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Q: Carlee Ranger A: Yes professional and unprofessional is always fun!

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Perfect products

New iPhone 3G(S) Announced: Here’s What You Get

So Apple finally announced the new version of the iPhone, and from what I’m reading, the reaction was less than stellar.
I’m not going to get into all the techno babble and regurgitate all the specs for the thing, or all the developer stuff that was announced… head over to
Gizmodo for that. They were there, they took notes, they know all the minute details… they even took the pic below of the new iPhone.

So, you want details, go to them. You want the highlights, read on…

As expected, some of the rumors were true, some were not.

Not true:

The new iPhone does not have a matte black shell. It is still shiny black, and is still also available in shiny white. You’ll also have to wait for your lime green iPhone at least another year… It is not, as was thought, going to be available in colors. And the Apple logo does not glow on the back like the notebooks do. (Which was a rumor few believed anyway.) It also, unfortunately, did not get the front facing camera people have been screaming for since it came out.
But, here’s what it did get:
Besides a whole new slew of apps, including a slick one from TomTom that turns it into a complete GPS unit, and a medical diagnostic app that turns today’s doctors into Doctors of the Future… It also got faster. The (S) in the 3G(S) stands for “speed”, and it’ll run your apps and browse up to two to three times faster than the current 3G. While the camera is still rear facing, it did get bumped to 3MP, with auto focus, auto exposure, auto macro (shoot from 10cm away), improved low light sensitivity and a “tap to focus” feature. It also gets the widely rumored video camera (go from “still” to “movie” with the flip of a switch), that shoots at 30fps and captures audio. And you can trim the vids with a tap, then send them immediately to Facebook/YouTube/Etc. Also added is Voice Control, the feature so many other phones have had for a while, where you can say “Call Christine” and it’ll dial. However, a big plus is it will also voice control iTunes for you, and play songs or playlists at your command. Another great feature is hardware encryption, making it tough for anyone to get your personal stuff (and those pics from last weekend), if they nab your iPhone. It also has Instant Remote Wipe, so in case someone does steal it (or you leave it in a cab and get blackmailed like Liz Lemon), you can erase any incriminating evidence immediately.
In the event you lose your new 3G(S), an optional service let’s you find it via GPS locating. And once you get it back you can reinstall everything you wiped instantly and remotely, right from iTunes.
Battery life is also improved, giving you:
9 hours on WiFi, up from 6
10 hours of video, up from 7
30 hours of audio, up from 24
12 hours of talk on 2G, up from 10
5 hours of 3G talk, which stays the same.
So basically for the same price you would have paid for the iPhone last week, you get twice the storage space, three times the speed, longer battery life, a better still camera and a video camera.


BMW designing jets? SOUNDS VERY FUN!

Lifestyles of the rich and famous

Falcon 7X Jet – Renowned for their amazing cars, BMW have just went overboard to design business jets. The German designers from BMW Group DesignworksUSA got their hands on the new 2009 Dassault Falcon 7X and recreated its interior to suit the modern day business man (not yet hit by the economic downturn). The result is an exquisite cabin that defines “a new level of flying experience”. With subtle curves, LEDs embedded in the ceiling and larger glowing orbs in the valence panels — for an amazing lighting experience, the new Falcon 7X is an amazing amalgamation of elegance, style and function. Anyone booking?

Keep cool in the Tropics AND save power?

Perfect products

In tropical climates, roughly 80 percent of the energy used in an average hotel room is for air conditioning. Aiming to provide a more sustainable alternative, the Evening Breeze bed is a canopy bed with built-in air conditioner that uses only a fraction of that energy.

In the Evening Breeze bed, air is filtered and cooled to a set temperature and humidity level and then gently directed over the sleeper via an upholstered canopy ceiling. A built-in mosquito net protects the sleeper from uninvited visitors while also helping to contain the cooled air, meaning that no airtight insulation is necessary—rather, the room can be left to its natural state, with windows open for fresh air. The eco-minded bed is crafted from FSC-approved wood, and it uses only environmentally friendly R410A coolant. Perhaps best of all, however, is that whereas conventional air conditioners use between 1,200 and 2,000 Watts, the average energy use for the Evening Breeze bed is only 400 Watts, creating a reduction in energy use of 60 percent per room. That, in turn, results in a potential yearly savings of 4 MWh, equivalent to USD 1,000 or 2.5 tons of CO2 pollution, the bed’s maker says. Earlier this year the Evening Breeze bed was awarded Honourable Mention in the Design and Build category of the 2008 Green Dot Awards. Priced at EUR 1,800, each Evening Breeze system sold gets combined with a locally made mattress and box spring when it arrives at its destination.

Five resorts in the Caribbean and South Africa are now equipped with the beds, and Mozambique’s Coral Lodge—due to open in September—will be the first to use them hotelwide. Dutch Evening Breeze is currently developing its sales and service network in the Caribbean and Africa; one to get in on early?

Website: www.evening-breeze.com
Contact: info@evening-breeze.com

Recycling CAN be amazing!

Green is for GO!

I love the way pop culture works – somehow through a combination of creativity and need the world comes up with the most superb solutions. It takes courage and self belief to try and bring it to the world but when it comes – it does so with a bang!

Recycling goods is the newest and best intro that is taking over the world – clothes – shoes and who knows what else will come . . .

If you just can’t get enough of computer keyboards during the work day, the Text-ile chair might be for you. Created by designers Dante Bonnucelli and Lamm for UMUL 2009 (Use More, Use Less), a workshop focusing on re-use in design, Text-ile is made out of discarded computer keyboards. It may not be your ‘type’ of lounge chair, but we dig the concept.

In creating the Text-ile, the designers used old computer keyboards from VOICE SYSTEMS, a company which offers IT support to computer users with disabilities. When the company upgraded to their VOICEbox system, which automatically reads printed text, and is integrated with a keyboard-less laptop, they donated some of their leftover keyboards to the designers, and the Text-ile Chair was composed.

Whether the chair is comfortable or not, depends on whether the keys can flex. If they do, the Text-ile could be akin to a massage chair. Cleaning the Text-ile is probably difficult (compressed air dusters, anyone?), but the chair is the ultimate geek conversation piece, regardless.

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFlip! Its getting cold!

Local is / is not lekker

Humans are pathetic creatures – we need love and support and clothes and warmth and shelter and logos and narcissism and tv and satellites and and and AND!!!!

Thats why we are a poor judge of anything that happens in nature – we pretend we have an idea and we go around hugging and kissing trees – predicting dooms day is around the corner – thats why i sat through two hours of Al Gores damn movie and the only time i actually flinched was when the polar saw the ice melting and had that look on his face like’ f**k me – we are in serious sh** dudes!!’. Humans shouldnt tell us how the world goes round – ANIMALS DO!

So the reason for this rather long preamble is for those of you living in the glorious RSA and more importantly in JHB you will know how damn cold it is getting!

Here are two photos that made me realise its getting out of had!

PHOTO 1: Location is the STM pad and the creature is a poor mouse that managed to sneak up to the second floor and position himself under the blazing heater while i was getting dressed – mice dont phase me much so when i looked at him with a curious – what are you doing in my house little guy – he responded with the look of – ITS F**KING FREEZING OUT THERE MAN!!! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO!! – granted that heaters gaps are about 3cm apart so he was fairly tiny!

PHOTO 2: Location somewhere in Bloem and as you can see even the wildest animal are saying stuff you to the cold

Q: Rachel Jayne A: It will stop me from murdering myself today!

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HOW COOL IS DODGE (and they are killing it?)

Motoring madness

Stealth Dodge Challenger Built By Air Force

air force challenger 1.jpg

Want to join the Air Force? Look at the picture above. How about now? Still no? Well damn, the Air Force is gonna be pissed — this was supposed to be a powerful recruitment tool.

The Challenger Vapor features radar-absorbing stealth-black paint, not unlike what is used to mask stealth bombers. The Vapor is set to run almost silently, thanks to “stealth exhaust” – whatever that means. Reminds us of when KITT used to go “Silent Mode” on Knight Rider. You need biometric verification to enter the cockpit via gull wing doors. The driver can view night/thermal vision projections on the windshield while sitting in a compartment that looks like something out of Crimson Tide.

Listen, Air Force, I’m not one to tell somebody how to do their job, but if you want new recruits, you’re going about it all wrong. Two words: Free jetpacks. You think about it.

UPDATE: Looks like they also made a Mustang with a jet-like cockpit. Added pics after jump.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a short video of the thing.

air force challenger 3.jpg

air force challenger 2.jpg

air force mustang 1.jpg

air force mustang 2.jpg

air force mustang 3.jpg

air force mustang 4.jpg

GO! Get a TICKET! and kill yourself laughing!

Local is / is not lekker

If you are looking for something to do at night – in fact even if you have some thing to do CANCEL IT! Take a drive out to constitutional hill and the great old theaters in the middle of JHB and go and see the comedic genius on John Vlismas. Few people have the ability to make you laugh so hard purely by conversing – most have a carefully planned and tried routine, some have the ability to ad lib a bit and then scurry back to their set! BUT there are a few ingenious people who have the true gift of making people laugh – just by embossing their own unique warped comedic way on everyday people and everyday things – these are the true masterminds of comedy!

John Vlismas is certainly one of these


Imagine a show so profoundly funny that even profanity dare not rear it`s ugly, albeit hilarious, head. This time around John Vlismas will be returning from his long running gig as King of the Comedy Underground to break new ground. His David Blaine-like focus will see him through the never before attempted challenge of getting through 70 minutes of outrageous opinion, dark observation and thought provoking barbs without so much as a `gosh darnit`. Roll up, Roll up and smoke outside before you step inside and prepare your gran to be astounded. Despite the filthy omissions John swears (for the last time) that you will leave satisfied. Why now you might ask? It was a dare that John couldn`t do a show without a curse. A laughing plague on both of your houses.

Q: Monica Hansen? A: Its getting to winter and its nice to have a Norwegian blanket to stay warm!

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The new standard in protables has landed!

Technology is fun!

new psp.jpg

This is the new PSP. It’s called the PSP Go. You know, because it’s portable. It may or may not come preloaded with porn. Specs? I has them:

* 3.8-inch display (resolution is undisclosed)
* 43 percent lighter than the PSP-3000
* 16GB of Flash storage
* Bluetooth built-in; supports handset tethering and BT headsets
* No UMD drive
* Memory Stick Micro slot
* New Gran Turismo, Little Big Planet and new Metal Gear Solid (!) on the way
* Full PlayStation Network support (movie and TV rentals / purchases)
* Integration with PlayStation 3 (works the same as the PSP-3000 does)
* Sony views each of its products as “10-year lifecycle products,” so the PSP “needs to live on.”

Beer can be elegant too!

Drink cool be cool!

Now don’t get me wrong – at the British Lions tour when i am watching the spectacle that hits our shores once ever 12 years i will not be sipping this stuff elegantly in any way – i will be smashing it in my face as if i was a Kalahari marathon runner and beer was water! But there is a time and place for anything – for example when you take a one of the Q&A girls out to somewhere nice – you don’t want to be drinking your canned beer while she sips on a nicely chilled Sauvignon Blanc – this may be a solution that allows you – YES YOU! – to look semi sophisticated!

I truly believe that what Plato said was true: “He was a wise man who invented beer.” It is and will always be my drink of choice and with the thousands of microbreweries out there today, I doubt I will ever run out of beer to try. That being said, when I was given the opportunity to sample a new “gourmet” beer from the Spanish brewery Estrella Damm, I could barely hold back my tears of joy.

The brewers at Estrella Damm have decided that it is time the market had a real alternative to wine when it comes to fine dining. Never again should you feel emasculated when ordering beer with your bone-in filet. No longer do you have to hang your head in shame as the owner of the lone longneck among a sea of fancy crystal stemware. Estrella Damm INEDIT is the product of nearly 18 months of trial and error (18 months of beer testing? Sign me up!) and is marketed as a beer “specifically created to accompany food.” Among those that had a hand in the creation of this high-end brand of suds are world-renowned chef Ferran Adrià and the sommeliers of elBulli in Catalonia, Spain.

After 400 attempts at reaching the summit, INEDIT was finally born this May. Showing in at a respectable 750-mL (about 1.5 pints), it is meant to be shared. Cloaked in an enigmatic black bottle adorned with a singular gold star, this beer fits right in with the bubbly and vino. According to the proud parents of this bouncing baby brew, this is a beer that should be served in a white wine glass filled no more than halfway, as to allow one to “appreciate all its virtues.” After all that, I’m not sure I’m worth

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The LIONS have arrived!


Yes yes i know they have been here for a while but they are just getting used to the harshness of the sun for a bit before they kick into gear – which they most certainly did last night! As a life long golden lions / gauteng lions / lions / transvaal / gauteng supporter i was quite horrified to see how easily the British version of the cat managed to tear us to absolute shreds around the rucks and through the centre pairing – not to mention we threw them two perfect intercept tries!

Pretty much the Golden Lions only points for the day!

Pretty much the Golden Lions only points for the day!

The British team looked fresh fit and focussed and they torn through our lions as if they had swine flu! The only few high points of the evening were the following

- 5 hip flasks and a few cokes with my mates in the stands at Ellis for the first time in a long time!

- The cheerleaders!

- One of my mates casually leaning backwards to start a conversation with the arbitrary MAN behind him with the opening line of ‘is that Andre Pretorius at number 10 – i think he has darkened his hair slightly!’

- Kicking the Roach brothers to death at pool at one of JHBs oldest pubs!


NEW Z3 – now this i really do like (i feel a trade in coming on!)

Perfect products

Very cool roof up or down!



High Flying!

Now for those of you scratching your head saying Patrino-what? This is one of SA best hidden gems! Just an hour and a half outside of Cape Town – it is like a combination of Mozambique and the Greek islands without all the tourists!! It is a little piece of heaven where fisherman bring you fresh crayfish and seafood everyday right out of the water onto the braai!

The entire town is pretty much rent able houses of varying sizes with a few small superb restaurants serving nothing but the freshest oceans goods!

If you dont believe me how great this place is just have a look!

And the inside is pretty awesome as well!

The amazing thing is as beautiful as it is during the day – at night you have a little braai and then settle in, build a fire inside and the views get EVEN BETTER!

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