This is why she is the ultimate woman!

Most woman use pregnancy as an excuse to grow a massive new frame which will then remain for the rest of their lives – they use the baby as a reason to guzzle everything and anything because ‘the baby needs it’ – well the baby doesn’t need its mother to become an immobile blog for the rest of her life IN FACT the healthier / fitter the mother the better it is for both mom and child. This then is the reason i get so pissed off when women say they got fat after giving birth – they didn’t they got fat during pregnancy and then decided they loved eating crap and sitting on their ass more than their normal life before and decided to stay that way!

Now i can imagine that every woman reading this is already typing an agro response to me telling me that i wouldn’t know and thats how it is blah blah blah – if you want to continue that letter – go right ahead you fat lazy bastard but if you want to tell me it cant be done PLEASE see the below video FOUR WEEKS AFTER SHE GAVE BIRTH – now we arent asking you to be back on a runway after one month but my goodness 20 years later if you are still carrying preggie fat you should be SHOT!



Football is tough man!

I love a good hit – usually its in rugby where a guy (generally a prissy English center) is breaking through the center and someone like Bakkies, Victor, Juan or one of the other beasts mows him down from the side so hard that you can see the teeth rattle in his mouth – but football is sometimes (not often) is just as hardcore – ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE 6 YEAR OLDS (love the second one – man that had to hurt!)



The thing i can never understand is WHY no one except Apple can design cool stuff – i mean seriously surely the easiest part of designing anything is the aesthetic? Isn’t the actual machine the hard part? So why is it that time and time again its the boys and girls at Apple who continually redefine COOL!

Well finally someone has come up with the new cool (well not really new but at least a close second!)


Victoria gives us her new secrets!

Once a year this show comes to life and provides millions of men and women around the world with mental images that last the entire year until the next shows – images of such perfect beauty that they can only be Victoria’s girls!

Marrisa Miller
Marrissa Miller - THE BENCHMARK!

Here are those perfect creatures who bring fantasy alive with each step!

Alessandra Ambrosio
Alessandra Ambrosio
Candice Swanepoel: LOCAL REALLY IS LEKKER!
Candice Swanepoel: LOCAL REALLY IS LEKKER!
Doutzen Kroes
Doutzen Kroes
Miranda Kerr:
Miranda Kerr:


Audi’s test track is hidden deep in South Africa!

Believe the rumors because they’re true; Audi does have a secret test track hidden up in the Northern Cape. Situated about 30-kilometres East of Pofadder, this satellite image taken off Google Maps clearly shows the elusive oval test facility lying out in a portion of desert said to be a strict no-fly zone. Roughly four kilometers from corner to corner, this gargantuan piece of asphalt also appears to have a smaller, more technical handling track intersecting its two main straights as well as fully equipped pit facility. One of the hottest parts of South Africa, you can bet this is where Audi does a great deal of their warm weather testing. Don’t believe me? Go check it out on Google Maps for yourself…


Reminds me of South Africa . . .

. . . im not sure if you recall this BUT if you think the below picture is stupid – read on . . .

. . . A few years ago in beloved RSA the department of health really wanted to do something to help stop the spread of HIV and the rate of unwanted pregnancies – so they wracked their brains and had meetings and strategy sessions and after months of debate and resource (as usually happens in government) they came up with a brilliant scheme. They would give out free condoms to the public – but wait you say this is not anything new lets be realistic – but thats why the plan was so brilliant – they were going to attach a letter to the condom explaining to the public why they should use condoms and what the benefits were!

So happy with their new found plans they spread the message to all local councils and got them working on this – little did they think or care as to how the letter would be attached to the condom – that didn’t matter the plan was clear and all were happy. So around the country hundred and thousands of civil servants who were tasked with this project picked up their staplers and with smile across their faces started stapling letters to condoms and to make sure the condom didn’t lose its letter they stapled right through the center – this meant it would be fastened until the man who needed it would read the letter and tear off the much needed condom!!

Great plan guys – a tip for future – the devil is in the detail (oh plus your plan was fking moronic to begin with – its like closing your window and thinking it will stop a tsunami)

Makes this guys fail seem rather insignificant doesn’t it!

Need somewhere to chill this summer?

Just as luxury resort group Six Senses was ahead of the curve with its sexy castaway fantasy resort in the Maldives, Soneva Fushi, Six Senses Destination Spa Phuket is a spa fantasy that lasts for days, even weeks, depending how long you want to stay. We only had four days but that was enough time to understand why this destination spa is so popular, it goes way beyond pampering. The experience starts as soon as you arrive of the private island of Naka Yai, just of the north-east coast of Phuket in Phang Nga Bay. There’s no lobby, no queues, just walk up the postcard perfect jetty and head straight for the spa for an extensive assessment.



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