A reason to support the Argies (and the semi prediction)!

As you may have seen we have some SPECTACULAR fans from South America gracing our shores – and now we have another country to support!

Meet Dorismar Noemi Kerchen, the hottest fan of Argentina, who the United States inexplicably deported in 2006. The camera gets a good, long look at this smoke-show who looks a lot like Sloan from the HBO series, ‘Entourage.’ Dorismar is a 35-year-old Argentine model, actress, and television host. I fully expect Dorismar to get a ton of face-time during Argentina’s July 3rd match up in the World Cup quarterfinals.

Most of the time cameramen pan across the stadium looking for random supporters – obviously this guy decided to be a little more focussed during the game – YOU CAN SEE WHY!


And in case you wanted to see what she looks like sans soccer supporters kit – it gets even better!


Now just to give you STMs predictions for the Semis we thought we would do it in delicious style rather than simple words!




and the second semi . .




And just in case you are one of the millions of supporters who have been crying because your team left our shores with their tales between their legs – dont worry there is hope!


And the hits just keep on coming!

– Osama bin Laden has just released a new TV message to prove he is still alive. He said England’s performance on Saturday was completely appalling. British intelligence have dismissed the claim, stating that the message could have been recorded anytime in the last 44 years.

– Q: What’s the difference between England goalkeeper Rob Green’s spill and BP’s spill?

A: Robert Green has got a cap for his.

– Fabio Capello was wheeling his shopping trolley across the supermarket car park when he noticed an old lady struggling with her bags of shopping.

He stopped and asked, “Can you manage dear?” To which the old lady replied: “No way. You got yourself into this mess, don’t ask me to sort it out.”

– Illusionist David Blaine is heartbroken that the record he got for doing nothing in a box for 42 days has just been beaten by Wayne Rooney.

– England headed home from the World Cup after state-of-the-art video technology showed the ball crossing their goal line many, many times

Waka Waka Shakira

You may recall from an earlier post that I’m not the hugest Shakira fan (based mainly on her ridiculous lyrics). I must admit that my opinion has changed somewhat after watching Waka Waka, the official song of the World Cup. She’s rather hot…

If for some bizarre reason you haven’t seen the track that features our own Freshly Ground, check it out (it has over 52 million views on Youtube!).


The Messi(ah)

The kid is just too good. I’m backing Germany in the upcoming quarter final, but they’re going to have to keep a very close eye on Lionel Messi. Watch to the end of the video to see what must be one of the greatest goals scored in the beautiful game.


And the English continue to cry!

So seriously lets be fair now – yes it was a crap call – yes it would have been a different game if it was 2 – 2 at half time BUT can any English fan tell me hand on heart that they deserved to make the last 8 – REALLY?

England played with no width the entire tournament which Rooney NEEDS to be able to play – there were no breaks down the side – no penetration through midfield and absolutely no finishing of any kind (not that there were really any chances though) The point is England didnt play a game that suited their players! Besides the fact that every big name player seemed to disappear at the mere hint of a big game! (Frank lampard im looking at you!)

SO please dont tell me that the world is unfair and England were robbed because YOU WEREN’T – you were awful and you deserved to lose!!!

Dont send me hate mail – believe me when SA went out proudly England were my next team and i hate the fact that they are out but sometimes the world isnt against you and life isnt unfair – sometimes you need to accept you are just not good enough!!

Sorry ENGLAND but i have to do this!

Why we love Bloemfontein?

Not much descends on Bloem of epic proportions but come this weekend they will experience the influx of German and British fans like never seen before (its already earned the nickname little Britain)

Never-the-less when some thing of such magnitude hits Bloem perhaps for the only time in its existence there is no mad scramble to see if there are enough hotels, buses, cars, roads, seats etc etc . . .

No! There is one thing that needs to be addressed – one thing that needs to be ensured above all else – that one thing my STM friends is BOOZE!

This is why WE LOVE BLOEM – the right priorities!

Bloemfontein – World Cup organisers moved on Thursday to ensure Bloemfontein bars were stocked with enough booze as the city braced for an invasion of thousands of thirsty England and Germany fans.

George Mohlakoana, chief executive of the Mangaung Local Organising Committee, said up to 25 000 English fans and up to 10 000 German supporters were expected in the city for Sunday’s match.

“Normally, in terms of our own provincial laws, Sunday is considered a day when alcohol should not be sold from wholesalers. However, you can get alcohol from restaurants and pubs.”

Mohlakoana said organisers had communicated with pubs and restaurants to make them aware of the fact that the two sets of supporters come from beer-drinking cultures and that they would need to stock adequate supplies.

Read the rest of the article?

TXT of the week . . .

Finally the VUVUZELA has made it out of South Africa as we all know (Sainsbury sold 22 000 of them before Englands first game in the UK) it has made its way into the mocking world of the bloggers!

But now for the first time it has made its way not only onto the TXTs from last night site but i think more importantly into the subconscious of the world! Enjoy this text from California USA!!


Her vagina turned into a vuvuzela. I didn’t know it was a possible to have a wet nightmare.

It doesnt sound like a fun dream BUT WE ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD BABY!

If you dont have your very own there are two things you can do – get down to your local – buy one and BLOW ONE but maybe more importantly you can experience the FUNNELZELA (as shown below)


Or you can get the joy and noise by clicking here!

A downside to South Africa

It’s quite clear at the moment that we’re proud South Africans at STM. With that pride and patriotism comes the realisation that we’re not perfect and have many flaws. One of them being the terrible music that is loved by a relatively large number of people. I came across this prime example today and thought I’d share it (make sure the volume is turned down so no-one will overhear it and mistakenly think that it’s your style).


Each to their own I guess.

Rock Out Bafana

We posted a message from Jack Spanish the other day leading up to the epic game against France. Included in the mail were some words of inspiration for the team that had been written before the start of the tournament. Although they may not have made it through, I certainly believe they rocked out. And while I know we’re being bombarded with all things World Cup at the moment, there are parts of this message that may resonate with you in that game we call life.

Rock out

Rock out Bafana Bafana

Rock Out

Rock out like you’re a lion, and the world cup is the jungle

Rock out like you are seeing Table Mountain for the first time, and the sun is rising

Rock out like you’re dancing to the bones thrown by the witch doctors on the hilltops of Kwazulu Natal

Rock out like you Are the fires of Soweto

Rock out like you’re a Fundamentalist and a terrorist and just this time, in this place, you decide not to light that fuse, or plant that bomb, or drive that car – Rock out like life matters

Rock out like you’re a great white f*cking shark

Rock out like there is no tax

Rock out like the only thing standing between you and a legend, is another man from another place, wearing the same boots – Rock out like the stadiums were not expensive, and the crime is not so bad, and that other shit will have space again some time, but not now – Rock out like the Vuvuzela is a trumpet and you are blowing with the sweet lips of Hugh Masekela

Rock out like you are behind the cricket nets, and it is him or you, and peace or surrender is not an option

Rock out like you believe in that little part of the bottom of you, untouchable by critics, or statistics, or chequebooks, or names, that you too love this game – Rock out like it’s the 70’s and passes are abolished, and the world has changed, and the colour of a man’s skin is not a measure of his worth – Rock out like you’re driving the garden route, and the top is down, and Jay Z is talking about a Yankee cap, and you know all about African Bhambatha sh*t

Rock out like there was no Slavery

Rock out like jou ma se pus*

Rock out like you are the Atlantic, or Indian Ocean, or the Kruger National Park, or Sandton Square, or the local Shebeen, or the Drakensburg Mountains, or the Klein or Groot Karoo, or a herd of Buffalo on the charge, or a Highveld thunderstorm

Rock out like you’re a doctor, and everything you do heals Africa

Rock Out like it’s 1994

Rock out like you trekked a thousand miles through some of the harshest terrain known to mankind, because you thought that this land is a lekker place to live – Rock Out like the air is clean, the water is pure, the sand is white, the sea is warm, and you are one with the wave – Rock out like you are cooking on the open fire and the heavens are blue

Rock out like you’re drunk – on Klippies and Coke

Rock out like you are the Springboks

Rock out like you know it is about inches

Rock out like you are fighting the gunfire of the red people with nothing but your shield, and your spear, and your heart – Rock out like the beat of the drums is tuned to the movement of your feet

Rock out like you’re in love

Rock Out like you just found out the secrets of the universe

Rock out like you think that hosting the world cup is cool enough, but it would just be that little bit cooler, that little bit tastier if you won the whole f*cking thing

Rock out like this is your town, and this is your time, and this is your test, and there are no other chances, no other lives, and your footsteps now on the ground of the land you grew up on, are your last chance to echo throughout eternity

Rock out like this World Cup is the last gift you will ever be able to give to Nelson Mandela

Rock Out like You Believe

Rock Out like God came down and touched your shoes with his lips

Rock Out like you are an African

Rock out like the only word you know, or speak, or hear is Laduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuma

Rock Out like you are a South African

Rotterdam – Friday 11 June (10 hours until 2010)

A reason to support Paraguay

The game between New Zealand and Paraguay has just started. It’s pretty much a done deal that the South Americans will go through to the next round so may be wondering why you should be lending them support. The answer is quite simple; because she does…

Her name is Larissa Riquelme and she’s being touted as their hottest fan. We can see why.

There are some more.

Thanks Carl