What a combo!

One of my most vivid childhood music memories was of watching a an MTV unplugged session of Nirvana on VHS, over and over. Seeing this video on the weekend made me think of that. It’s a cover of a classic song done by one of the greatest musicians of our time (who just happened to be in Nirvana too).

Dave Grohl does Tiny Dancer.


On a side note: Why have the Foo Fighters not come to South Africa? I’m pretty sure they’d fill stadiums, and we’ve got some very cool ones to fill.

Thanks Nic

It was always going to be the BULLS day!

Cruising through Orlando on foot on Saturday was a cool experience – I have been there before a good few times – but none surrounded by large rounded rugby supporters blowing vuvuzelas and eating worse rolls (made from some kind of meat that is still up for debate)!

What a superb experience to see all South Africans just enjoying being in a place that was happy for sport – happy to be hosts and happy to show off their homes. It gave me goose bumps, not because I’m the biggest Stormers or Bulls supporter but because if this is what the Super 14 felt like CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT THE WORLD CUP IS GOING TO FEEL LIKE!

Needless to say massive amounts of beer were consumed and some interesting sites were seen. Like the dutchman makarapa.

There was also the Loftus girl who happened to flash us her ass everytime Morne Steyn scored a point in the second half . . .

Oh, did I mention she was there with her dad – dont worry he also took photos!

And then off course there were the superb BULLS. Let’s be honest with ourselves Stormers fans – they were NEVER going to lose this. They are one of the greatest club sides in the history of modern day rugby (perhaps them and the Crusaders are the only two who belong in the category. Maybe Francois Pienaar’s Transvaal would just get in). They were Spartans on the day and all season and they deserve every trophy they get!

See what they said about the game . . . Bulls had the BMT . . . Clinical bulls win in Soweto Thriller . . Bulls blaze to third title

If you are a Lions fan like I am and you are licking your wounds from a record breaking Super 14 – FOR THE WRONG REASONS – don’t worry, have faith there is always the CURRIE CUP and there is a special new addition for the coaching staff?

It’s almost weekend!

This may come a little early but I plan on spending tomorrow getting into World Cup mode with beers and 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa (the guys at EA Sports were really original naming this one).

Whatever you get up to, have a knockout weekend (that’s really lame I know, but wait ’till you see the picture).

And because we often neglect our female readers, heres one for you. Feel the love.

Tesla is the future

Tesla must be one of the coolest motoring brands to date. And the founder, South African raised Elon Musk, must have one of the coolest jobs in the world. Having made a bucket load of cash from the sale of PayPal he formed the electric car manufacturer as well as Space X, a space exploration technologies company.

And besides a great job, he gets to do things like playing a cameo role of himself in Iron Man II.

Check out the first of a series of videos about their new Model S electric sedan. It’s pretty damn sexy!


Sessions with Dr. Morrison

Dr. Morrison’s been reading Heat again (as admitted in the text) and just sent us this:

“British comedian Russell Brand has omitted his dad from the guest list for his wedding to Katy Perry. The Get Him To The Greek star has, however, invited his beloved mum Barbara to the ceremony.”

Ok, so Russell ‘I think I’m a funny fuck’ Brand me a loser for life isn’t inviting his father to his wedding. Is this what it’s come to? OMFG I’m devastated! His poor father who brought him up; years of hard work and sacrifice, was not invited to his wedding? . . . . . Sounds about right to me. If I was Russy Longsticks I also wouldn’t invite my father to my wedding. He clearly fucked up! Look at Russell! He’s a bad comedian, lets be honest now. Everyone was ripping off the Jonas brothers and that was his only material! Plus he’s as good an actor as a B-grade pornstar.

Then of course there’s the dwindling fashion trend he keeps pursuing with the tight jean pant and disturbingly dirty long hair. Come on now, hair bands are long gone and you’re just starting to embarrass yourself. If it wasn’t for Kate’s amazingly awesome chest . . I mean shoes or whatever, then I’d say you’re pretty much the lamest celebrity to date.

So- what to do, what to do! I think we should run him over in Jon Bon Jovi’s car since he probably blames him for ruining an era he worked so hard to develop!

And yes I was reading Heat, I was out of reading material, cause I’d finished the Twilight Trilogy. And it was shit despite my love for gay vampires.

Ty, two words: editorial powers. Like a super hero, only more awesome.

The robots are coming

Ok, they may not be coming for us just yet, but this advancement in robotic movement means that if they do (and there are people who believe that one day they’ll take over), it’s going to be a little bit harder to get away.

It’s really quite incredible.


Come on the Stormers!

They have little chance – let’s not beat around the bush. I would go so far as to say they have as much chance of winning a trophy this season as Bafana Bafana or South Africa’s cricket team, BUT they do have a little chance!

Some part of me always loves the underdog though, and especially in this case – they have played a hard, heart filled season and nothing would make me happier than seeing the Stormers kick some ass in Soweto on Saturday!

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