It screeches…

I received a notification to collect a parcel from our very slow friends at the post office so went over thinking it was most likely a speeding fine. I entered the dimly lit, muggy room with that special kind of excitement that comes in the form of registered mail and rushed back to the car to open the compact parcel. Inside I found one of these…

It’s called the Dusk and is made by a company called Ila Security.

They tell us:

Our mission is to empower women through a stylish range of security products. We have come up with the genius idea of combining simple yet effective safety devices with fashion in order to make women want to carry them around with them, therefore increasing their safety when they’re out and about. So often women put themselves in unnecessary amounts of danger without realising it. With our fashionable ranges of devices, women will carry our products, not only in order to help increase their security but because the products look good and thanks to our fantastic team of designers, they also double up and have extra features such as working as a bag charm, or a compact mirror.

I tried it out and I’m sure the neighbours (perhaps the whole suburb actually) think something dodgy is going down at my place. 130dB of screeching woman can do that.

If you’re a little nervous and want another voice louder than your own, the good news is that they’re available, or soon to be, at Busby House, Foschini and Woolworths.

And Bob’s your Uncle!

As I’m sure you’re well aware we’re big fans of wine and beer at STM. In fact anything that has alcohol in it, short of methylated spirits (partly because having to fill in the meths register at Pick ‘n Pay brings on a certain type of guilt). It was therefore with great excitement that we saw you can now get wine in a 550ml beer bottle, which is great for when you feel like smashing two thirds of a bottle of wine in your face.

Seriously though, I think it’s more for the likes of picnics or other places where you typically want some wine without the mission of a cork. The idea comes from the guys at Boer & Brit, is called Bob’s Your Uncle and sells for 20 ZAR a bottle.

While I think it looks like a really cool product I can’t help but think it would’ve been better named, Jou ma se…

While I was on their site I came across this very cool looking bottle of Cap Classique Brut.

Ek wil jou he!

Bono + Ali + South African = New Louis Vuitton advert!

I think these two may actually be the coolest couple on the planet so to use them with the backdrop of South Africa to promote LV is a superb idea! How did they get the infinitely genius and humanitarian Bono to sell his soul you ask – well not only did he ‘sell his soul’ but it is the first time he has done an ad without his band!

So WTF is going on? Just read below it’ll all make sense – the man is truly a legend!

Bono and his wife Ali

Instead of Vuitton, the two wear Edun, the ethical clothing label they founded in 2005 to encourage trade with Africa, and in which LVMH took a 49 percent stake last year. What’s more, Hewson totes a handbag co-designed by Edun and Vuitton that comes dangling with a special charm that is the French firm’s first made-in-Africa product. (It’s also sold separately.)

The image of Bono and Hewson disembarking from a small airplane in an arid South African vista — with the tag line “Every journey began in Africa” — is slated to break in mid-September in a range of daily newspapers, October magazines and on The collaboration also will dovetail with an event during Paris Fashion Week, when Vuitton and Edun will unveil Africa Rising, a temporary exhibition of contemporary African art along with a showcase for the campaign and Edun’s spring collection. Bono and Hewson are expected to attend.

GO HERE if you want to check out the previous ads for LV – superb stuff!

Via LUXIST for the full article!

In praise of SPRING!

So JHB is going to be the first place in SA to hit Spring properly! So for all you coastal bastards – SUCK IT (im just angry cause I have to head back to the Cape for the week and I miss JHBs perfect sunny spell)!

Never-the-less in honour of this perfect occasion we have decided to show you the greatest places on earth to spend the first day of Spring!

Golden Triangle Resort, Thailand

And if you think this is the best part of the hotel is suggest you CLICK HERE if you have some disposable income – if you dont just carry on reading and get a box of tissues for the pain!

Sheraton Waikiki, Hawaii

Again depending on your level of spending power you should definitely CLICK HERE to see the hotel where this is shot – even if you cant do it just for a few minutes open the windows in your house / office whatever – smell the perfect Spring air (if you are in JHB) and imagine you are in this place!

Rangali Island - Maldives

Now so far we’ve been playing but seriously a beach villa in this place may actually be the best place to spend Spring (JUST GO LOOK!)

Check out the rest of the perfection of Spring pics? Via Izismile

If we have in any way depressed you because you are not going to spend tomorrow in any of these perfect locations – DONT STRESS – most of them are northern hemisphere and they will be absolutely CRAP tomorrow as well as CAPE TOWN and you have a full six months to get your shit together and get on a  plane!

36 Boutiques . . . if you dont know it you should!

For those of you who have been slightly backward – now is really your chance to catchup. Normally we dont like to post stuff unless we have actually tried it (this applies completely to the Q&A and the BEAUTY BEAUTY links of this blog)

So after trying these guys out (36Boutiques) more often than i though i would i must say they are HIGHLY recommended – superb service delivery and exceptional products on offer!

The sales are for a limited time only and you can only get in if you are invited – so for an invite send us a note on TWITTER or on FACEBOOK

Rantings from the people . . .

So after another fairly alcohol / party fueled weekend we have come to the conclusion that our family and friends really do say some seriously funny sh*t – so it is only right to share it with you!

True that it doesn’t manage to rival the pure pornography that is on TEXTS FROM LAST NIGHT but some of it is seriously funny – to protect the nature of the individual we have decided to only give sex and rough age (rough age because i dont want to be beaten to death by an angry female friend!)

So here goes;

Ranting from the people – Female mid 20s “Im a real dick magnet . . . but not in a good way”

REVIEW: Loftus for Victors 100th

SO the day started out like any other test match day! Calm lunch in the normality of Melrose Arch in JHB before trekking to the boerewors curtain for what normally becomes and afternoon of tredding in a bucket of brandy and coke (IT DIDNT HAPPEN THIS TIME :) its was spiced gold and coke :( !!)

Nevertheless it was really cool to see the Soweto Marimba band rocking the entrance to the stadium – they were simply superb and i urge you all to go check out their site!

This did seem a little out of place at Loftus but then through the clearing we heard ‘kaptein’ booming from the stage with a mass amount of Castle branding – now we were in  it!

Nevertheless to get to the game (at this point to be fair we were a few beers and 2 spice and coke in – and for some reason HENNIE who runs the box doesnt go lower than a 50 / 50 ration split) so my commentary may be slightly sparse!

So Victor ran on for what should have been an earth shattering 100th appearence yet the stadium was but half full and those in seats seemed not to be too excited until DIE STEM started which is always about right for Loftus crowds (this still sickens me that the Dutch cant seem to learn the anthem 15 years on)


SO on to the actual game! Im not sure how to comment on this game other than to say this is the strangest test match ive ever seen!! To go down two tries then two one then three one etc etc all in like the first 20 minutes had us staring at each other asking WTF just happened!

In fact when Juan Smith dove over to score the crowd was so confused at what had just happened that it was almost quiet!

We werent confused as to why we were scoring – we were confused because ive never seen a more disorganized Springbok side in my life! We are just lucky the wallabies are so crap currently! Our defensive line was more like a defensive CLUMP and our attack looked like u14f players all just trying to get the ball so they could wave at their moms!

Our assistant coaching staff should be shot – they have consistently for a year depreciated that team / made the wrong subs at the wrong time and managed to take one of the greatest Springbok teams ive ever seen and turn them into a bunch of nervous, organisationless fools (al be it very strong very talented fools!)

I took two sad things out of Saturdays game!

One was for Vic Matfield who is a true legend and for him to play hiss 100th at Loftus and not pack out the stadium just shows how stupid South African rugby fans are (i suppose you could have seen that from the inability to learn the anthem)

The second is that the players and the coaches will now get some reprieve for their efforts when in fact we should be at our most nervous about this team right now! There are shades of brilliance no question in fact Hougaard may even become better than Fourie one day, Juan is back with a vengeance and John Smit is showing some form again (nobody mention Bryan Habana – i dont give a fk how tired he is he almost cost us the game himself) but all in all ive never seen this side look worse!

A few positives – we may have drunk all the spice gold pretoria has! Second i saw this in the bathroom at half time which made me laugh so hard the guy next to me almost clapped me . . .

Thank you too all the people in the box who put up with us – thank you to whatever after party club we were at for not getting upset when we jumped over the bar and stole your ice buckets and thank you to Pretoria for a good outing in general!

A bit rough to be giving to kids?

Im a bit torn here – maybe its just been a very long angry day but surely encouraging kids to put guns into their mouths is a little excessive? I mean sure it looks cool and there will be thousands of ‘look mom’ panic attacks but really have we completely lost our shit?

Gun shaped ice lolly’s – im not sure what the hell is next!!

This chick is enjoying this WAAAAAAY too much!!!

Godzilla gets a facelift

And by Godzilla I’m talking about the motoring beast that is the Nissan GT-R. The sleaker new look makes it even prettier (although I think pretty is probably the wrong word) while improving its aerodynamics. Rumours are that the facelift will come with a power increase too. I want one…

Check out the details and a couple more pics here.

Thanks Wag