Friday’s Fun #2

Our friends at Mitchell’s Joburg have come to the party (literally) and are proud to bring you this week’s Friday Fun. So if you want to make your weekend even better, give them a shout and stock up on some golden deliciousness!

So without further ado, the body of the day; the gorgeous Nicky Whelan:

This week’s video is a new one from Ok Go, called This too shall Pass.

Let it load up completely before playing…

Thanks Rich & Kyle

We’re in the wrong business

An e-mail is going around about a drug bust where they uncovered a SH!TLOAD of cash at the dealer’s house. Besides the fact that you could spend the rest of your life only getting affection from Bubba and that you may ruin some lives along the way (unless you’re just selling weed, which is actually a good deed – crazy rhyme that!), this is great business. You’ll notice I struggled to categorize this piece…

Random fact: Apparently $1m worth of $100 bills weighs 17kgs.

Thanks Garth

Of movement and ecogasms

Two very different businesses with an underlying eco focus caught my eye this morning. The one deals with the creation of power through human energy, the other with using power to create a kind of human energy.

While we’ve seen dance floors and gym equipment being cleverly used to create electricity, the guys at Pavegen Systems have created paving slabs that create power from the footsteps of pedestrians. With each footstep the slab is depressed by 5mm, creating and storing little bits of energy that can then be used to power any number of pavement utilities.

On a different note, adult toy retailer LoveHoney are encouraging people to dispose of their vibrators in a responsible manner. As such you can send your used Rabbit back to them and get a generous discount on a new replacement. The old one is recycled (and by that I hope they don’t mean refurbished) and a donation is made to the World Land Trust. Seems like a score for everyone.

Springwise has more details on both.

A pricey rustbucket!

Some guys were diving in Lake Maggiore and came across an unlikely treasure. According to The Independent, the rusted 1925 Bugatti Brescia recently sold on auction for just under R3m with all proceeds going to a charity that supports the prevention of youth violence. It makes you wonder under what circumstances a Bugatti ends up at the bottom of a lake. I smell a rat. A VERY old one, but a rat nonetheless.

Thanks Kyle

Straight out of Benoni!

The home town of Charlize Theron, Vernon Koekemoer, the Lakeside Mall and incest brings us something new. Intersection fishing. All you need is a flooded road (preferably next to a dam) and a fishing rod and the big one may be yours. I hear the corner of Tom Jones Street and Mowbray Avenue is the place to be…

No offense meant to the Benoni/Boksburg guys like James

Grey’s sucks (insert any anatomy here).

I happened to watch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy for the first time in a while last night and was amazed at how an hour long show can have so little proper dialogue.  Instead it’s all been replaced with incredibly soppy monologues that are overacted to the sound of some or other shit emotional music. Wake up people! Life isn’t so full of drama, and when it is, it doesn’t always end in well rehearsed speeches.

On a side note, the only good thing to come out of this season was that George died. If only a couple more would too. Rant over…

Lexus joins the club!

The super car club that is. People usually associate super cars with European exotics and forget about the automotive genius that has come out of Japan. The Nissan GTR has done a lot to remind us of the fact that Japan creates some truly amazing performance cars and the Lexus LFA may just reinforce this. 522 horsepower, low weight carbon fiber body, 0-100 in 3.7 seconds. Nice!


Ty’s Tuesday Part VI

Tuesday 23rd of May, it’s been an eventful evening. Catherine smirked at another comment made by Cindy. Seems the friendship had moved past that superficial stage. They had moved into cynical status. Cindy always felt the need to be on top of a conversation. She seemed to always make a joke at someone’s expense, but never to Cath. The boundary had been broken. It seems the twisted sisters couldn’t take each other’s medicine.

Fat brad looked on at this while trying to sneak a peak. It had been ages since he saw the bare skin of a good looking woman. Real life was much harder when you couldn’t pay for the attention.

“Bitch”, Catherine thought as she popped a hand in the air. Last time I put my back out for a knife.

Friday’s Fun

As the week comes to an end we’ve decided to add some spice to your Friday. By combining the Body of Day with a music video of the week we hope to help get you amped for your weekend.

So the bod; the incredible Marissa Miller (she may have been on before, not that you should mind). You may be wondering why we only feature women on this section. It’s quite simple really. We feel that while the female form is beautiful enough to be appreciated by both our male and female readers, men just aren’t as pleasant to look at (perhaps with the exception of the writers of this blog).

And the music video; Paramore’s Brick by Boring Brick.