And they wonder why i dont go in the water . . .

. . . now if you were not scared of the water before you will be now – when one creature can do this to its own kind can you imagine what the hell it could do to you.

Its very simple – i have a long standing deal with these creatures – i dont go into the water and they dont come into the bar – SIMPLE AS THAT!

Shark attacked

Lest we forget that the MUNCHED picture above is a great white shark – probably the greatest most ferocious spectacular killing machine in the entire world – WHAT THE F**K DID THE THING LOOK LIKE THAT DID THIS TO IT???

Fortunately it was in AUZ!


Just a clever invention!

Its just so simple yet so smart – i have said before that invention is born from NECESSITY and INNOVATION now this really is just someone who sat down (literally) looked at the variables and came up with something smart – not only smart but green as well!

Murakami Chair, Rochus Jacob, oled, kinetic energy, chair, furniture, eco friendly furniture, lighting, green life competition designboom

The serene back-and-forth movement of a rocking chair is nothing if not relaxing. It can also be useful and productive, according to Rochus Jacob. The designer’s Murakami Chair, a winner in designboom’s Green Lifecompetition, uses the kinetic energy produced by rocking to power an attached OLED lamp.

Modern maybe? Maybe beautiful? VERY Stylish!

SliceBox Table

Beautiful modern coffee table design by Decode London. [link]

SliceBox Table

Agua Table

At first glance, the table by Brazilian designer Domingos Tótora appears to be made of rocks, but it is actually cardboard. [link]

Agua Table


Modern table with hexagonal form and round shapes designed by Stephan Wootton. [link]


Ripple Table

Produced by artist Lee J Rowland, the contoured table top is the result of an arduous CNC 3D machining process followed by lap polishing, a technique responsible for some of the most perfect finishes on the planet. [link]

Ripple Table

LED Table

The Ripple is an interactive LED coffee table that respond to your movements. [link]

LED Table

Caesar Stone Table

Unique table with storage compartment designed by Pedro Gomes for the Caesarstone Design Competition. [link]

Caesar Stone Table

Concerto Table

Piano inspired table by Nick Lovegrove and Demian Repucci includes an iPod dock with speakers under the lid and a drawer for cutlery. [link]

Concerto Table

Piano Table

X29 Table

Contemporary glass table design by Romain Duclos. [link]

X29 Table

“Table” Table

Literal interpretation of a table by Toshinori Kamiya of Kamiya Design. [link]

Table Table

Just a little overdue dont you think?

Im a little surprised this has taken so long – BUT i also think this one is just for the media. In my conspired little mind i think JZ and Julius are playing good cop bad cop with the media to calm the South African public. I mean lets think about it – do we really believe that the PRESIDENT – the supremem commander of the land would allow some little CHILD to go shooting hos mouth off and embarresing himself and his party without prior consent? I know if one of my subordinates opened his trap in that manner over and over it would be SHUT PERMANENTLY.

Now you have every high LSM household say ‘you see i told you that Zuma guy is great’

I say – well played Sir – the public are en mass MORONS and therefor you need to play them like that!

ANCYL leader Julius Malema is planning to visit the volatile Sakhile township in Mpumalanga – but has been warned by President Jacob Zuma “to behave” himself. Malema would travel to the Standerton township on Wednesday, he told reporters in Johannesburg on Tuesday. But Zuma reacted wearily when he heard of the plan, revealed Malema.

“He [Zuma] said to me, ‘I hope you are not going to fuel the fire there because we have a problem we are dealing with’.

“So, we [the African National Congress Youth League] are called to order,” said Malema.

According to the youth leader, Zuma warned him by saying: “If you go there, you must behave.”

Malema also slammed violent protests, saying people burning tyres while wearing T-shirts bearing pictures of Zuma’s face were discrediting the president.

“They [protesters] must barricade the roads with themselves, just standing on the road without fire. Then the police will not do anything to them.

“I’m going there tomorrow [Wednesday] to Sakhile. I’m going to tell them – you don’t have to burn, you must fight but you must not undermine the Constitution. Why must you burn a tyre?”

Malema lamented red tape and sluggish delivery by the government, acknowledging that the turn around time in service delivery was slow. The Sakhile township saw violent protests in recent weeks with residents complaining of bad service delivery and demanding the resignation of the mayor and councillors. On Thursday, ANC national executive committee members Fikile Mbalula and Malusi Gigaba visited Standerton for day-long meetings with municipal and provincial officials, church organisations, community leaders and local party structures. The ANC leaders promised to report back to the community soon. Mbalula is also scheduled to visit the township on Wednesday. – Sapa

Oh be brave for a minute foreigners!

Bullet-proof vests for 2010?

Germany – Germany’s World Cup stars were warned on Wednesday to expect to wear bullet-proof vests if they venture away from the team hotel at next year’s tournament in South Africa.

The head of Leverkusen-based security firm BaySecur, who look after the the German Football Federation (DFB) and their guests when the national team play away from Germany, says their stars like Michael Ballack must take extra care in South Africa.

BaySecur is one of the firms expected to be employed by the DFB while the team is involved in the tournament which runs from June 11 until July 11 when the final will be held at Johannesburg’s Soccer City stadium.

“The possibility for the players of moving outside of the hotel boundaries should be kept to a minimum,” BaySecur’s Guenter Schnelle told German magazine Sport-Bild.

“Otherwise there must be a full escort: armed security guards and bullet-proof vests for the players.”

The German Football Federation (DFB) are already looking to step up security around the team hotel in Pretoria for the World Cup.

Because of high crime rates in the republic, the DFB are taking no risks with security, says their security boss Helmut Spahn, and are looking to recruit 20 extra security guards for the team’s stay at their five-star accommodation.

Private bodyguards will protect the players both within and around the Velmore Grande hotel in Pretoria.

“We will probably use more personnel than we would normally have,” said Spahn, who will spend four days in South Africa next week looking at security arrangements.

“We need to first of all get an idea of what security arrangements are already in place for both the team and the media.

“Then we will decide then whether to improve the security measures or whether they are sufficient.”

According to Spahn, there is little chance the DFB will rely only on local security guards in South Africa and Germany’s federal police force is already in discussions with the DFB on the issue.

I cant believe this idiot!!!!

Now lets be fair – governments waste money FACT! They use the tax payers money all over the world to splurge under the radar on fancy trips / gifts / clothes and the list goes on and on. African governments have been notorious for this for years – lest we forget our genius neighbors up north!

South Africa is no exception and if you think it is to every politician on earth then you either live in a seriously sweet and twisted world or you are just a moron BUT when you get an idiot as dumb as this with absolutely no regard for punishment (which i must say has not been given AT ALL so far) as well as a complete disregard not only for the every day tax payer but for the over 35% of unemployed people all over this nation – it MAKES ME SICK! It makes me want to go out an burn something down in protest – but do we? No! For some reason we have become a people who just seem to accept and having nothing done about it!

We have had a number of morons involved in the running of this country and then when you get one guy in the form of Trevor Manuel who is basically the sole reason we have any financial stability whatsoever in one of the most critical positions in government buying a beamer the world goes mad – yet when the fat bitch who is minister of something no one really gives a crap about or knows what it is uses a corupt relationship to buy an ML55 AMG and then the moron gets it stolen the SAME DAY!! What happens? NOTHING!

It starts to make me a little concerned. As for this complete moron i suggest you read the article BUT when you start please bare in mind this brilliant mans defense “I had no idea how much five star accomodation cost” OH REALLY DICKHEAD!!! After the first hotel cost R300k what did you think the second one would you F**KING DISGRACE!!!

Johannesburg – Opposition political parties on Sunday reacted with anger at the news that Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa has racked up another five-star hotel bill, this time of R570 000 in Durban.

The Sunday Independent reported that between December 19 and April 25, Mthethwa was intermittently booked into the luxurious Hilton Hotel along with members of his VIP Protection Unit at a cost of R578 499.

The Hilton bill was double what taxpayers coughed up for Mthethwa’s 17-day stay in Cape Town’s five-star Table Bay Hotel earlier this year. Mthethwa stayed at the hotel at a cost of R235 000 while his home was being renovated after flood damage.

The DA said the police department’s long list of luxury indulgences did not only contradict President Jacob Zuma’s calls for austerity and prudence, but flew in the face of common sense and commitment to put the public before personal gratification.

“If one adds up the hotel extravagance to the cars bought by Mthethwa and his deputy, Fikile Mbalula, it goes up to over R3.7m of public money being spent on person opulence,” shadow minister of police Dianne Kohler Barnard said in a statement.

She asked how Mthethwa would justify his behaviour while police officers who often put their lives at risk earned next to nothing each month.


The Independent Democrats expressed its “disgust”.

“In light of the fact that this is the second such revelation about Mthethwa in less than two weeks, words cannot describe how disgusted the ID is,” the party’s spokesperson for police Haniff Hoosen said in a statement.

The problem was that ministers were determining their own benefits, he said.

“The Cabinet’s powers to approve the handbook must be taken away. Perks, privileges and allowances for ministers should be determined by a similar process to the Moseneke Commission, which was tasked with examining remuneration for public office bearers.”

ANC leaders had lost touch with the people who voted them into their positions.

According to the Sunday Independent’s copy of the Hilton bill, Mthethwa spent Christmas and New Year at the hotel. During an uninterrupted 17-day stay from December 19, he was not accompanied by any guards and the bill came to just over R86 000.

On the night before Valentine’s Day, Mthethwa was booked into the same hotel, this time with four guards, at a cost of R38 516. From April 19 to 25, he stayed at the hotel with two guards. The bill amounted to R89 000.

His spokesperson, Zweli Mnisi, did not comment on the figure, saying only that Mthethwa was in KwaZulu-Natal around December on “official duties”, partaking in roadshows aimed at reducing festive season crime. His April stay was due to the national elections.

“The province was identified as a potential hot spot. All these were official programmes aimed at engaging local stakeholders in the fight against crime, including consultation with local authorities as part of preparation for the elections,” he said in a statement.

Thats why is LOVE Piper!

I love champagne – i love it so much if i could shower in it every morning before work i would – i would eat it with my oats, in my tea and smoke it on the way to work! It is the greatest substance perhaps every made by man – so much so – that monk DOM PERIGNON who is the first man to be credited with this brilliant creation all be it by mistake, exclaimed as he tasted this beautiful new liquid “I CAN TASTE THE STARS!” and perhaps no man has had a better discription!

Now Piper is a brilliant brand – if you dont believe me go see for yourself – they believe champagne is an orgy of hysteria, fun, colour, sound etc etc – in fact its an extravaganza of hedonism more than anything else.  Just logging into their website is NUTS!

Their new set epitomizes the brand! If Moet & Chandon were making love then Piper would be hardcore S&M – damn this brand is fun!

Piper Heidsieck x Christian Louboutin | Le Rituel Box Set

Champagne makers Piper Heidsieck have worked with master shoe maker Christian Louboutin in a box set. The set consists of a bottle of champagne and a glass shoe designed by Christian Louboutin. The box set was inspired by a ritual from the 1880’s and will be exclusively available through colette from October 26th.

Playboy are really brilliantly cool!

Not Amy Winehouse

Having been featured in Harper’s Bazaar way back in 2007, Marge Simpson will be baring all in an upcoming issue of Playboy magazine – in which the age old question of whether the drapes really do match the carpet – will be answered.

It seems that even 30 years after the debut of The Simpsons, featuring one of the characters in a magazine is still a big money spinner for the publication.

TMZ reports that ‘Marge also strips down for her three-page spread inside the magazine — posing in a bunch of sexy cartoon lingerie.’ … a far cry from the designer haute couture the gang were wearing in their last magazine-venture.



It taken long enough!!

Finally Getting Around to Making Some Sort of ‘Hobbit’ Movie Next Spring


Man, how long have we been waiting for a live-action Hobbit movie? Ever since we pretended to read The Hobbit for a middle school book report? Since we saw theLord of the Rings movies? Since we again pretended we’d read The Hobbit after the Lord of the Rings movies came out? Regardless, it’s been a while. So you’ll be glad to know Sir Ian McKellen claims the Hobbit films will finally begin shooting in the spring:

The scripts for the two films will be delivered very soon. Then they’ll be budgeted, and then they’ll be cast. And they’ll be going when they’ve always said they would be, which is next spring – March or April. Guillermo even told me at one point, ‘We’re going to film for 383 days.’ He’s got that artistic autism! Jackson’s the same; they’re very, very, very alike.