of citizen who takes responsibility at every opportunity, who doggedly works to solve the problems they have in their little corner of our country, and who refuses to indulge in finger pointing and mindless leader bashing. Isn’t it time we grow up? Isn’t it time we stop bawling like little children “it’s their fault! It’s their fault” and start to get accountable ourselves.

I doubt many of your fans put up with sewage running down their streets. Most of them are in the bracket that can really make a difference. But if all they are told by role models like you is that it is someone else’s problem, guess what? Quick as a flash nothing will change in our country.

Please GC – you have a voice. Use it wisely.

Isn’t it ironic…

It’s like rain, on your wedding day…

I really don’t see the irony in that line (or any of them in fact) of the incredibly annoying song Isn’t it ironic. All those years ago, Alanis Morissette seems to have highlighted how often irony and stupidity are related. Here are some actual examples…

And I’m not sure how the sign in the last one is meant to be enforced. The sky rat goes where it wants…

Pick a hand and we’ll give you a grand

Well not really, but pretty much. We posted a competition recently where you can win a rad True Blood hamper to the value of R1000. The odds are pretty good at the moment (as in there are currently three entries – one was us, one was a partner and one is actually in the running). All you have to do to stand in line is write the words, “It’s True!” on our Facebook page. Easy huh?

The end of . . . well . . . the thing that started it all!

For those of you kids among us (if you listen and enjoy justin bieber then you fall into the category!) you may not know that this device revolutionized the way the world listened to music – in fact so much so that if it werent for this (rather outdated looking) invention we would all still be confined to listening in our rooms cars and offices!

So the question is why?

Well simple really – Sony in the late 70s realised that people wanted to take music with them – they wanted to walk to work with it – run with it and my all time favorite – roller skate in skimpy bikinis in Miami with it!

This paved the way for portable CD players – then mp3 players (for most of you this is called an ipod!) and somewhere in the middle there were mini disc players which only the most gullible of all bought!

For me it was a bright yellow waterproof Walkman that was passed down from i think my eldest brother down to the middle one and then to me – half of it was falling apart and i think only one earphone worked but i could go wherever i wanted and block out the world and just listen!

I managed to scrounge in the internet underworld and actually found the same one!

Now the reason im taking you down memory lane here is that the Walkman (i mean the last of the original ones) is finally dead and dont get me wrong i have a very similar view to technology as Tony Stark it should be destroyed and replaced by something better and faster – theres no space for being sentimental here! But in this instance we need to pay our respects because like the first television, telephone and radio this thing changed the way we live our lives – in fact it allowed music into our lives and for me personally there could have been no greater addition to the world!

Thank you SONY . . . heres what they had to say . . .

The final batch was shipped to Japanese retailers in April, according to IT Media. Once these units are sold, new cassette Walkmans will no longer be available through the manufacturer.

The first generation Walkman (which was called the Soundabout in the U.S., and the Stowaway in the UK) was released on July 1, 1979 in Japan.

Somewhat ironically, the announcement was delivered just one day ahead of the iPod’s ninth anniversary on October 23, although the decline of the cassette Walkman is attributed primarily to the explosive popularity of CD players in the ’90s, not the iPod.”


Think you’re a vegan? Think again!

So a lot of my friends (and in fact some here at STM) are going the ‘vegan route’ not because it’s the new done thing but because they truly believe they are saving the planet slowly (or the fact that humans are the sickest things on earth when it comes to treating animals!)!

So the question is – are these people right?

Well simply NO!

The bottom line is that by stopping your meat fixation you are merely creating a microscopic speed bump in the global empire! The facts are below and I know this is a satirical look at it but the truth is the truth! If you have turned ‘vegan’ you are actually only kidding yourself because you may have stopped scoffing down rib eyes but you actually are still supporting the evil empire in millions of other ways without even realising it!

The only way to stop whatever it is you ‘vegans’ are trying to stop and for whatever reason whether it be to save the earth or save the animals – stop whining to me that meat is cruel and start understanding the bigger picture – start making some noise about the millions of ways animals are exploited for thousands of different uses and get a bit angry for FKS SAKE!

You may be on the right path but sometime you need to wake up and realise you need to stop fighting a tiny little skirmish and – if you are serious – start fighting a proper war because if I have to hear one more sob story as to why I must quit eating meat I think I may shove a lamb on the spit through your eyes!

I give you . . . the truth!

Need a new song for the week? @Adrian_Lux

I got sent this song by a brilliant reader and had to share with the rest of you!

There are certain superb songs that when you are driving to work in the morning and get the perfect summer breeze the combination just gives you an inspiring feeling and for some reason a smile creeps over your face and your whole mood changes to one of belief (or im just slightly crazy and people on the M1 have been looking at me as if im on crack for the last few years?)

Enough about despicable me (a whole nuther story!) this song reminds me of the first time i heard MGMT or MIA because it just has all the things that make songs great – perfect chilled beat, calm smooth vocals and just that certain something that you cant quite explain but seems to transport me into the Sky Bar at the W Hotel in Barcelona (again – whole nuther story!)

TURN IT UP AND CHILL THE HELL OUT PEOPLE – Jacarandas are out and summer is kicking in!