I told you BARACK OBAMA made the right call on stem cell research!

A STEM cell therapy offering “natural” breast enlargement is to be made available to British women for the first time.

The treatment could boost cup size while reducing stomach fat. It involves extracting stem cells from spare fat on the stomach or thighs and growing them in a woman’s breasts. An increase of one cup size is likely, with the potential for larger gains as the technique improves.


A trial has already started in Britain to use stem cells to repair the breasts of women who have had cancerous lumps removed. A separate project is understood to be the first in Britain to use the new technique on healthy women seeking breast enlargement.

Professor Kefah Mokbel, a consultant breast surgeon at the London Breast Institute at the Princess Grace hospital, who is in charge of the project, will treat 10 patients from May. He predicts private patients will be able to pay for the procedure within six months at a cost of about £6,500.

I would buy fresh flowers every day!

You know what really makes me mad – is that when people start a business ANY BUSINESS – they DONT think about the EXPERIENCE that their target market gets out of it. They open retail stores that are exactly the same as every one elses and it just makes life so F**KING boring! Come on people BE DARING try create something new that will make whatever people are doing fun / interactive so that not only do they appreciate the excellent business but also want to come back for the experience!! Some brilliant people have done just that with a flower market in BARCA!! WELL DONE ON SUCKING THE MARROW PEOPLE!!


Barcelona’s new wholesale flower market — Mercabarna-Flor — near the Barcelona International Airport was designed by Willy Muller Architects.

The most striking features of the new market are the multi-faceted angular roof structure and the multi-colored outer shell inspired by an aerial view of flower fields in full bloom.



THE TRUTH REVEALED: JZ is NOT the only politician who lies!!

Come on – if you are one of those morons who still believes in the sanctity of presidents worldwide (other than for a moment when you think of Barack – cause seriously DAMN THAT DUDE IS COOL) then you are a moron and im amazed you can even switch your machine on in the morning!! But there have been a few beauties from the YANK presidents and they are NOT ALL from W – which in itself is some sort of miracle. Enjoy teh presidential brilliance!

6 of the Biggest Presidential Lies

George Bush

Despite what we may think or expect out of the highest ranking and most respected people in the country, they are still human beings.  For example, you might think that a doctor should be all prim and proper and perform with diligence and care.  Do not be fooled.  Even doctors do surgery after hangovers and smoking pot.

Pilots fly drunk all the time.  Cops arrest the wrong people.  Teacher have sex with their students.  Every single day crappy and unexpected things happen around us.  And even the highest ranking of people get into error filled situations.  And how do they react?  Many times, with lies.

Here are 6 of the biggest Presidential lies (I can’t imagine how many more “covered” Presidential lies there must be).

Harry Truman in 1945


“The first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, a military base. That was because we wished in this first attack to avoid, in so far as possible, the killing of civilians.”

Though Hiroshima was the headquarters of a number of military units, it was mostly a civilian city. In fact, Hiroshima was rated a low military priority by the U.S. Army; that’s why it hadn’t been bombed yet. 140,000 people, almost all civilians, died as a result of the bombing

*Nothing ever came of it or happened to Truman

John F. Kennedy in 1961


“I have previously stated and I repeat now that the United States intends no military intervention in Cuba.”

Not only was the Bay of Pigs invasion organized and funded by the CIA, but Americans flew combat missions as well. One day after Kennedy made the above statement, an American pilot was shot down on a bombing mission over Cuba. Castro recovered the pilot’s bodies and kept it — frozen — for the next 18 years as proof.

Don’t get me wrong, Kennedy was a great guy, but he still more than likely cheated on his wife and certainly bended the truth from time to time.

Richard Nixon in 1974


“I am not a crook”

His famous quote about the denial of his Watergate involvement.  Countless document and transcripts proved otherwise and Nixon was impeached.

This is perhaps one of the most famous lies in the history of America.Ronald Reagan in 1986


“We did not — repeat — did not trade weapons or anything else for hostages — nor will we.”

Reagan approved the sale of over 2,000 anti-tank weapons to Iran in return for promises to release the American hostages there. Money from the sale of those weapons went to support the Contras’ war in Nicaragua.Bill Clinton in 1998


Speaking after a White House presentation on child care, he told the nation, “I want you to listen to me. I’m going to say this again: I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

In reality the man tapped that ass.

George Bush at Various Times

George Bush

“Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

Well? …………………………Well?…………………………Well?

Seriously – how cool is the first lady!

White house garden, michelle obama garden, obama edible garden, urban farming, edible gardening

Eleanor Roosevelt’s World War II-era Victory Garden was a shining example to Americans that they could grow their own food. And now Michelle Obama is following in her footsteps, taking up the cause by planting an 1,100 square foot edible garden on the South Lawn of the White House. Her hope is to educate children about locally grown food, inspiring them to eat healthier and encourage their families and community to follow suit.

White house garden, michelle obama garden, obama edible garden, urban farming, edible gardening

Petitions for an organic garden at the White House have been circulating for some time now. The new edible garden will have over 55 varieties of fruits and vegetables, as chosen by the White House Kitchen Staff. According to assistant head chef, Sam Kass, the cost of the organic seeds and mulch was only $200. They will plant tomatoes, tomatillos, cilantro, various lettuces, spinach, swiss chard, collards, kale, arugula, berries, herbs, including anise hyssop and Thai basil (there will not be any beets though as President Obama does not like them). Also present will be two hives for honey and a compost pile.

First lady Obama, along with 23 fifth graders from Bancroft Elementary School, will begin the garden by digging up the soil, then planting and eventually harvesting the vegetables. The White House Kitchen Staff is looking forward to planning their meals around the vegetables that are in season.  Food grown in the garden will be used as ingredients for family meals as well as state dinners and other official events.

White house garden, michelle obama garden, obama edible garden, urban farming, edible gardening

Why cant TEA be FUN!

Lighting Tea Bag by Wonsik Chae

Lighting Tea Bag by Wonsik Chae

Creative lighting concept by Wonsik Chae imitates the form of a tea bag.

Consisting of a cup filled with a chemical intermediate and a bag containing fluorescent molecules, the light works through a catalyst of this chemical reaction.

Lighting Tea Bag by Wonsik Chae 2

Lighting Tea Bag by Wonsik Chae 5

Lighting Tea Bag by Wonsik Chae 6

Sometimes a bath is good . . .

. . . especially if its with the Q&A girls in here

Overflow Bathtub from KASCH, Redefines Luxury

kasch overflowing bathroom 1 Overflow Bathtub from KASCH, Redefines Luxury

Designed with simple shapes and inspired by the sound of nature, the overflow bathtubs from KASCH are characterized by a refined abundance of style. Available in round, oval or rectangular, these tubs are firmly grounded into the floor to create a subtle fit in your home environment. With wood, pebbles and glass accents, the luxurious and relaxing appeal is enhanced by the overflowing water that makes you feel like bathing just beneath a waterfall. Just the mere sight of the elegant tubs and it makes us want to take a dip.


Welcome Back to the Rosebank Hotel – and the Circle Bar!

The circle bar was the venue for a friends 27th birthday on Saturday – this new venue if definitely some good fun – a few words of caution though;

– Firstly NEVER MIX tequila and Champaz the entire evening.

– Second if you walked into the bathroom late int eh evening and shouted at in a rather drunk tone “Why do people drink silver tequila?” We apologize but to be fair it is a valid question (and the answer is i dont know its just stupid – that sfro the guy who gave the wrong answer and got kicked out?)

– Third if you cut your foot on champaz glasses – again sorry one friend cant handle himself in public

– Fourth if you had to witness the silver tequila regurge at the bar – again sorry but that was the birthday boy!

– Fifth and finally – DONT PEE IN THE POT PLANTS no matter how drunk you are


The Circle Bar at The Rosebank, Thys Dullart

For more than 12 months I have driven past that corner en route to work and watched as the new owners, Hospitality Property Fund, knocked the hotel down to a shell and then started refurbishing with a budget of R254-million.

There’s little doubt that The Rosebank (as it has now been renamed) is about to take top spot in the area as the most stylish place to be seen meeting people and then seen again, taking the title from the once fabulous Hyatt Hotel — now at the mercy of the Gautrain construction and the closure of Oxford Road and of an all round lack of imagination in responding to this.

So what does The Rosebank have going for it? For one thing the interiors make you feel as if you’ve stepped into that international man of mystery Austin Powers’ shag pad (circa 1970).

Inside The Rosebank, by Thys Dullart

Lots of colour, velvet textures, shaggy carpets, mood lighting and themed music specially selected for the time of day.There’s an attention to detail that’s often lacking in Joburg’s finer establishments as well as a quirky and playful attitude evident as much in the Ally McBeal unisex bathrooms as in having a resident “bathologist”, who is employed to advise guests on their selection of aromatherapeutic baths.

As for the bar, it’s speciality is serving cocktails – until now difficult to procure in Rosebank as even the favoured Thursday nightspot Katzy’s unashamedly prefers to serve the single malt crowd. The bar itself has great shots of Joburg as a backdrop and bead-fringed perspex booths in which you can be the life of the party by commandeering the control panel that allows you to change the colour of the lighting.

The circles at The Circle Bar, The Rosebank, by Thys Dullart

The menu is vast and was according to my source designed by an “award-winning mixologist”. To update the menu, he should perhaps be thinking about what ingredients one might use to mix up a “Mbeki’s folly” or a “Zuma’s triumph”.

WOW! Just WOW!

Veenendaal Villa By Paul de Ruiter


Filling a lot space once occupied by a 1970s bungalow is a sleek, linear villa designed to pair homeowner privacy with open views of Netherlands’ woods. Architect Paul de Ruiter designed the Veenendaal home around three spaces catering to separate living functions. Closest to the street, the home’s eastern section is the home’s dining and entertaining space, which is framed by clean, white walls, dark wood flooring and pea green furniture and fixture accents. Traveling west through a connecting corridor space, the home’s gradient grows more intimate with a TV lounge, bedroom and bathroom. The rear of Villa Berkel is largely glass, and every room boasts direct views of a simple and stunning backyard garden