Billions of dollars and we get A WATCH!

$450,000 Watch Features Real Moon Dust


The DNA Moon Dust Watch from Geneva watchmaker Romain Jerome was created to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the moon landing is limited to a not-so-limited edition of 1,969 (get it, because of the year?).

‘The case of the watch is made with steel melted with fragments of the Apollo 11.

‘The dial and face is made from minerals that include real dust from the moon – this is a world first. The moon dust had been melted into it.

Each piece will run between $15,000 and $450,000, depending on the amount of moon dust (cheap bastards didn’t even use cheese) and Apollo metal included. Some of the straps are even made from the fibers of a spaceshit!

Im glad my tax money is being used for valuable meetings?

The name of the Springbok rugby team and the emblem can stay, but the King Protea has to appear on the left-hand side, ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe confirmed.

Mantashe repeated the solution proposed by the minister of sport and recreation Makhenkesi Stofile at a news conference at Luthuli House on Monday.

He referred to the Bok issue as an example of where a solution was found after a public debate.

“When they talk about destroying the Springbok emblem, I say the country’s emblem, which is the King Protea, should appear on the left-hand side. You can have the Springbok on the right, on your arm, your shorts or anywhere else,” he said.

“It is the commercial trademark of the Springboks. That’s fine. You can call the team the Springboks as you call the Australian rugby team the Wallabies.”

The cops got BADASS for Xmas!


The Carbon Motors E7 is a new police cruiser that addresses safety and performance issues neglected due to the current practice of retrofitting Crown Victorias/Impalas.

Right now fire departments, emergency medical technicians, the military, and even mail carriers all use vehicles built specifically for them. But the country’s 800,000 law enforcement first-responders drive dangerously retrofitted family sedans.

The E7 is being hailed as THE purpose-built vehicle for police officers. It was designed to jump curbs, safely detain criminals, be fuel efficient (40% more than current cruisers), and detect biological, chemical and radiation threats. In total, it has over 100 new features specifically requested by officers. Unfortunately, not a single one is a cup holder in the back.

Clever advertising boys and girls . . .

We’ve written about billboards that whisper and billboards that even talk back, but not until recently had we heard of billboards that give out free love. Sure enough, though, the outdoor outfitters at Austrian Northland Professional recently kicked off a campaign through which billboards give away free merchandise.

Beginning early this month, Northland has been affixing samples of its caps, gloves and scarves on roughly 50 billboards throughout the city of Graz. About 20 items are attached to each eye-catching billboard—for a total of about 1,000 in all—and the effort is repeated every other day. A video on the company’s site shows consumers going to considerable lengths to get the items down. The EUR 35,000 campaign will run through the end of November, Northland says.

Besides free love, of course, Northland’s concept also gives the lucky passers-by who snag a free accessory the chance to try it out and tell everyone they know how it came to be theirs. Free love is always a winner all around, but when you add some tryvertising and status stories to the mix? That’s a combination few consumers will be able to resist. 😉

Im normally against this sort of thing BUT THIS IS TOO COOL!

Chrome Bugatti Veyron

There’s one bright spot as the economy tanks and people continue to lose jobs like the Lions lose games: the super-rich have another obnoxiously expensive toy to blow money on. Forget the off-the-rack $1.4 million Bugatti Veyron. That’s for shoemakers. For the truly wealthy I give you the fully-chromed Bugatti Veyron. Think Terminator T-1000 on wheels.

Now you can display your supreme wealth to the world while simultaneously blinding mere mortals with the glare off the hood of this shiny beast as you roll down the highway. On your way to foreclose on an orphanage.

Finally a decent use for Facebook!

It may be better to give than to receive, but for those on the receiving end, there’s no doubt real-world gifts are better than virtual ones. No surprise, then, that we’re seeing the emergence of more and more ways for online friends to give each other offline presents. The latest? GetThemIn, which allows UK Facebook users to send each other real alcoholic beverages.

An assortment of wine, beer, champagne, spirits and specialty drinks are available through GetThemIn from brands including Heineken, Newcastle Brown, Blossom Hill, Harvey’s Bristol Cream and Courvoisier; also available are a variety of complementary snacks. Users simply add the GetThemIn application to their Facebook account, and then choose what gift they’d like to send to which friend. Payment takes place through Google checkout, and users compose a message to let their friend know. An egift is instantly sent by Facebook notification and text message, which can be redeemed at any time in exchange for a product voucher that’s sent through the post. That voucher, in turn, can then be taken to any GetThemIn participating store—there are hundreds across the UK, GetThemIn says—and used to collect the physical product.

No one knows what the hell is going on!!

Bok emblem staying put

The Springbok currently appears on South African jerseys

South Africa’s world champions will be allowed to continue to use the Springbok emblem for the foreseeable future despite claims it is divisive.

The country’s Sports Minister Makhenkesi Stofile, South African Rugby Union (SARU) president Oregan Hoskins and his deputy Mark Alexander agreed to keep the Springbok at a meeting in Cape Town on Tuesday.

“We enjoyed a very positive meeting with the sports minister in which issues of mutual interest were discussed,” Hoskins reported.

“He explained that legislation requiring the national emblem to be worn on the left-hand side of the jersey of national sports federations will be promulgated by the end of this year.

“We informed him of the earlier decision of the President’s Council to fall in line with national legislation.

“The minister also advised us that the commercial emblem of national sporting federations – in rugby’s case the Springbok – can be utilised as federations deem fit, so long as that use does not compromise the national emblem.”

Hoskins will brief the SARU President’s Council of the meeting at an extraordinary council meeting in Cape Town on December 1.

Finally the army has started to learn from gamers!

Korean Soldiers Get New Halo-y Armor


The Rupublic of Korea’s troops are stepping into winter fashion in a big way — with all new threads and a sweet-ass rifle.

The new new battle uniforms would provide protection against nuclear, biological, and chemical attacks, and would feature automatic temperature control. A new protective vest is also planned. In addition to keeping the lead out, the helmet will be prewired for minicam video transmission, GPS navigation, and assorted networking gear

And the gun?

The double-barreled K-11 assault rifle lets the shooter fire either NATO 5.56- or 20-millimeter grenades, all off the same trigger. Day and night aiming is accomplished with a thermal target seeker and laser that calculates distance automatically–a true point-and-shoot.

Now im getting nervous!

Cape Town – The last-minute frenzy of lawmaking continued on Wednesday as the National Assembly dispatched 14 pieces of legislation either to the NCOP for concurrence or to the president for signature.

The bills included the revenge of the ANC on the SABC, which they believe has betrayed them by being too kind to other parties – and in particular recently the Congress of the People.

The bill allows Parliament to fire the entire board or any individual member of it. However, one of the more offensive clauses has been dropped which would have involved the speaker of the National Assembly in the process of appointing new directors.

Other bills which went through included the Companies Bill, which is of major importance to business, creating new kinds of company registration and imposing more draconian penalties on errant directors.

The Tobacco Products Amendment Bill will also impose heavier penalties for breaches of the rules on advertising tobacco products.

The Medicines and Related Substances Amendment Bill abolishes the Medicines Control Council, which had so annoyed Manto Tshabalala-Msimang when she was health minister. It establishes a regulatory authority instead, with a chief executive who is answerable to the minister.

The Prevention of and Treatment for Substance Abuse Bill tries to coordinate the fight against drug addiction, and also sets up a central drug authority with powers to oversee, then implement the national anti-drug master plan.

The Child Justice Bill, also finally passed. It has been a long time in getting on to the statute book.

Two education bills and an environment bill which had been amended by the NCOP also passed, as did the bill amending the regulation of the interception of communications, and communication related information.

The Assembly also found the time to endorse the appointment of Pregs Govender – a former, and much admired if rather turbulent MP – to fill a vacancy on the Human Rights Commission.

Meanwhile a few hundred metres away the National Council of Provinces also joined the law-making frenzy. The provincial house passed nine bills including the key Scorpions bills and in a no-less noisy debate also endorsed the anti-floor-crossing legislation.

Is this really cool enough for PRESIDENT OBAMA!


General Motors, best known for their delicious line of breakfast cereals, has designed an all new presidential limo for when Barack Obama takes power next year. They were going to do it four years ago, but figured, fuck it, let’s focus our efforts on going belly-up for awhile. Anyway, the car.

Most of the specs of this car are top secret, but a few tantalizing details are floating around, such as the five-inch-thick windows that are about half as transparent as regular glass and can stop projectiles from assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and high explosives. It’s also said to be built of a combination of blast-proof ceramics and exotic metals, and certainly won’t have a convertible top or sunroof. While GM’s trying to make it look like a Cadillac DTS, it’s based on the company’s line of heavy-duty 2500 trucks.

SUMMER is here – be prepared!

BoomCooler – Portable Party on Wheels

The cooler just went from being a party accessory, to being the entire party.

Not satisfied with merely creating something to keep your beer cold, the guys over at BoomCooler created a club on wheels. It’s got a Sony Xplod sound system, complete with 1100 watt, 10″ subwoofer, that run off a lawnmower battery (not included), and comes iPod and satellite radio ready. All rolling on a pair of rugged wheels, with an integrated handle so you can move the party wherever it’s needed. The only downside is they say it’s “not intended for wet storage”, meaning no ice and no beer, but dry goods are ok. So you’ll have to hitch another cooler to the back for the drinks.