This car is not cool!! Well – unless you have the matching luggage!

Porsche Design Commemorates Launch of new Panamera with Special Collection

Porsche Design has long since evolved from an automotive design studio into a company offering a wide range of highly desirable products, sold worldwide through their own dedicated stores, along with special design work for other companies as well. But all the while they haven’t forgotten their roots. As if to demonstrate just that, the studio has launched a new collection to compliment the new Panamera four-door grand touring car from their automotive sister-company. The collection includes all manner of clothing and accessories for men, women and children, as well as a line of Swiss-made timepieces and a set of fitted luggage. The latter is made of lightweight aluminum and polycarbonate, designed to fit in the trunk space of the new Panamera and available in the same exterior colors to provide a fresh take on the traditional soft-sided fitted luggage offered by other luxury automakers.

BOKS win the series 2 – 0 again lets maybe leave it at that!

 			South Africa 28 Lions 25

Is it just me getting pissed off with a SPRINGBOK team THIS GOOD – still under achieving. Now hold on before you go all blue bulls in the face – it may seem like after waiting 24 years to beat the Lions it may seem a bit harsh of me calling them under achievers – but the fact is THEY ARE! Their coaching staff is being handicapped by a narcissistic moron and to echo the words of Mark Keohne this morning in the paper – they are a team run by the players! Dont get me wrong this may not be such a bad thing but they still need overall leadership , guidance, and yes P de villiers – COACHING!

This is perhaps some of the greatest men we have ever seen from 1 – 15 (even including adi jacobs) and they should be putting such a firm stamp on rugby folklore that the hobbits in the shire should be singing about them around the camp fire – instead we are scraping wins against a rather pitiful lions side!!! NOW DO YOU AGREE WITH ME?

Still not? Well lets go on – The wise one (our dear coach) stammers around the press with racist remarks in defense of the short and fat ricky januarie – when he should be a little more focussed on the team at hand. All three replacements actually won us that game on saturday in the form of Morne Steyn who showed perhaps the most world class temperament i have seen since Matt Burke / Andrew Mertens?? Jaque Fourie again managed to smash over what seemed like the whole of the british isles to score what turned out to be a game winner – and FINALLY HEINRICH BRUSSOUW made Schalk Burger look like the eye gouging thug that he has become – most of you wont even realise this until you go to your post gamae analysis but he stole 3 balls when he came and slowed down the rest WHAT A SENSATION THAT BOY IS!

 			South Africa 28 Lions 25

And finally Bryan Habana is back to reclaim where he left the rugby world – in short these men should be rugby gods by now but they are stuck under the usual South African political crap that is slowly dragging them under – the sad thing is only an embarresing tri nations could ever get rid of the wise one – and as a South African fan proudly belting out the anthem with my mates (yes loftus its starts about a minute before you all start singing!!) I cant handle losing to the bloody aussies and kiwis!

ALL SAID AND DONE – SA BEAT THE LIONS IN THE TEST SERIES and there are no place for comments in the history books!

Bring on the tri nations!

The KING is dead!

By now you have all heard – tweeted – updated your face book profile and either told or concocted a joke about the demise and death of the king of pop. I was one of you – i must say i was shocked but then again wasnt really because people like this – and by like this i mean people who change the face of teh world in some creative way or another cant grow old – there is too much brilliance / madness pumping thorugh their veins that something has to go wrong – it just wouldnt be right for the E! THS about the person – but having said that i cant say i was upset at first – i mean sure the guy was truly one of the greatest and most talented human beings ever to shape our musical world and he was without doubt the greatest performer STM has ever seen!! NO QUESTION but it was only after i watched a very very poorly put together feature on VH1 of MJs top 40 songs did i realise what the world had lost!

I grew sad when so many songs that had created so many memories for whatever reason in my life would never be performmed live again with such power as only the KING of POP could – finally i realise the feelings my parents went through when possibly the only other king of a musc died – ELVIS!

MJ was a tortured genius from a young age forced to display his talent to the world and i must say im happy he was or the world would never have gained so much in performance / song writing but to be that man who has so much greatness thrust apon him from the age of 5 or 6 must have tormented his soul!

He was a true visionary and a true legend – LONG LIVE THE KING!

I cant wait for the big show!

If you have just seen South Africa go down in the dying minutes to Brazil in the Confed i hope you realised what an achievement it was to stay in touching distance to the worlds best for almost 90 minutes and i really hope that gives you hope and excitement for the 2010 fiesta that is coming!!

If not check out these pics – and if you are still not excited then i suggest you stop reading and walk to the nearest highway and jump in!

A young goalkeeper reaches for the ball during a soccer match in the Erasmia township at Erasima on June 23, 2009 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

South Africa’s new Soccer City Stadium is seen, under construction with the Johannesburg skyline in the background, on the outskirts of Soweto, South Africa on June 13, 2009. FIFA is concerned that some of the stadiums being built in South Africa for next year’s World Cup will remain idle afterward unless organizers take steps to guarantee future use.


Very smart people!

So no matter how many verimark products you buy – and no matter how many times you try platt, turn, straighten your TV cords – it is just the most impossible task that innevitably ends up looking like a mess!!

The phrase if you cant beat em join em comes to mind!

wall o plugs.jpg

The conceptual Outlet Wall by Ironic Sans is by far the most smartest thing I’ve seen in awhile. I mean, it’s a wallmade of outlets. Plenty of room for everything. Just don’t show this little power-hungry bastard or he’ll be humping it for days.

This is too much fun – get the builder on the phone!

Wonderful Wine Cellars For Any Room in Your House


Ever want a wine cellar but don’t have the space or money to build one? The Spiral Cellars design/build firm will dig a hole right in whatever room you want your cellar in and haul the dirt right out the front door. In the remaining void they infill a highly functionally andvisually dazzling spiral-staircase wine cellar to fit all your favorite vintages and go with your favorite funky furniture designs.


Everything is designed with function in mind but the resulting form is equally compelling – the rows of wine face you as you wind your way down the central stair. Of course, you can store more than wine down in these as well – they are a great and continuously cooled pantry extension for all kinds of beverages.


The cellars and kept at ideal temperatures, insulated on the sides and top. Cool air is piped in and warm air is piped out. Even when no air flow is needed for temperature purposes it is kept moving to keep the air fresh. Customers have had these installed in all kinds of ways, from flush- and hidden-door versions to entrances that intentionally boast their presence:


Some of these are clearly made to stand out.

Not sure this is fair – they should have locked him up for a bit!

R’n’B star Chris Brown has pleaded guilty to assaulting former girlfriend Rihanna and will be sentenced to 180 days of community work for the attack.

Chris Brown

Brown will be put on probation for five years. Lawyers for Brown, who had earlier pleaded not guilty to assault, announced the plea deal as the singer appeared in Los Angeles Superior Court for a preliminary hearing into the case.

Brown, 20, will escape a jail sentence for his attack onUmbrella singer Rihanna on February 8, which happened as the couple drove home from a Grammy Awards party.

Rihanna in court


The incident left Rihanna with cuts and bruises on her face, forcing her to cancel a performance at the Grammyslater that day. Brown later said he was “sorry and saddened” by the events and that he was seeking the counselling of his pastor, family and friends. Affidavits filed in the case alleged Brown slammed Rihanna’s head against a car window before repeatedly punching and biting her.

Rihanna pictured after the attack

The photo reportedly showing Rihanna

Under the plea deal, Brown will be placed on probation for five years and must perform 180 days of “labour-oriented” community work in his home state of Virginia, prosecutors said. He will be formally sentenced in August. Rihanna appeared in court with her lawyer after Brown had left the packed courtroom.

It probably will never happen – but DAMN its beautiful!

Water Droplet Resort Will Convert Air into Purified Water

desalinization,  solar energyteex,  solar panel,  Solar Power,  teexmicron,  water quaility,  watermicron

Architecturally and thematically designed in the shape of a drop of water, the Water Building Resort intends to become the first building ever to convert air into water with the help of solar power. What sounds like magic will be achieved with the following combination of nature and technology: A sunny, southerly facing facade made of photovoltaic glass will harness solar energy, allowing light to pass through. The northern facade features a latticed design for ventilation as well as unprecedented Teex Micron equipment that will convert humid air and condensation into pure drinking water.

Designed for construction in warm and humid coasts, the Water Building Resort, a resort complex, will also house a water treatment facility in the bottom floor, for purifying salty sea and rain water, along with a center of technological investigation to control and certify water quality. Restaurants, gyms, exhibition halls, hotel and conference rooms, and spa services will fill the upper floors – all based on the theme of water, the environment and renewable energy. An underwater aquarium will sit at the base of the Water Building Resort, rounding out the water conscious theme and practices.

1 – 0 to the Boks – it was fun in the sun but almost a disaster!

So flying into Durbs with all the built up excitement of a 12 year wait – the air was filled with anticipation and a fair amount of Heineken – and not sure of the conditions on the ground and how many of the enemy had actually arrived at our shores we decided to take one of our own!

The team gets very focussed on the plane down – to be fair this is as fresh as anyone would look the entire day

On the ground there were much more of the enemy than we actually thought

But the battle had to get underway at some point – and with a interesting ‘Lion King’ type of before show with some scantily clad chicks it was time for the anthems! Now the first 50 min of rugby looked like that team i left in Paris clutching the golden William Webb ellis – they were fast decisive – clinical and focussed. In fact i dont think if the Lions had 300 minutes they would have got 10 points!

But then a stroke of brilliance from our interesting coach – i like to compare it to taking a skyscraper – find the most critical load bearing points and then strapping dynamite to them and blowing them away. This genius took off the front row who had been ferocious the whole day! The captain – the worlds greatest scrum half – the flyhalf – the back line captain and thought that we would come out still miles ahead!

HOW ARROGANT STUPID AND SHORT SIGHTED CAN YOU BE – as expected the lions came back in full force and almost turn the smashing around! If they had 5 more minutes i would have been writing a much more angry note than this! But at the end of the day the records show WE ARE 1-0 IN THE SERIES!


Its almost time! SEE YOU IN DURBS!

The hour is nigh. One more day until the most eagerly-awaited Test series of all kicks off on Saturday. A real series. The last great tour. Don’t you just love it?

bok logo

Emotions will run high on Saturday for many of the men in red shirts. For some, it will be the nerves of making a debut in that treasured kit item. For others, a fresh chance, finally, to feel the glory palpably absent from the 2005 tour.

Emotions will run high in green shirts as well. The only of the Tri-Nations not to have successfully brought a Lion problem under control in the last series of tours, there’s a new target to achieve for a demanding nation still sceptical over its new coach and a final feather in the cap for a large part of a side that boasts nearly 47 caps per man in the side and many a World Cup winner’s medal.

It’s about time some emotion came into it all. The greed with which the organisers have set about selling the soul of this tour, coupled with the cotton wool Peter de Villiers has kept his squad wrapped in, have meant that the provincial games have frequently been played with half-strength teams in a half-hearted atmosphere.

Even the day before the Test, tickets are still available. That’s tickets for a game between the World Champions and the British and Irish Lions touring team that comes around only once every dozen years. Still tickets available? They should be costing over a thousand rand on the black market between desperate punters, not from a sleepy ticket office. Someone, somewhere, has made a dreadful error.

That’s not stopped the travelling fans heading over. Since Cape Town, they’ve been arriving in droves, flights chock-full of stocky chaps in the natty red Adidas garb, singing songs about dicky-didos, sweet chariots and being ‘lost like a slave that no man could free’. Bagpipes have piped, even a couple of trumpets have played. The locals may not be coming to the party, but there’s no shortage of tourists.

Speaking of wind instruments, no item will have a greater effect on Saturday’s proceedings than the whistle of referee Bryce Lawrence. All tour, the Lions have seen confusion at the scrum and breakdown, justified in some cases, straw-clutching in others.

Gethin Jenkins has just cause to be more concerned than most, having popped his opponent all over the place in Durban a few days ago yet found himself on the receiving end of three or four technical penalties, as well as any number of resets where the penalties should have been coming his way.

“When he got tired, he was going in and going on the floor,” said Jenkins on Durban.

“We should have kept him up and worked him. Instead I conceded penalties. But every referee is different, we have to do what we do and make sure we know what’s going on.”

Ian McGeechan will by now have had his pre-match meeting with Bryce Lawrence and company, where he said he has sought “a strong voice” over the breakdown and scrum, rather than any specific ruling. Privately, he’ll be looking for Lawrence to be very aware of how and why a scrum goes down, and to be decisive enough and authoritative enough to stop it happening. He’ll also have sought an explicit ruling on who is offside, and when and where.

As far as the game goes, both camps have expressed their intention on caution initially, with the Boks’ main weapons in their pack and McGeechan renowned for a patient phase-building game. How long that will last is anyone’s guess. The Lions’ chief weaponry is out wide and Warren Gatland said earlier in the week that up to now, only about 30 per cent of the practiced tactical nuances have been on display at any one time. Some, like the utilisation of Tommy Bowe’s skills in the middle, have been devastating. Others, like the trimming down of the numbers securing possession, are still in need of urgent refinement.

What Peter de Villiers has sought to bring is anyone’s guess. He’s not been seen at a press conference this week, nor has he been hands-on in any way at training sessions. Saturday holds a potential well of surprise as far as tactics go – if there’s one coach to be relied upon to produce the unconventional, it is he.

So what a game we have. But it’s not all won and lost here, as McGeechan stressed on Thursday. It’s a series. We have to look at it like that. Expect a tight game, where gaining a small advantage is the priority. To that end, expect tension and a close finish. And it’s the World Champions against the Lions. Expect a belter!

Ones to watch & head to head: Too many to single out here, so please see our special head-to-head feature!

Prediction: First big call of the tour… we have the Lions by six, just edging the Boks by virtue of being a bit more battle-hard.

The teams:

South Africa: 15 Frans Steyn, 14 JP Pietersen, 13 Adi Jacobs, 12 Jean de Villiers, 11 Bryan Habana, 10 Ruan Pienaar, 9 Fourie du Preez, 8 Pierre Spies, 7 Juan Smith, 6 Heinrich Brüssow, 5 Victor Matfield, 4 Bakkies Botha, 3 John Smit (c), 2 Bismarck du Plessis, 1 Tendai Mtawarira.

Replacements: 16 Gurthrö Steenkamp, 17 Deon Carstens, 18 Andries Bekker, 19 Danie Rossouw, 20 Ricky Januarie, 21 Jaque Fourie, 22 Morné Steyn.

British & Irish Lions: 15 Lee Byrne, 14 Tommy Bowe, 13 Brian O’Driscoll, 12 Jamie Roberts, 11 Ugo Monye, 10 Stephen Jones, 9 Mike Phillips, 8 Jamie Heaslip, 7 David Wallace, 6 Tom Croft, 5 Paul O’Connell (c), 4 Alun-Wyn Jones, 3 Phil Vickery, 2 Lee Mears, 1 Gethin Jenkins.

Replacements: 16 Matthew Rees, 17 Adam Jones, 18 Donncha O’Callaghan, 19 Martyn Williams, 20 Harry Ellis, 21 Ronan O’Gara, 22 Rob Kearney.

Date: Saturday, June 20

Venue: ABSA Stadium Durban

Kick-off: 15.00 (13.00 GMT)

Weather: Warm, sunny, and muggy. 24°C with high humidity

Referee: Bryce Lawrence (New Zealand)

Assistant referees: Stuart Dickinson, Vinny Munro (New Zealand)

Television match official: Christophe Berdos (France)

Assessor: Tappe Henning (South Africa)

I have been a little hostile lately – and then i came across this IDIOT!

So i have been rather militant lately – not particularly sure why – but never the less looking through the mass of cool webpages of information that exist on the web tends to make me rather happier! Sometimes though you come across something that is so moronic, so stupid, so damn F****** ridiculous that it makes you want to find this person and beat the M***** F******* S**** out of them until they are left bleeding out of as many places as possible! Sounds a little harsh well you havent seen what this inbred ingrate has done – take a look and then let me know if its harsh!

hello kitty 1.jpg

hello kitty 2.jpg

hello kitty 4.jpg



So excited – i cant wait!

First Look at Rourke in ‘Iron Man 2′


Is Mickey Rourke playing a He-Man figure? Based on the above image, that’s a logical conclusion to come to, but no–this is the first look at Rourke in Iron Man 2. The suddenly-respected actor is playing the central villain, Whiplash, in the film, and he and director Jon Favreau briefly discussed the character and the function of his post-apocalyptic orthopedics:

The villain’s alter ego, Ivan Vanko, is a Russian who “has constructed his own version of a suit,” Favreau says. Among the creative innovations: a pair of whips, powered by the suit’s glowing chest piece, that are expected to keep Iron Man cracking.