Friday’s Fun #7

We’re sticking with the local theme this week. After all, besides poverty, crime and Julius Malema (and a couple of other issues that need addressing) we have a hell of a lot to be thankful for in our beautiful country.

Like Mitchell’s, Candice Swanepoel and Jack Parow.

Wiki tells us that Candice was born in Mooi River, KwaZulu-Natal, and was spotted by a model scout in a Durban flea market at age 15. By age 16, she was earning R40,000 for a day’s work.

We can see why…

Today’s track is Die Heuwels Fantasties ft. Jack ParowDie Vraagstuk


Enjoy your Friday and have a rad weekend. Suck the Marrow…

A super investment

A comic auction of rare first copies saw this Action Comic No. 1 featuring Superman, go for $1m! Considering the comic sold for 10c in 1938, that’s a pretty decent investment. If you’re a numbers type of person you may find that it’s just more than a 25% return over the 72 years. So sell your shares and withdraw your cash because comics are where it’s at.

Watch this space for a first edition STM comic. A very exclusive limited batch of only 100 000 will be printed and sold to you, our loyal reader at only R1000. But wait, there’s more…

Just kidding.

Our wines outsell the French

While there’s always been some antagonism between the Poms and the Frogs, the British have still been partial to buying the odd bottle of French wine. 73 596 000 odd bottles annually to be more precise. But that’s 24 000 less than the number of South African wines sold in the UK in the past year.

According to Talking Retail, the latest figures from market analysts Nielsen show sales of South African wines have overtaken French for the first time in the UK wine market in volume terms in the year to January 23.

South African wine sales grew 20% by volume to 12,270,000 cases, compared to a decline in French wine sales of 12% percent to 12,266,000 cases. South Africa is now the fourth largest selling country for wine in the UK.

On this wine note, I must say that I’m enjoying seeing summer out with the occasional bottle of Paradyskloof Rose. It’s most delicious…

Thanks Kyle

White kids can’t dance

And their parent’s aren’t usually any better (I must just add that I have absolutely no room to talk). But back to the topic. There are few things that irritate me more than a dancing child. Dancing, when done properly, is quite a sexual thing, the domain of post pubescent humans and not some pretentious little person who loves the attention of stupid adults.

This rant may be fueled by a particularly shit week, but even on the weekend I was annoyed by a girl dancing on the table at Gilroy’s (which isn’t as good as Mitchell’s by the way). Having said that, this little dude caught on camera here in SA is quite exceptional!


Thanks Suzie

This is getting out of hand!

Declaration of war – REALLY!!! What seriously annoys me is not the fact that politicians are corrupt – and i’m not saying “our” cause THEY ALL are – but what really gets me down is when they are DUMB enough (insert Julius Malema) and GREEDY enough (insert Julius Malema) to get caught and get splashed all over the papers! Guys, when this happens either take your bags full of cash and get the hell out of dodge OR apologize, serve you six weeks in minimum security (insert Shabby Shake) and come out and start gain – but for F**KS sake don’t pretend that racism, skepticism or anti entrepreneurship is involved because you are lying cheating scum!

I cannot believe the crap these ANCYL dudes talk . . .

Attack on Malema declaration of war – ANCYL

25 February 2010, 14:34
The ANC Youth League reopened the chapter on its president Julius Malema on Thursday, with its KwaZulu-Natal branches saying they would defend his right to do business with anyone.

“We believe that even if [comrade] Malema is in business, he has not contravened any law or code of ethics by his involvement in business activities. President Malema is neither a member of Parliament nor a Cabinet minister,” they said.

On Wednesday, the league said it had closed the chapter on the controversy over Malema’s assets and company directorships.

It viewed the attack on Malema as a “declaration of war” saying “it leaves us with no choice but to hit back with our maximum force have at our disposal”.

It said there was no such thing as a “tenderpreneur”, and defended the government’s tender system as “transparent”.

“As the ANCYL we will encourage our president to fully participate in business so that he is able to inspire our young South Africans who are passionate about business.” – Sapa

This is one debut i cannot wait for . . .

Is the world ready for a kinder, gentler Sport Utility Vehicle? Land Rover is betting on it, and the rugged British off-road brand will reportedly debut its hotly anticipated LRX at the Paris Motor Show later this year. Shortly thereafter, the production LRX will make its North American debut in LA. According to Automotive News, the LRX will go on sale in the third quarter of 2011.

We first saw the LRX Concept at the 2008 edition of the Detroit Auto Show, where it was generally well received by both the press and the showgoing public. The LRX is expected to be Land Rover’s most efficient model and is likely to be offered with some sort of hybrid powertrain.

Late last year, Autocar reported that Land Rover’s first hybrid drivetrain would include a 3.0-liter diesel V6 engine mated up to a 25kW electric motor. The system would be a full parallel hybrid, meaning it could operate on any combination of gasoline or electricity using its onboard lithium ion battery pack

TXTs of the week . . .

As you know we love this site here – if you havent seen it before you seriously must go check it out! It is any text / SMS that someone has found rather amusing and sent it on – here the ones for this week (too many classic ones i had to post two!)


Dont judge me. Him and his friends got me drunk for free, the least i could do was suck his dick

AND . . . (this ones for crappy)


You realize we can hear you jacking off in your room, right?


I like it rough

Look at your man . . . now look at me!

Old spice went through quite a tragic dip in recent years due to the fact that it was perceived as an old persons smell – in fact it was! But they have become rather resurgent in recent times trying to get the market from dying baby boomer’s to long life Gen X & Y and actually i think they may be onto something here?


A drink with Paul Smith

Renowned Danish designer Arne Jacobson’s Cylinda-Line Bar by Stelton has just had a Paul Smith makeover.

Paul Smith has transformed Jacobsen’s bar series into a gorgeous fantasy in black. The special titanium alloy surface lends the steel a rich, deep black colour. Handles on the serving tray and the ice bucket remain in the original brushed steel finish, creating an effective contrast. Another surprising innovation is a collection of statements by the British designer himself, engraved into the black surface to reveal their message in steel. Paul Smith asks us to consider thoughts such as “Take pleasure seriously” and “Start something new” as we enjoy our drinks. From here.

Thanks Kyle

Friday’s Fun #6

This week we’re going local. Local beer, local beauty, local beat. Lekka!

It goes without saying that THE beer is Mitchell’s:

The beauty is Dominique Piek. See more at Sports Illustrated.

The beat is Liquideep, Fairytale. I’m not the biggest fan of vocal house, but regardless, this song is going to get even bigger than it already is. It’ll do for a Friday afternoon. Have a great weekend, and remember, always  suck the marrow…


Office on the water.

I’d be a lot more inclined to go into the office (not that I do) if it were one of these. There’s just something cool about being on the water. Maybe pull up to work in your SLS inspired Cigarette Racing Boat (as seen below) or have your office floating a couple of feet away from your penthouse at the V&A Waterfront.

It’s possible with the H2Office, a purpose-built floating office that can comfortably accommodate one or two workers. In addition to a sun deck above, the H2Office comes equipped with a work area featuring wood-like flooring and an L-shaped desk and shelving unit across the beam. A carpeted L-shaped “break-out” area includes a pull-out berth for occasional overnight stays, while an included kitchenette features over and under storage cupboards. Optional extras include teak-effect flooring, kitchen appliances and solar panels. Pricing for a standard unit is R700 000 plus VAT.

From Sprinqwise.