Vacuum yes, turtle no.

No one really digs having to clean up their place. That’s why the guys at iRobot came up with the Roomba, which is a robot that moves around on its own, changing direction when it bumps into something, and vacuuming while it goes about.

It’s cool. I get it. What I don’t get though, is why anyone would want to put a turtle onto a Roomba.


It baffles the mind.

Politics are politics

We’ve covered a fair bit of the local political crap that’s been going on over the past couple of months. I saw these anti Gordon Brown ads recently and it highlighted that we’re not alone in having huge political discord across the party lines (yes, yes, there are lots of other differences).

See some more here.

I really dislike the fact that politics are usually based on the criticism and attack of others as opposed to the proposal of positive, viable solutions to problems. That’s why I really like the idea behind South African Neutral.

BMW looks to the skies

As you may know, BMW started out life as a manufacturer of aircraft engines which is why their badge resembles the propeller of a plane (you learn stuff on STM!). It’s quite cool to see that they’re once again getting high. They’ve teamed up with Embraer to give the Phenom 100 and 300 a typically minimalist BMW interior.

Yanko Design has more.

We’re carbon negative!

The guys who host STM (and do a great job of it) have put in place measures to offset 110% of their carbon footprint. It’s the right thing to do after all. If you host any sites and also want to do the right thing, check them out by clicking on the banner below.

Ty’s Tuesday: The Three Douches and fluffy mcfluffmunger

Tuesday 6th of May 2008, today was a blissful day. Diego had just finished his morning workout, before meeting his friends at their local beach for a friendly photo, from a young 13 year old brunette. 13 year old girls seemed to be the only ones who found these guys interesting. Barring the  ice cream vendor who made her trips around the local beach fronts in her dad’s ice cream van. Her missing two front teeth didn’t make for a Colgate smile but she had advantages. This was a life burdened on her when her father left her and her 6 siblings when she was only 7 years old. He left for a 12 year blonde; he’s been in jersey state prison ever since.

Now Diego always sported crossed arms in his photo poses. He felt it gave him that extra 10% hardness he could never achieve on the beach front gym bench press. His long time friend Stefano showed only 2 fingers. This was unanimous for guys who had only received anal sex twice from one of their brothers. It was initiation into their gang. THE THREE DOUCHES. Trace was the only one still waiting full fledged douche status. He had only received one rectum bashing from Diego. That’s why his head was shaved. Only once you where a true douche could you adorn the self proclaimed head of Adonisness. This was the godlike name giving to the king of Jersey who had brought douche to the jersey shore. His name was Donald Douglas. The only douche to receive 4 bashings in 1 sitting. He was a living legend.

Ricardo just stood hands on hips. He was the most serious one out of the group. He believed that achieving true doucheness came with only 2 very important life rules. 1. Always be over tanned. Even when you think you’re brown enough, applicate  more self tan from your your handy pocket sized tan bottle. They called them, their pocket pals. 2. Always have an over sized fringe that runs the perimeter of your head. With these two rules firmly followed, you could walk the streets of jersey shore with your head high, chest out, buttocks firmly pressed together, as to avoid any sharting.

Diego did always consider himself a funny guy. His jokes often left them soiled. Oh fluffy mcfluffmunger

The epitome of SEXY (and explaining men in the process)

Now there are a number of classes that men evaluate the aesthetics of women on – let me explain a bit better.

Most women think that when men say a woman is hot, sexy, cute, pretty etc etc we are actually just saying yes we find them attractive. However, there is a lot more science to our attraction than you first may think – ok, ok, if you’re a woman reading this maybe i should give you pictures to better explain?

So this would be the classic HOT (Heidi Klum) sort of a mix of all descriptions – hot, sexy cute etc etc – possibly the best type of aesthetic, HOWEVER as we get to the bottom and last category this may be challenged! (for examples of hot see also any of the Victoria Secrets girls – although most of them are borderline HOT / SEXY)

Then there is PRETTY / BEAUTIFUL (Kelly Preston). This is more like “checks all the right boxes” of aesthetics but maybe just short on the sexiness. As a result, this may slip into the boring sphere a bit (or sometimes used for hot women who are well still in their prime but maybe the latter part of it?). “Pretty” being the basic version and “Beautiful” being the one with all the gadgets standard!

Then there is the classic CUTE (Rachel mcadams) girl next door, still hot but in a fun playful tomboyish way perhaps – always exciting, always interesting BUT lets be fair, doesnt challenge HOT (well maybe at climbing trees).

And finally we come to the last category and as i said right in the beginning there is one category that can maybe topple HOT and that is SEXY(Sarah Grunewald being the latest example). Now why could SEXY beat HOT? – well SEXY is a bit darker, a bit less obvious and a bit more interesting. A SEXY girl may not be HOT or PRETTY but can be far more appealing than either of the others – perhaps i will let the example prove the theory? This girl really could be the EPITOME of SEXY!!

Watch the videos!



SO perhaps you now agree on the SEXY VS HOT argument – perhaps you dont – but at very very least you will listen a little closer when your man comments on a female – wont you?

The ultimate FACEBOOK FAIL countdown!

10. Surprise!
Surprise, you’re having a surprise party and it’s at my place. Maybe Andrew can ACT shocked. Screw it… Free beer is free beer dude.

9. World’s Worse FB Pick-Up
Always remember to be a little more specific on your status updates. Lest you allow Facebook friends to make an ass out of themselves.

8. Status Messages are Not Good Secret Keepers
Dude… Now you’ve ruined it for the entire Roosevelt Sr High! Sometimes it’s not a good idea to share your plans for the day. It doesn’t matter if it was mom, a teacher or a friend, but Graeson looks like he’s going to school after all.

7. Maybe We Don’t Need to Know EVERYTHING
Well, Kelsea, guys will be guys. And letting the world know you’re gonna be nekkid and soapy, does tend to cause imaginations to run wild. (Someone’s got prom queen potential.)

6. Love Those Glasses
You can’t say all mens’ minds are in the gutter… these Facebook friends are clearly observant young fellows. Maybe she IS really wearing the best pair of sunglasses in the universe. Or maybe this narcissist needs to come down a few notches…

5. Sheets are For Rallies… And to Cover the Back Seat
Emily clearly needs to learn a little more about the origin of cars, and she might want to show an obviously lurking dad, some gratitude for all he provides. That, and kick Darious in the ass.

4. Hi Mom!
If mom’s a Facebook friend you might want to watch what you put out on your news feeds. Did this chick really think mom wouldn’t read “quad only talk”? To heck with not making her “go private”, don’t make Mom unplug the Wi-Fi!

3. The P45 Is In The Mail (I dunno what that means, but there’s no way it’s good.)
This chick clearly didn’t check her friend list before expressing her not so kind feelings about her job and her boss. I’m thinking a P45 is not a letter of recommendation…

2. Into the Wrong Box Too
Writing in the wrong “box” on Facebook can be cause for embarrassment. Tracy learned this the hard way when she announced to her friends and the rest of the world that her date “a-mounted” to quite the nice time. Michael however will be very busy over the next few weeks.

1. Are You My Mother?
Folks may not always be who they seem to be on Facebook. That, and this Mom got loose from her restraints and is Facebooking right under the nursing staff’s noses.