They are going to make it!

A while ago we brought you the spectacular pictures of the Porsche 918 Hybrid – which was at the very least super sexy! But the problem as with almost all concepts is they are just that – a concept! Generally what happens as in all businesses the accountants get hold of a beautiful dream and turn it into a plain boring run of the mill product! Look you cant blame the bean counters for wanting to turn a profit but all the sexiness of design is some how lost!

For now though some one has obviously locked these creatures of mathematics in their offices – thank the petrol gods – and made this car a production car! We will very quietly mention it costs around $650k but dammit it is well worth it!

A 3.4-liter V8 petrol burner is combined with electric motors to put out 500bhp, while featuring the mind-altering acceleration to go from a standing start to 62mph in just 3.2 seconds. Topping out at 198mph and offering a very respectable 78mpg fuel economy…

Now you may be asking why i have said it is well worth the money and i would be thinking the same –  i mean you can buy a whole lotta house for that cash but let me give you a few reasons why!

1. This car is unbelievably sexy! (Im not calling it beautiful cause that is something entirely different – READ THIS TO FIND OUT THE DEFINITIONS!)

2. It will smoke pretty much anything at the lights !

3. I can categorically state that no one else you know or will ever meet will own one of these! (unless you are mates with Elon Musk and he is a TESLA man anyway!)

4. Finally i guarantee you it will come with at least one and probably more of these accessories!

MS Kristen Gustafson!


Is it fair to have a caption of YUM!

5. Sorry i left out that it is a hybrid and therefor much better for the green stuff!


Sometimes songs need to be posted twice!

When you hear a song that is brilliant it needs to be posted but sometimes songs transcend enjoyable and really are brilliant! This is truly one of the greatest remakes of a song and the fact the the original was done by U2 makes this remake even more superb by one of the great singer songwriters ever i believe!

Turn off the lights – close your eyes – turn it as loud as it goes and just listen!



Now a maximum of 18 partners can travel in luxury on-board a Hotelicopter. A giant Russian Mil V-12 helicopter totally customized to offer the same comfort as a 5-star hotel.
There are 18 double suites equipped with anti-noise, mini-bar, internet wireless, TV access… etc, etc… access to everything that can be defined as optimum service.

If you think you can’t get any better, how about baby-sitting, Yoga, hydro-massage, thermal treatment?

The Hotelicopter also has a full games room to entertain its passenger-guests.

Cinema changes lives . . .

. . . well you may think because of the title of this post im going to give you some long story about how cinema is using its power to better the world – well not quite!

Certain movies have managed to weave their way into pop culture and when i came across this glorious collection of comedy i just had to share – these scenes have given laughter to so many drunk / stoned / sober individuals all around the world that it is not fair not to acknowledge them – but – we do here!

They may be missing one or two scenes and depending on your humour you may not enjoy them all (but then you are depressed and you should see a professional) i think the glaring one missing for me is the Hangover seen on the roof top – the ‘one man wolfpack’ scene – ANY OTHERS I MISSED?

Here is just a taste . . . .



For the full list of TOP 10 go here!

TXT of the week!


I’m using process of elimination to determine which of our neighbors i fucked last night.

I wish i had this problem but to be fair my neighbours arent exactly the most attractive bunch of people so perhaps this dude lives in next door to the Playboy mansion or in some kind of Maxim campus – either way a problem is a problem!

Disposable wine hmmmmmm . . . .

Im in two minds about this product but maybe more so what the hell you would use it for – i mean i can understand taking a few glasses of easy drinking rose or a white but if you are going to do that then why not take a bottle?

So while we think this is quite cool we have no idea where it will serve a purpose – i guess there is nothing wrong with packing a glass in the good old lunch box for the day :)

the inventor of this disposable stemware actually took it on a show dedicated to finding cool new products, and it was rejected. The joke’s on them; they’re blowing up over in the UK. At £2.25 a glass (~$3.40) they’re not exactly cost effective…cost aside, the real advantage is in the simple fact that it’s sealed and good to go. The foil top is like a yogurt container’s, keeping your wine fresh and your legal status legit.