Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. And rain.

Established in 1990, Splashy Fen is South Africa’s longest-running music festival, which every Easter attracts thousands of people to a farm near Underberg in KwaZulu-Natal for a unique outdoor music experience.
The festival offers a four-day line-up of some of the country’s hottest acts, top-class sound and lighting, plus a wide choice of outdoor leisure activities for the whole family. Add to that the beautiful scenery of the southern Drakensberg, an abundance of different food and drink outlets, colourful arts and crafts, a crèche and children’s entertainment programme, as well as various camping and accommodation options and you’re set for a winner of a long weekend!
Splashy Fen has something for everyone; in fact there’s nothing else in South Africa quite like it!

If you’re going to be there this year, make sure to stop past the Mitchell’s tent and fuel up with some of the best.


BLK JKS to collaborate with Tiesto

Smirnoff, the number No.1 vodka brand in the world, announces today that SA’s hottest indie band, BLK JKS – named ‘Africa’s best new band’  by Rolling Stone magazine  – will be collaborating with the world’s biggest DJ, Tiësto, on an exclusive track which will be premiered live at Smirnoff Experience™ Mashup Street in Johannesburg on 15 May

This unique collaboration between the two musically diverse acts began just a little over a month ago. Through a process of back and forth musical swaps, headliner Tiësto and BLK JKS have been busy working away on an exclusive track, as part of the Smirnoff Experience™ Mashup Street. The track will be available to Smirnoff fans in April.

Following the success of Tiësto’s recent genre-bending collaborations with Nelly Furtado, Three 6 Mafia, Calvin Harris, Tegan & Sara as well as remixes of MUSE, Bloc Party and Editors, the outcome of his sessions with BLK JKS will surely break new musical grounds for both acts.

Tickets to Smirnoff Experience™ can only be won, not bought, so visit to find out how to win.  Tickets are limited to the 18-and-over market.

To find out how to win, visit:


Twitter:              SmirnoffSA


Music by iPhone

I suspect that this is testament to the simplicity of these songs as opposed to the brilliance of the particular iPhone app but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. Basically it’s the very cute Applegirl performing Lady Gaga’s Poker Face and Beyonce’s Irreplaceable to music created on a bunch of iPhones…



The epitome of supercar

Some brief facts before you see the pics and video:

4.7l V8 producing 910hp and 1100NM

Weight of 1290 kgs

0-100 in 3.1s with a top speed in excess of 390 km/hr

Not only is the performance crazy, but the attention to detail is amazing; an example of this is interior ambient lighting that shines through billet aluminum buttons via sub-microscopic nanotubes – that’s some hi-tech shit!

Read the rest here.

Movement just does it so much more justice:


Getting high and paranoia

I’m sure you’ve all seen this infamous photo, Lunch Atop A Skyscraper taken on the Rockefeller Center in 1932 by Charles Ebbets.

Yeah, you know it.

In a similar (although admittedly not nearly as cool) fashion I saw this one recently which is of a worker at the One World Trade Center.

And then, as the internet tends to do, I ended up on a convoluted journey that ended up at this video. It’s just nuts. The internet. And this video. Make sure to watch from 2:00 onwards for guaranteed sweaty palms.


Surviving Joburg!

This makes me all warm and fuzzy inside – if you wanted to know why we live in JHB – ITS TO SURVIVE! It sums up everything we as joburgers see / feel / experience and deal with everyday – it explains why we are so f**ked up / so brilliant / so tough / so pure – Welcome to joburg!

Well done to Adrian Loveland!! I suggest you watch this and then read where you can see the full length!


The Bioscope is proud to launch its first DOC LOVE with a sneak preview of the much anticipated film by Adi Loveland Unhinged: Surviving Joburg. Remember DOC LOVE is the showing of a nearly completed documentary, and so this is the chance to see it first, and help make it better!

And to celebrate this film, and the evening, Joburg fashion label Love Jozi have come on board to make the evening even that much cooler!

Unhinged: Surviving Jo’burg is an honest, quirky (and sometimes manic) documentary-style film about Johannesburg, South Africa’s biggest city and the world’s gateway to southern Africa. With rapid narrative, dry black humour, trivial factoids, insightful observations and a highly enjoyable soundtrack, the film tells a slice-of-city-life story. It’s a personal video snapshot of today’s Jo’burg and provides a unique opportunity for viewers to get a glimpse inside a place that the world has a very fuzzy sense of.

Genre: Guided City Tour/Documentary

The aim of the film is to give the audience a small taste of Johannesburg, using the city itself as the principle character. Adrian Loveland, an entrepreneur who was born and raised in the city, is the slightly eccentric “tour guide”. It’s clear that, although he loves his hometown, it also frustrates and exhausts him – something that fellow Jo’burgers will easily relate to. Insights are provided through a selection of interviews with an engaging group of city residents, including Robbie Brozin (CEO of Nandos), Ferial Haffajee (Editor of the City Press Newspaper), Justice Malala (Political Analyst) and Victor Kgomoeswana (Africa Business Expert).

The main reason for making the film is that Johannesburg has generally either been portrayed in the world’s media as a death trap, or marketed from internally as the ultimate place of gold and opportunity. In reality it lies somewhere in between and although Surviving Jo’burg doesn’t dish up all the answers, it’ll get you closer to the truth than you would have been before watching it.

The film’s biggest attribute is that it reflects the character of Jo’burg, not only through it’s content but also as a product. It will leave you drained, frustrated, confused, excited, sad, angry, positive, hopeful & wanting more – pretty much the same effects that the city itself has on people.

It’s Cleavage Day!

National Cleavage Day really is a smart Wonderbra campaign. As a tribute to them encouraging our beautiful women to expose their cleavage we’ve compiled a couple of their ads. Which also happen to be quite fun…

And just because this is quite cute:

It’s a pleasure.

Now go and enjoy your weekend (and remember to always suck the marrow!)

Thinking out the box. Or in.

Mini hotel rooms are popping up all over the globe. This one really caught my eye as being a very cool design and a box that I wouldn’t mind spending some time in if faced with an awkward stop over on route somewhere far far away. Designed by The Arch Group of Russia, the Sleep Box is designed for airports and hostels (the one with the bunk bed) and has space for a bed, a flip table and sockets for your laptop or cell phone.

See more at the Cool Hunter

Rice art

It turns out that besides being the biggest food crop in the world rice paddies make for quite a good canvas. The medium; different coloured rice plants. We think this is so cool that we’re going to show you a whole lot of pictures.

Using this:

and a bunch of people

they slowly get this

which starts to do this

and ends up like this:

Here are a couple more.

INSANE! Makes me think of sushi. And edible underwear. Yeah I know, it’s weird.

Using your talent for good . . .

. . . after the whole moronic jub jub story i think we need some singer positivity! Danny K and Kabelo have got their mates together and recorded a remake of the old Depeche Mode track shout and have really hammered it – it is a great initiative and a great track! Well done boys!

The old track . . .


And the new SA version . . .


Go see the site and get the track!

Movies sometimes do answer prayers . . .

. . . sometimes just sometimes movies give us a glimpse into something great – something that can bring a tear to our eyes and a smile to our hearts – im talking about truly great movie strip shows!





Want more?

Bacon Booze

I really don’t like eating pigs. They’re a little too smart, make great pets and are kept in appalling conditions. Having said that I do guiltily go against this rule for bacon. The kind you eat that is. You may ask what other kind there is and be as surprised as I was when I came across bacon infused vodka.

Inspired by a new take on meat and potatoes Bakon Vodka is a superior quality potato vodka with a savory bacon flavor. It’s clean, crisp, and delicious. This is the only vodka you’ll ever want to use to make a Bloody Mary, and it’s a complementary element of both sweet and savory drinks.

And then, if that wasn’t unappealing enough I’ve just seen this. Bacon beer. I’m not going to go into much too much detail as it’s hard typing with bits of vomit stuck in the keyboard, but check out the step by step how to guide if you’re interested.

Certainly NOT a Mitchell’s!