So you wake up one Sunday morning, calmly inspired – the run on real dusty roads and the kif have helped. You’re in a small apartment outside the bus station in Essaouria on the west coast of Morocco. You’ve been on the road for a week. The sound of seagulls and small children is present. It is Sunday, and the unnatural noise is almost soft. The wind is gentle through the apartment – caressing – senses heightened – the kif works nicely – marinating the day.

Last night I went to the Medina – there’s a music festival in town.

The Medina is the name for the old city.

“It’s like the dark…you say dark ages,” she said, because English is not her first language, as we entered under the long dark arch of the Medina wall: the only entry – barricaded during times of war. It is the stuff of legends (not stories). How many young men must have lost their lives in this passage protecting this city and its inhabitants from those who would sack them.

I’m being a little bit dramatic – but it is difficult not to be a little dramatic in a place like this. It is unusual. Its walls are thick, high – giving the archers higher ground. It is on the sea, waves crashing into the bottom of the wall at high tide. Old cannons still point out to sea. Its streets are mysterious, affectedly narrow, and winding – they are full with busker’s buskering, traditionally dressed slitty-eyed Moroccan woman, cats, mothers and hunched over men begging.

The air is clean – a mixture of fish and sea. 

“It’s okay English is not your first language,” I said. “It’s actually the middle ages.”

There is new age product – cell phones (and other things), but the Medina maintains its authenticity in this new world. It has that much soul. It has that much history. There are tourists, but it remains unaffected. There is still trade from the old days – magic silver rings and trinkets; coloured carpets; old leather bags; and shoes. There are still horse drawn carts driven by old Moroccan men; faces decorated by a life on a small dusty road. The horse cart drivers and the fruit salesman seem to be the only relics of that age in the way of people – they are the only ones who will work on one road. Men brought up in the early part of the 20th century have a different attitude towards life and an honest days work.

I didn’t know that there was a music festival in town when I arrived. Sometimes you get lucky on the road.

Two acts played in the old town square, flanked by the sea, and a glowing setting sun on the one side, and the heavy walls of the Medina on the others. Lidingo were first – a bunch of drum bashing, hard dancing, angelic singing, French speaking, heavy set (men and women) musicians from the Democratic Republic of Congo: a band I had never heard of. Arrested Development was second. They were all rap and Black Panther solutes. I only recognised Mr Wendle because we had a teacher in my school days that we nicknamed Wendle: because that’s what young boy’s do.

I believed the Congolese more when they called me brother. I am an African you see, a South African.

Arrested Development did play an off version of Billie Jean while the lead singer cried in tribute – it was a good moment – a nice thing to do – the crowd danced to that one. I danced too. Somehow it makes us feel more comfortable to see genius meet its end in that way.

More beauty from Johnny W!

If you missed the matching bag – go check it out – but here is some more madness!!

The John Walker Launched In Singapore

the john walker
Last Friday Diageo showed off the first bottle of The John Walker, the new whisky blend in the Johnnie Walker portfolio. The whisky will sell for $3,000 duty free making it the highest priced line in Diageo’s entire drinks portfolio. The new blend was created from a small number of rare and exclusive whiskies taken from distilleries that operated in the 1800s during John Walker’s lifetime. Singapore received five bottles ahead of the blend’s official launch in September 2009.

The first bottle is signed by Master Blender Jim Beveridge and is being auctioned in partnership with travel retailer DFS at Changi Airport to raise money for The Smile Train, the non-profit charity of choice for DFS. The retailer plans to match the amount raised. The Moodie Report has pictures and video of the unveiling.

Well done SIR!

John Smit has taken a fair amount of abuse through the years but one thing is for sure he is a truly world class captain – he saved us in New Zealand, he managed to save us against the lions and he has hoisted the world cup, tri nationa, lions tour victory and so on and so forth!

He has broken numerous records as a captain as he has gone and now he will be the most capped captain in test rugby ever – WELL DONE SIR!

South Africa captain John Smit will become the most capped captain in Test rugby when he leads his side out against New Zealand in Durban.

Smit will skipper his side for the 60th time in the Tri-Nations clash on Saturday, surpassing former England captain Will Carling and Australian George Gregan – who share the record of 59 Tests as captain.

The accolades have flowed for the amiable Springboks front rower in the lead-up to his milestone match with All Blacks coach Graham Henry the latest to shower praise on the 31-year-old.John Smit record breaker

“He’s a very successful international captain and has won a World Cup (in 2007) which we are very green about,” Henry told reporters.

“He’s a very fine player. He’s highly respected by his players and he’s a good bloke.

“He’s a top man so I can understand why he’s (captained) 60 Test matches and I can understand why the Springboks follow him. He’s a top person.”

Smit, who is the most capped Springbok forward with 85 Tests, was keen to deflect the praise.

“I haven’t broken any records until I run out of the tunnel in front of the team at Absa Stadium on Saturday,” he said.

“But, yes, it has been a huge honour and privilege to be involved with the Boks and I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of it all.

“We have the task of beating the All Blacks on Saturday though and that is what we are focusing on.”

And worth every penny!

The Most Expensive Alfa Romeo Ever Made

Although most present-day Alfa Romeos are positioned at competitive price points, the company’s name has almost the same clout as Ferrari or Maserati. But today all three of these venerated Italian marques are owned by the same company, so they each take a different market position. Except the 8C Competizione. That’s the one model that bursts dividing walls between the separate divisions, with each one lending a hand towards the car’s development and production. Alfa only made 500 examples, and they all went fast. But there are 500 more to come, and they could be even more desirable.

Spurred purely by popular demand, Alfa Romeo is building a second run of convertible 8C Spiders. But good luck getting your hands on one. Of the 500 that will be built, only 35 are destined for the United States. And when they get here, they’ll be selling for $299,000 apiece. But with demand reaching far higher than supply, you can bet that most will be trading hands at far higher prices than that, giving new meaning to the phrase “nice work if you can get it”.

We probably will never see it hit a road – BUT damn i wish we did!

In a design that could effortlessly rise to the ranks of the top handful of BMW’s most dashing vehicles to date, designer Iulian Bumbo presents the BMW S.X. concept. Bumbo, who previously graced us with theLamborghini Insecta design, has injected pure sex and muscle into this 6-series-inspired sports coupe. Aiming (and clearly succeeding) to take the 6-series to the next level, Bumbo has widened and lowered the body while concentrating on creating smooth, uninterrupted lines that the eye wishes would never end. No indication as to what Bumbo envisions under the hood, but take another look, close your eyes and you should be able to hear the deep, throaty rumble that would surely saturate the interior the minute you turned the ignition.

The future looks bright for women!

Temptu Creates Makeup of the Future

Temptu Airbrush Makeup System and AIR Pods

Temptu has designed a home airbrush makeup kit which is safe and easy to use, and the results are virtually flawless.

It’s not very often that we feature makeup on this site (unless it’s a makeup bracelet), but this is a development that must be covered: For 28 years, Temptu has been airbrushing makeup onto celebrities, models, and socialites for movies, TV shows, magazine covers, fashion shows, and more, and now? You’re going to have that luxury available in your own home — you’re going to be able to airbrush yourself.

This is no under-the-table, infomercial-fueled waste of time; the kits will be on sale at Sephora in September with the tagline “Flawless pro results, without the pro” and an educated staff member to show you how to use it.

I had the pleasure of not only seeing the kit demonstrated but of being airbrushed myself, and I have to say: there is a difference. No lines that need blending, no excess makeup — you can easily adjust the spray-level to apply more or less makeup — and the coverage is truly flawless. Airbrushing is not only the method Temptu used to make “The Stepford Wives” look perfect, they also created Rebecca Romijn’s Mystique in “X-Men” (in which she was all blue and scaly). Airbrush makeup is serious. And it doesn’t look like makeup.

They’ve developed a safe, silicone-based makeup for use with their kit in a number of shades, including blushes and highlights. It’s very easy to use (though mighty strange at first), and comes with an instructional DVD for people who have trouble learning new tricks.

Temptu has airbrushed the casts of “Gossip Girl,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Heroes,” “Saturday Night Live,” and even the enviably ageless Vanessa Williams for “Ugly Betty.” In short, airbrush makeup looks ridiculously good.

STM does some damage to its self at the new iSTORE

For those of you who havent seen the new iSTORE on Sandton drive – you really should go check it out – amzing modern warehouse feel with that absolute touch of Apple class – only one problem i have is their board rooms have SONY screens on the walls which would be cool other than the fact that its AN APPLE STORE! Anyway back to the point!

The STM crew hit the afternoon JHB sun to take in some Oysters and some delicious Champaz – make that 29 different bottles – YUM YUM!


Now to see the goods!




You best have a bike that can pull off this outfit!


Want a replica of Batman’s motorcycle outfit from The Dark Knight to sport on your own crotch rocket? Well get excited, because Universal Designs is about to release them for an undisclosed sum of money.

An Officially Licensed Replica Like No Other is Coming.

– Strong Cordura Mesh Base with Heavy-duty 4 way stretch Spandex
– Removable CE Approved Body Armor in both Jacket and Pants
– Highly detailed, removable lightweight interior lining.
– Form Molded Leather and Kevlar Armor Sections.
– Made from Quality Tanned Cow Hides

No word on cost or when they’re actually dropping but THESE THINGS ARE HOT! Unfortunately, my mom won’t let me get a motorcycle because she says their too dangerous and she hasn’t even removed the training wheels on my bicycle yet. So, give it to me straight: think I’ll still be able to pedal in those pants? And, more importantly: would you ride in my basket? Come on — I’ll let you ring the bell!


10 Cars GM should have made!

This makes me kinda mad because these guys were at one point the largest auto manufacturer on the planet and because they got fat and lazy and theoir creative dudes were blocked by a bunch of mindless morons – they never got make these! Now had someone just had the balls to be a little out there – the average US citizen probably wouldnt be paying for this relic to stay alive. The recession didnt kill GM in fact it saved it because GM was on a very slippery slope down to begin with – the recession just gave them a convenient excuse to beg the government foe money!

GM Concepts

No.6 – 2004 Saturn Curve

Recent Saturns were — forgive us — light years ahead of predecessors, but they were never fully appreciated. The Curve might’ve been a turning point for consumers’ perceptions. Design and development was truly an international effort; involving teams from America, Sweden and even Italy’s Pininfarina. Looking very production-ready, it’s easy to imagine the Curve riding atop the Kappa platform, the current basis for the Saturn Sky and Pontiac Solstice. Sadly, all we’ll ever be able to do is imagine.

What it could have done for GM: Awaken the public to Saturn and its credible lineup before it was too late.

GM Concepts

No.4 – 2003 Cadillac Sixteen

What a concept this GM was: 13.6 liters, 16 cylinders, 1,000 horsepower. Not since the Great Depression was a Cadillac fitted with a V16, and the Sixteen was presumably the last attempt we’ll see of this. Despite the Sixteen’s cylinder deactivation and 20 highway-mpg potential, you had to know this car wasn’t feasible. Still, we’ll bet you wanted it just as badly as we did. At least the Art and Science style cues carried through to cars like the mighty tasty CTS-V.

What it could have done for GM: Served as a bold statement to the BMW/Jaguar/Mercedes establishment.


First 167 days in great photographs!

President Barack Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy clasp hands during a bilateral meeting at The Prefecture in France June 6, 2009.

Former first lady Nancy Reagan and President Barack Obama arrive for a bill signing in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House June 2, 2009 in Washington, DC. President Barack Obama signed the “Ronald Reagan Centennial Commission Act” which is intended to honor the former US President Ronald Reagan on his 100th birthday in 2011

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama wear 3-D glasses while watching a TV commercial during Super Bowl 43, Arizona Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, in the family theater of the White House on February 1, 2009. Guests included family, friends, Cabinet members, staff members and members of Congress




Table Mountain is one step closer to being named one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. South Africa’s iconic mountain, and its only official nominee, has been voted as one of the top 77 sites selected from over 261 participants from around the globe, it was announced yesterday by the New7Wonders foundation, Thursday July 9, 2009.

The much-loved landmark beat fellow category contenders Mount Everest, K2 and Mount Fiji in round two of the international competition that relied solely on votes from the public. Table Mountain needed to be ranked in the top 11 of its category – mountains and volcanoes. Other categories include seascapes, lakes, islands, ice formations, waterfalls and forests.

“We are thrilled at the enormous level of support and votes from the citizens of South Africa as well as from fans around the globe,” said Sabine Lehmann, CEO of Table Mountain Cableway, who formed an official supporting committee to promote Table Mountain as a nominee.

A panel of experts will now select 28 finalists to be announced on July 21, 2009, when the third and final phase of public voting will begin. The official New 7 Wonders of Nature will be revealed in 2011.

A number of South African celebrities and sports stars showed their support for Table Mountain’s New 7 Wonders of Nature campaign. The Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, comedian Marc Lottering, radio DJ Natalie Becker and the Proteas cricketers all cast their vote for Table Mountain.

The campaign is run by the New7Wonders Foundation which is based in Zurich, Switzerland and works to document monuments and conservation efforts worldwide.

For information contact the Cableway on 021 424 0015 or visit www.votefortablemountain.com